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Get off it, over it and on with it. It's time to live your life.
It's all very well to be happy for others, but when are you going to live your life for yourself? What would you do if you didn't believe in your self imposed limitations? Stop working so hard to cover up what you lack. Start living the dream that you have been denying for so long. There are people out there for whom you are complete and perfect. Find them and let them celebrate and nurture you and your dreams.
The next step may not be visible, but it is inevitable.
Stay true to yourself, not your mind.
Who ever told you it wasn't all right to change your mind?
It is not the teaching or the teacher that makes you whole. It is your willingness to look that is your salvation.
You deserve a perfect day. Do the things that bring you joy. Listen to that which lifts your spirit. Speak to those who warm your heart. Appreciate yourself for being uniquely you. Surround yourself with sights and sounds that give you pleasure.
If you are not enjoying life, what are you living for?
Sometimes life is like being on a teeter-totter with a fat kid who keeps bouncing you up in the air.
Whatever power you have, in whatever venue you have it, you must be a good steward of that power or you will be betraying others as well as yourself.
Abuse is abuse no matter how pretty the pulpit.
You only lose if you think you do.
With every word that you speak and every action that you take you are announcing to the world exactly who you are.
What motivates me is the excitement of a new game, a new place to play and win, whatever the prize may be. What motivates you?
What are you buying instead of your freedom? What are you trading your life for?
Live beyond your limitations!
Each day I spend a piece of my life. Given every possibility of my dreams coming true, is this the relationship, job, attitude, friend, living situation and way of feeling and being that I want to spend my precious life on?
Whatever "IT" is, you can do it. You ARE that powerful.
99% is never 100%. It might as well be 5%. The result is still the same.
Aloneness is a circumstance, loneliness an option.
Your success in a given day can be measured by the harmony of feelings you have accumulated at the end of the day.
Personal growth occurs when we are willing to accept new reasons for old observations.
So, what are your dreams? Are you living them? What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
Are you living your life resigned to your considerations or are you going for your goals and dreams and letting your considerations fall away as you glide forward into the bliss of having the life you really want?
Take your attention off yourself and put it on someone else. They will be a lot happier and so will you.
Takers take with no thought of giving. Givers give with no thought at all.
Once upon a time is now.
Find and live your dreams; they're who you are!
If it is not an intuitive yes, it should be a definite no.
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