Here is my NSU ! It is NSU Typ 110 -66 with VW K70 motor. VW K70 is made by NSU, so the motor fits in quite good, but it isnīt easy fit in ! Believe me, I know because I have done it ! One problem is that original NSU motor is air-cooled and K70 motor is water-cooled. So now there is K70 radiator in front and lots of water pipe, over 8 meters ! There is also a new heater it is from Skoda 120 and it works guite well..
The motor is full repaired, new pistons, new bearings, repaired cylinder head... The pistons are from Toyota, connecting rod bearings from Nissan and crankshaft bearings from BMW. Also oil pump is modified and oil sump is self made.Water pump is original but it is shortened so it fits in. Carburator isnīt original anymore because it didnīt work so well. Now there is two Weber dcoe 40 carburators, and they work very well. Inlet manifold is from TTS ! Ofcourse there is fitting flange between TTS inlet manifold and cylinder head.
Main things from my car:
- VW K70 L motor ( 1,6 litre)
- 1725 ccm
- about 100 hp /5200 rpm
- about 150 km/h


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typ110kesa.jpg (18896 bytes)


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