BALT W-01 LTU W -03

b. 01.02.2000

HD C/D, ED 0/0, knees 0/0

Inka is Liliís daughter. She is very calm, different from her mother,
but still a watchdog if necessary.
Like her mother Inka is also a "little" lap-dog.




In junior-class Inka had, under age of one year, two certifications  for finnish champion.
In midsommer -01 we went to St. Petersburg, Russia to international dogshow and Inka was there BOB and she get cac and cacib.
In november we had a trip to Latvia, Baltic Winner -show in Riga. Inka was BOB and get cac, cacib and title BALT W -01.
In february -02 we went to Tallinn, Estonia and she was BOB and get cac and cacib.
Week after that in Imatra, Inka get her third finnish cac and cacib. She became FIN, RUS and EST CH.
In march -03 we went to Vilna, Lithuania and Inka get cacib and she became INT CH, also LT CH and LT W-03.

Now Inka is having a brake from shows, she had puppies march 2004. She was very good mother. 

In Tallinn 10.03.2003