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Note to the Finnish visitors:

Mikrobitti Huvi- ja hyötyromppu 2000:lla näkyvä hieno pakka ei sisälltynyt normaali levitys versioon, kyseinen pakka on imutettavissa sivun lopussa tai suoraan tällä linkillä 611kb, huom. peliin voi tehdä myös omia pakkoja, joko jollain piirustus ohjelmalla tai AS Card Maker:lla (vaatiin bmp muotoisia kuvia).


NEW VisualBasic5 VERSION

AS Spider & AS Black Majority

in one game

Changes in this version:



Download 2210 Kb Contains all required VB5 files

Download 181 Kb only executable, if you alredy have VB5 runtime files installed


Source codes available for downloading

AS Spider - Solitaire Card Game

Download AS_Spider.exe v1.3 - 412 Kb (Executable ZIP)

Download v1.3 - 422 Kb Source code (Borland C++ Builder)

AS Black Majority - Solitaire Card Game

Download AS_Black_Majority.exe v1.3 - 415 (Executable ZIP)

Download v1.3 - 415Kb Source code (Borland C++ Builder)

Other Software:

AS Card Maker

Download AS_Card_Maker.exe v1.01 - 198 Kb (Executable ZIP)

Download v1.01 - 267Kb Source code (Borland C++ Builder)

Card Decks For The Games

To use JPG saved decks you have to convert them in BMP format, using example Paint Shop Pro. - Empty Deck for those who want to draw their own decks. Notes about drawing decks - Deck for Asus TV Mode. (Transparent cards in asus mode)

Erotic Decks  (NOTE: Decks under this link may offend some people, my apology to them)

   Normal Decks

Fantasy_Cards.jpg 219kb - Quickly done test deck. 611kb  - here in bmp format (Better quality)

There's a card deck made by Vegard Krog Petersen, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, available at
Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire



More Decks coming if you send them to me........


Mailto:a s u u r o n e @ p h n e t . f i

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