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Time : Fri Jan 16 13:56:58 1998
Name : Brito Silva
Address : PO Box 43684, ABU DHABI, U.A.E
A:27m L:e E: Master of Commerce & Economic O: accountant H: music, dancing, travelling, dating, making new female friends
Signal is : So far the best among the rest

Time : Fri Jan 16 10:37:43 1998
Name : Derek J. Steele "Big D"
Address : COUNTRY ??
A:18m L: English O: courtesy clerk H: tv, partying, music, cars
Signal is : good to meet new people
Greetings to others : Hi, I'm hoping to meet some people to become email penpals with, and maybe more. . . .

Time : Fri Jan 16 04:59:45 1998
Name : Paul Weiss
Address : 116 6th Street, NE, G2, Washington, DC 20002, USA
A:28m L: English E: college graduated O: legal assistant / reseacher H: hiking, reading, music, writing, arts, cycling and cooking
Signal is : A wonderful place to meet people and world.
Greetings to others: Greetings Earthlings

Time : Fri Jan 16 04:51:07 1998
Name : Nathalie Bossaert
Address : 74/24, rue des Chercheurs, 59 650, Villeneuve d'Ascq, FRANCE

A:29f L:f e E:3 O:12 H: Canada, writing, reading, calligraphy, astrology, tourism
Signal is : Great!
Greetings to others : Want penpals aged over 22, males or females, coming from Canada, USA, Australia and nordic countries

Time : Fri Jan 16 04:39:49 1998
Name : Zahra Ansari
Address : COUNTRY ??
A:20 sex??? L: English, Urdu, Pushtu E: college O: student H: nature, games (indoor)
Signal is : Great service
Greetings to others : Hey ! If you are looking for a fun person to talk to, write to me. I'm hot and waiting.....

Time : Fri Jan 16 00:09:51 1998
Name : Luca Branca
Address : Como, ITALY
A:18m L:e E:3 O:4 H:32 41 52 65 75 15
Signal is : !?!... I don't know... NOW!!
Greetings to others : Write me or I KILL you!!

Time : Fri Jan 16 00:05:01 1998
Name : Branca Paola
Address : Como, ITALIA
A:21f L:e E:3 O:4 H:13 15 25 26 27 30
Signal is : Very nice!!!
Greetings to others: Write me....

Time : Thu Jan 15 19:20:29 1998
Name : Furqan Ahmed
Address : GPO Box 517, Hyderabad, Sind, PAKISTAN
A:25m L: English E: Bcom O: business H: make new friends, computers, travelling
Signal is : I think its a good way to make new friends
Greetings to others : WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR : )

Time : Thu Jan 15 14:14:42 1998
Name : Shukei
Address : HONG KONG
A:18f L: English & Chinese E: secondary school O: student H: drama
Signal is : make friends
Greetings to others: Nice to meet you!!! ^_^

Time : Thu Jan 15 11:37:20 1998
Name : Shabnam Mughal
Address: East Midlands, UNITED KINGDOM
A:18f L: English, Urdu E:1st year degree O: student H: badminton, designing clothes, cooking, traveling and finding more new friends
Signal is : it is a very good way to find people to meet
Greetings to others : Hi, I am a very interested in receiving an e-mail from anybody, I will reply to anyone if they will send me an e-mail. So don't hesitate to do so and get typing

Time : Thu Jan 15 10:50:32 1998
Name : Malcolm Green
Address : 2A Burdendale Grove, Johnsonville, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
A:41m L: English E: university O: tourism manager H: photography, travel, sex, friendship
Greetings to others: Come on give it a go!
Time : Thu Jan 15 08:29:24 1998
Name : David Lee
Address : Ghim Moh Estate Post Office, PO Box 354, SG-912742 SINGAPORE
A:34m L: English E: university O: sports H: pop music, travelling, sports, current affairs and surfing the net.
Signal is : A great place to meet friends Greetings to others : Hi! Let's talk about interesting stuff. Write to me.
Time : Thu Jan 15 05:49:25 1998
Name : Gherry
Address : Jakarta, INDONESIA
Signal is : That's okay...
Greetings to others : FOR YOU GIRL 16 YO. UNTIL 28 YO. CALL 62-818-149973

Time : Thu Jan 15 04:44:24 1998
Name : Mohamed Ali
Address : 2628 Eglinton Avenue East # 201, CA-M1K-2S3 Scarborough, Ontario, CANADA
A:39m L:e a E: college H: travel, reading, music, sport, computers, internet, friendship,etc.
Signal is : Very useful in making new friends!
Greetings to others : Happy New Year! Write to me, I'll answer all.

Time : Thu Jan 15 03:20:24 1998
Name : Devi
A:22 sex??? L:e E: student O: IT company H: travelling, sport (big fans of Italian and England soccer teams), music, movies, traditional dance, reading, writing, computer
Signal is : great, keep on the good work
Greetings to others : all are excepted!! So...I'm waiting for your e-mail

Time : Wed Jan 14 22:56:06 1998
Name : Larry Drucker
Address : PO Box 7822, Pueblo West, CO 81007, USA
A:46m L: English O: writer H: books, movies and tavelling
Signal is : great!
Greetings to others : Hi, wish everyone good luck!

Time : Wed Jan 14 20:25:57 1998
Name : Tariq
Address : Lemmikinkatu 1 A 1, FI-78870 Varkaus, FINLAND
A:25m L:f e E: thesis student (BBA) O: student H: reading, football, guitar
Signal is : Wah!!
Greetings to others : Hi, girls if you feel blue then let me help to cheer you up!!!

Time : Wed Jan 14 10:16:57 1998
Name : Flavia
Address : ITALY
A:29 female L: Italian, English, Spanish E: university degree O: part time children care H: reading, animals,writing
Signal is : OK
Greetings to others : Hi, I am a 29 yrs old mother, I am intersted in corresponding with females all over the world. Drop me a line!

Time : Wed Jan 14 04:22:40 1998
Name : Rhiannon Wilson
Address : 1847 Buck St., West Linn, OR 97068, USA
A:14 sex??? L:e some j E:2 O:4,7 H: Everything...very eclectic...
Signal is: broad
Greetings to others: pardon?

Time : Wed Jan 14 03:05:05 1998
Name : May Q. Han
Address : COUNTRY ??
A:25 sex??? L:e&c E:3 O:8 H:15 45 48 30 15
Signal is : very good
Greetings to others : I hope any one who read this will find true friend.

Time : Wed Jan 14 02:02:53 1998
Name : Rob
Address : Somewhere in ENGLAND!!
A:25 sex??? L: English E: lots of O:9 H: sports, fitness, partying
Greetings to others : Hey !!! Its party time......
Time : Tue Jan 13 22:42:30 1998
Name : Britto Silva
Address : PO Box 43684, Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
A:26m L: English E: Master of Commerce O: accountant H: music, travelling, making female penpals, dating, dancing, computers
Signal is : The best so far among the rest
Greetings to others: Hi!!!

Time : Tue Jan 13 21:05:18 1998
Name : Sabil
Email or
A:28 sex??? L: English E: B.Arch. O: architect H: sports, photography, music, travel
Signal is : Great!!
Greetings to others : Life is colourful out there with or without you, so have fun

Time : Tue Jan 13 20:07:32 1998
Name : Marc-Andre Roy
Address : 36 Filiatrault, CA-J0V-1W0 Valleyfield QC, CANADA
A:17 male L: French, English E: high school O: student H: sports, girls, partys, bike, music
Time : Tue Jan 13 17:56:28 1998
Name : Melissa Clemins
Address : 2738 Hillcrest Drive, Ionia, Michigan 48846, USA
A:18f L: English, very little German E: high school O: student, army H: music (HM), travelling, writing, weight lifting
Signal is : You Rock!!!!
Greetings to others: Hello, will answer ALL

Time : Tue Jan 13 17:33:32 1998
Name : R. Hanson
Address : PO Box 2564, Seal Beach, CA 90740, USA
A: 56 male L: English E: PhD O: own business H: tennis, old cars, music, gambling, travel, reading, computers
Signal is : Will tell you after I submit this ad....:))
Greetings to others : Would love to meet a smart, fit, happy ladyfriend ... I'm divorced.

Time : Tue Jan 13 13:05:38 1998
Name : Betty Lee
Address : HONG KONG
A:19f L: English and Chinese E: university student O: student H: TV, movies, music, table-tennis, badminton, squash, piano, comics, novels, meeting friends all over the world
Signal is : Good
Greetings to others : I would like to make friends of any age, any gender and from any country. If you are interest to know more about me, just feel free to write to me. I will reply all your emails as soon as possible. Waiting for your reply!

Time : Tue Jan 13 12:36:56 1998
Name : Joe Bruvard
Address : PO Box 123, Norwood Pennsylvania 19074, USA
A:40 male L: English E: high school O: self employed H: swimming - volley ball - reading - nudism - conversation
Signal is : just joined
Greetings to others : nice looking friendly single guy here

Time : Tue Jan 13 08:43:33 1998
Name : Lisa Campbell
Address : 127 Hullcourt, Newport NC 28570, USA
A: 28 female L: e H: swimming reading
Signal is : good
Time : Tue Jan 13 00:12:57 1998
Name : Morgan Farquar-Smythe
Address : ENGLAND
A:25m L: English O:7 H:13 15 39 28 25
Signal is : wonderful
Greetings to others : Dolphin trainer seeks dolphin, and females of an aquatic persuasion aged between 20 - 35. For feeding time and water-orientated fun and frolics...

Time : Thu Jan 15 13:36:11 1998

MYBA55+ Nashwan Y Sidek, PO Box 7861, MY-40730 Shah Alam, MALAYSIA. A:36m, 5’7" H:15 27 32 48.


JPBA56- Yuiko Taya, 447-2 Mizumaki Oyabe-shi, JP-932 Toyama-ken, JAPAN. A:16f L:e H:4 68 (FI 16f).

JPBA57- Kazue Morikawa, 13-1 Kawarajyo, Habikino-shi, JP-583-0869 Osaka, JAPAN. A:14f L:e H:30 48 68 FI.

JPBA59- Asami Soda, 279-302; 999 Mogusa, Hino-shi, JP-191-0033 Tokyo-to, JAPAN. A:16f H:31 39 43 48 68 FI (f m 15-17).

IDBA61-+ Yurmansyah, Jalan Teuku Umar 199, Subulussalam, ID-23782 Aceh Selatan, INDONESIA. A:17m L:e H:53 68, let’s swap used stamps !

MABA66- Bounkoult Mohamed, Hay Saide Rue 3 no 32, Hay Mohamadie, MA-20350 Casablanca, MOROCCO. A:24m, 189/73 L:f H:68.

MABA67- Ait El Cadi Yder, 153 No 78 Afca, Kenitra, MOROCCO. A:?m L:f H:15 27 32 48 68 73.

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Time : Mon Jan 12 14:11:42 1998

PLBA12- Waldemar, E Plater 4, PL-62700 Turek, POLAND. A:48m L:r g e H:53, mint and used stamps: airplanes, mushrooms, John Paul II.

JPBA13- Mariko Oe, 532-3 Miyauchi Shinichi-cho, Ashina-gun, JP-72931 Hiroshima, JAPAN. A:14f L:e H:68m FI (13-17).

USBA17i-Southern Belle seeks men ! Dallas, Box 4643, Valley Village CA 91617-0643, USA. See my pix on or email:

GHBA19- Bello Lukuman, PO Box 164, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:16m L:e H:4 32 68, netball, table tennis.

LVBA20+ Letters ? Letters ? Will write & publish your personal ad in thirty publications worldwide. Mail US$ 20 & description to: Martin, Ozolciema 34-36, LV-1058 Riga, LATVIA.

JPBA24- Chihiro Yamamoto, 1-365 Hatakenaka-cho, Ome-shi, JP-198 Tokyo-to, JAPAN. A:14f L:e H:tennis, piano, shopping, 68f FI (15).

RUBA26-+ Lyudmila Grebneva, PO Box 545, RU-199397 St Petersburg, RUSSIA. A:48f, divorced, looking for a life partner L:e r E:3 O:10 H:travel, walking on the beach, listening to good music, 68 69 70.

Time : Mon Jan 12 21:52:52 1998
Name : Gisela
Address : GERMANY
A:28f L:e g f E:2 3 O:4 H:13 14 15 26 27 29 30 42 44 48 49 50 68 69
Signal is : just the page I was looking for!
Greetings to others : a happy new year to everyone!

Time : Mon Jan 12 20:09:44 1998
Name : Ignacio
Address : SPAIN
A:29m L: Spanish, English, French O: student H: quiero mejorar mi nivel de Ingles
Time : Mon Jan 12 13:49:40 1998
Name : Naeem Yousaf
Address : PO Box 2331, Sialkot, PAKISTAN
A:28m L: English E: B.Sc. O: business H: travel, friendship, music
Signal is : nice
Greetings to others : Hi! How are you ? If you are looking a good male friend, contact me. I am waiting for you, some time I can meet with you in your country, I can visit you of my country Pakistan.

Time : Mon Jan 12 12:45:19 1998
Name : Mika Rämö
Address : Rästäsmäki, FI-21270 Nousiainen, Suomi FINLAND
A:16m L: English O: student boy H: mIRC, Chats 'nd writing.
Signal is : Great!!!
Greetings to others: I like boys

Time : Mon Jan 12 10:28:01 1998
Name : Malcolm Green
A:41m L: English E: university O: tourism manager H: photography, travel
Greetings to others : Adult contacts with females worldwide, Asia/India
Time : Mon Jan 12 05:22:27 1998
Name : I-Chin
Address : TAIWAN
A:19 L: English E: university O: still student H: there is nothing I am not interested in
Signal is : make friends
Greetings to others : It is our time to contact with

Time : Mon Jan 12 03:10:21 1998
Name : Stephen
Address: Florida, USA
A:39 male L: English
Greetings to others : Hello, I'm looking for pen pals from all over the world. Don't be shy, write today. Tell me about yourself, your country, food, interests, what ever is on your mind.
Time : Mon Jan 12 01:43:15 1998
Name : John Graves
Address : Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
A:54m L:e E:3 O:11 H:17 20 21 32 39 68 75
Signal is : Great
Greetings to others : I would be pleased to communicate with people from countries overseas. I love to exchange culture information and any subject of interest to you. Please respond soon. I hope we can become cyber-friends

Time : Mon Jan 12 00:08:58 1998
Name : John
Address : PO Box 80471, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70898, USA
A:43m O: oldtimer cars H: travel, photography, animals, movies, antiques, water-skiing
Signal is : Best in the World
Greetings to others : Want to meet pretty girl for marriage 22-28 years, Eastern Europe, CIS

Time : Sun Jan 11 21:25:24 1998
Name : Stuart Whatley
Address : 23 Bank Gardens, Matlock, GB-DE4-3WA Derbyshire, ENGLAND
A:35m L:e E:2 O:11 freelance journalist AND worker in the countryside H:13 15 16 18 19 20 21 24 26 28 29 30 33 47 48 49 50 51 52 68 69 73 74 75. Hiking, pubs, restaurants, clubs and many more interests.
Signal is : an excellent medium for international friendship. Thank you for all your hard work Raimo Kaarna! It is appreciated!
Greetings to others : Fun-loving, easy going, kind, caring and considerate English journalist seeks female pen pals (aged 22-35) from Scandinavia for lively correspondence. Hopefully, we can meet later and spend glorious summer nights clubbing and drinking in Oslo, Bergen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Trondheim, Uppsala...wherever! The drinks and food will be on me! Keep well and warm everybody, and enjoy life if you can!

Time: Sun Jan 11 15:55:21 1998
Name : Tatiana
Address : COUNTRY ??
A:22f L:e s r E: university graduate O: post-graduate student H: reading, travelling, communication
Signal is : We'll see
Greetings to others : Hello everybody, email from all over the world is welcome. We can make good friends.

Time : Sun Jan 11 13:29:59 1998
Name : Kim Young-wook
Address : COUNTRY ??
A:25 L: English E: university O: student H: music, travel
Signal is : very very good!!!
Greetings to others : Hi! I'm looking forward to new friends from all over the world!!

Time : Sun Jan 11 13:20:53 1998
Name : Kanna
Address : PO Box 22316, Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
A:28 (interested!) male L: English, Tamil O: chartered accountant H: chatting, watching gals & movies, dreaming
Signal is : GREAT !!!
Greetings to others : You only live once!!!! Make the best out of it.

Time : Sun Jan 11 04:38:00 1998
Name : Yang, Hi Bom
Address : Hyundai Apt. 6-508, Jangrim 2-dong, Saha-gu Pusan 604-042, South KOREA
A:23m L:e and Korean E:3 (uni) O:4 (student) H:28 48 51 and writing to friends
Signal is : Great Site!!
Greetings to others : Hello! I'm looking for pen friends all around the world

Time : Sun Jan 11 01:56:18 1998
Name : Sonny Semansco
Address : COUNTRY ???
A:28m L: Eigo, nihongo E: yes O: putaro H: shojiki de.....girls and sex
Signal is : moderately boring
Greetings to others : e mail no koibito hoshii na......Yoroshiku ne..

Time : Sun Jan 11 01:51:04 1998
Name : Chandrasekhar Pant
Address : Rådmansb. 7; 2tr, SE-14556 Norsborg, SWEDEN

H:15 20 69 72
Signal is : is doing a great service in promoting international understanding
Greetings to others : Have a good time and write to me soon. Best regards from Sweden.

Time : Sun Jan 11 00:53:14 1998
Name : Igor
Address : Moscow, RUSSIA
A:32m L:e E: high O: manager H: cats travel
Signal is : I'm not sure
Greetings to others: mmm

Time : Sun Jan 11 00:12:27 1998
Name : Sergey Butov
Address : Shvyturio 23-6, Vilnius, LITHUANIA
A:22 male L: English E: high O:university student H: music, travels, computers
Signal is : very good site
Greetings to others: Hello!