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Time: Sat Jan 24 19:07:25 1998
Name : Seokgu Kang
Address : Seoul, KOREA
A:27m L: English, Korean E: graduate school O: doctor H: SKI, computer / crisis
Signal is : crisis
Greetings to others: Hi

Time : Sat Jan 24 18:39:28 1998
Name : Avanti
Address : Bombay, INDIA
A:20m L: English E:2nd year undergraduate science student O: None! H: watching television, cricket, astrology, trying out new restaurants in the city, reading magazines but only on cars
Signal is : A great way of getting to know people like & unlike me
Greetings to others : If you love cars, driving around, eating Mexican and Indian food or simple cricket, email me right now and even if you don't like doing any of the things I have mentioned you can still mail me!! See you around.

Time : Sat Jan 24 06:49:27 1998
Name : Devinder Singh
Address : 14/22 second floor Subhash Nagar, IN-110027 New Delhi, INDIA

A:35m L: English, Hindi, Persian E: graduate O: president of social worker
Time : Sat Jan 24 04:37:16 1998
Name : Octavio Vieira
Address : PORTUGAL
A:24m L: English, French E: degree O: teacher H: sports and music
Time : Fri Jan 23 20:37:00 1998
Name : Hemmo Address : FINLAND
A:30m L:e H: reading, gym, working (too much), travelling
Greetings to others : I´d like to hear your opinions about many things, and maybe visit you. If you are planning to visit my country, contact me. Or contact me any how...
Time : Fri Jan 23 18:10:35 1998
Name : Michael Morgan
Address : Brighton, ENGLAND
A:19m L:e E: student O:student H: computers, girls
Signal is : cool
Time : Fri Jan 23 10:24:31 1998
Name : Rehan
Address : 2/4B-White House Lane, Off Sunder-das-Road, PK-54000 Lahore, PAKISTAN
A:45m L: English O: business H: travelling, films, music
Signal is : very good.
Time : Fri Jan 23 10:18:45 1998
Name : Amir
Address : 2/4B-White House Lane, Off Sunder-das-Road, PK-54000 Lahore, PAKISTAN
A:12m L: English, Portuguese E: 6th Grade O: Student H: penpals, films, music, studies
Signal is : I think Signal is excellent... !!!
Time : Fri Jan 23 08:57:01 1998
Name : Mike
Address : POLAND
A:24m L:e g r E: university O: economist H:55
Signal is : is a great thing
Greetings to others : I am looking for other coin collector to exchange coins

Time : Fri Jan 23 05:43:22 1998
Name : Eric Lee
Address : No. 405 Building 6, No.35 North Hua Yuan Road, HaiDian district Beijing, CHINA
A:26m L: Chinese, English E: university O:computer engineer H: travelling, music, making new friends, do something hard to do
Signal is : A really good place on earth!
Greetings to others : I am right here waiting for U!

Time : Fri Jan 23 00:52:56 1998
Name : Mary Kline
Address : 151 S.E. 8 St. apt.114, city/state ?? 33030, USA
A:24f L:e E: English literature college student O: clerical worker H: reading works of great literature and studying art history, poetry, the outdoors, and cycling.
Signal is : I think that the Signal is a great thing!!!!!!
Greetings to others : Hello, all readers and advertisers!! I am new to computers, so please be patient with me!! I would like to find pen pals from the United Kindom and my mother's country of Colombia, but am open to anyone who like to correspond with me. I am a very happy, fun person!!! who is ready to have a nice time of finding people to correspond with!!!

Time : Fri Jan 23 00:18:40 1998
Name : Heather Waites
Address : 1577 Clarkson Denver, CO 80218, USA A:18f L:e E:began college O:12 H:13 14 21 30 39 45 46 47 50 68 69 70 71 73
Signal is : It is like a big newspaper brimming with all kinds of ads.
Greetings to others : I hope you'll write a letter to me soon.


Time : Thu Jan 22 23:32:18 1998
Name : M. A. Naveed
Address : fl-3 appt #H-2 Shalamar Centre, North Nazimabad, Block K, Karachi, PAKISTAN

A:24m L: English, Urdu O: Fedex employ H: only friendship
Signal is : not bad
Time : Thu Jan 22 22:01:27 1998
Name : Anne Marie Casper
Address : 13 Brett Place, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603, USA
A:16f L: English, some Russian E: in high school O: um... student H: writing, reading, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, llamas, envirnoment, Christianity
Time : Thu Jan 22 19:46:36 1998
Name : Julie Michaud
Address : Box 1018, CA-P0H-1V0 Mattawa,ON, CANADA

A:19f L:e f E: high school O: student H: travelling, camping, videos, penfriends from around the world, and many more.
Signal is : It's a great site for penpals
Greetings to others : I would like to correspond with male and female penpals from any where around the world. Age, sex, race doesn't matter. Will reply to all letters received.

Time : Thu Jan 22 18:57:21 1998
Name : Matthew T Mason
Address : 50 H Street, Chula Vista, California 91910, USA
A:21 male L: English E: high school grad O: automotive parts sales H: bike riding, working on cars, walks on the beach, watching sunsets, being w/ a female doing these things Signal is : great
Greetings to others: hello - email me

Time : Thu Jan 22 18:28:17 1998
Name : Mars
Address : New Delhi, INDIA
A:40 sex?? H: writing poetry, classical music, nature, travelling, friendship
Signal is : Excellent service for poeple looking for happiness
Time : Thu Jan 22 06:56:26 1998
Name : Greg
Address : COUNTRY ???
A:30m L: English E: college O: attorney H: sex
Time : Thu Jan 22 06:15:21 1998
Name : Olav
Address : NORWAY
A:30 male L: English H: boats - diving - pc - and fun. Male ONLY
Signal is : Great
Time : Thu Jan 22 03:50:00 1998
Name : Nikii M. Vogel
Address : 9278 Ridge Path, San Antonio, Texas 78250, USA
A:30f, married L: English, little German O: self-employed H: skiing, working out, cross stitch, travelling, writing, spending time with friends
Signal is: great! but overwhelming!
Greetings to others : would love to meet other fun people with similar interests!

Time : Thu Jan 22 03:05:34 1998
Name : Barry
Address : Sunny California, USA
Like the outdoors, like the beach and being close to the sea> Swimming with Dolphins. I am looking to meet a nice woman 25 to 40, please write and say hello, tell me about you
Signal is : Super
Greetings to others : I am looking for one special woman to become friends with, this is a nice way to meet far away

Time : Thu Jan 22 01:20:41 1998
Name : Sherman Vernon
Address : 10965 Glenoaks Blvd. (space 519), Pacoima, California 91331, USA
A:46 male E: gradute student O: none H: interpersonal with couples and other marrieds Signal is : it's good
Greetings to others: hi, have a nice day

Time : Wed Jan 21 22:49:29 1998
Name : Klaus P. Junk
Address : Postfach 101562, DE-66015 Saarbruecken, GERMANY
A:42m L: English, French, German H: phonecards exchange wanted with collectors from India, Pakistan etc.
Signal is : the Best magazine
Greetings to others : Please send an email, before you send phonecards. Thank you!!!!!

Time : Wed Jan 21 19:18:08 1998
Name : Arash
Address : Stockholm, SWEDEN
A:39 male L: English, Swedish, Oersian E: engineer O: mobile company H: read books, music, sport
Signal is : great
Greetings to others : pretty and intelligent lady write me please

Time : Wed Jan 21 18:08:58 1998
Name : Tarja Linden
Address : FINLAND
A:19f L: Finnish, English, Spanish E: high school O: student H: sports and cultures
Signal is : good
Greetings to others : Hello people around the world! I hope to get mail from you all around my age.

Time : Wed Jan 21 15:17:33 1998
Name : Anatoly
Address : RUSSIA
A:21 male L: Russian, English E: high. H: music,Internet,...
Signal is : it's cool!
Greetings to others : good luck to you!!! i'll wait your messages

Time : Wed Jan 21 10:28:35 1998
Name : Soo Leigh
Address : Seoul, KOREA
A:26 female L: Korean, English, some French E: college graduated O: graphic designer, free illustrator H: I have too many hobbies to describe now...
Greetings to others : Hi ! I'm going to travel around the world this spring, so I need some informations and relationships.


Time : Wed Jan 21 10:24:26 1998
Name : Edward Clarence Diaz
Address : Göingeplan 10 C, SE-21443 Malmö, SWEDEN

A:33 man L: English, Spanish, Swedish E: technician O: student H: music, friends,travelling
Signal is : very good idea

Time : Wed Jan 21 03:07:02 1998
Name : David Smith
Address : 85 Forest Road, Hinckley, GB-LE10-1HA Leicestershire, ENGLAND
A:21m L:e E:3 O:4 graduating this year H: movies, books, rock/classical music, UFO's, ghosts, science fiction, conservative politics
Greetings to others : I'm looking for relationship with SWF aged 18-22 in either the UK, USA, or Ireland, who is interested in any of the above.
Time : Wed Jan 21 01:01:16 1998
Name : Kriss Stewart
Address : PO Box 531, Oshtemo, MI 49077-0531, USA
A:29m L: English E: graduate school O: self employed H: aerobics, weightlifting, tanning, windsurfing, literature, anyhing
Signal is : I love it. I want to meet many Finnish women......
Greetings to others: if you are a Scandanavian women I want to talk to you....esp. if you're Finnish

Time : Tue Jan 20 18:52:25 1998
Name : Alicia Patrick
A:17f L: English E: high school O: school H: volleyball, skiing, softball, travelling, writing, dancing
Signal is : Awesome
Greetings to others: Hello!!!!

Time : Tue Jan 20 18:29:33 1998
Name : Steve Botham
Address : 1 Linton Road, Eastmoor, GB-WF1-4HQ Wakefield, West Yorkshire, ENGLAND
A:28m L:e E:2 O:11 H:13 15 16 29 30 cycling 42
Signal is : excellent
Greetings to others : Hi to everyone, hope to hear from single ladies from around the world

Time : Tue Jan 20 14:50:23 1998
Name : Michael
A:37m L: English O: contractor H: sex
Time : Tue Jan 20 00:37:31 1998
Name : Magdy
Address : 15 Fini St, Dokki, Giza, EGYPT. Tel 002-02-3498287, 002-02-2904302
A:27 male L: English E: programming O: manager in a computer company H: photography, art, music, sports
Signal is : I used to use but now I cant find it. Signal is good but no search option. RK/SIGNAL: Use your browser's "find", search for 'A:2' and you'll see people aged 20-29, or search for any COUNTRY etc.
Greetings to others : Please, send. I will be waiting, I am a frequent writer.

Time : Mon Jan 19 21:04:15 1998
Name : Mandy
Address : HONG KONG
A:23f L: Cantonese, English, Mandarin E: degree in fashion design O: student H: dancing, singing, music, travelling, cultures, enjoying life!
Signal is : Clean and clear!
Greetings to others : Enjoying life in every minutes!

Time : Mon Jan 19 19:21:58 1998
Name : Elio
Address : ITALY
A:39m L: f e i E:3 O: researcher H:25 26 27 69 + intelligent people
Signal is : the finest service on W3
Greetings to others : Looking for kind feminine correspondent from eastern countries, hope to meet you, on the web!

Time : Mon Jan 19 18:13:46 1998
Name : Nazmul Azad
Address : Osmajoentie 75 C, FI-78210 Varkaus, FINLAND
A:22m L:e E: B.Sc O: student H: reading, swimming,
Signal is : Wah!!!!
Greetings to others : Hi, girls --- you are welcome to write me:):)

Time : Mon Jan 19 17:39:44 1998
Name : Lote
Address : Riga, LATVIA
A: 24f L: English, Russian, Latvian E: student of economics O: work in media relation H: My studies is like hobby. I like swiming. (I'm fond of water) I like to meet nice people also.
Signal is : It is the chace to meet best people in the Univers
Greetings to others : Dear friends, be nice with other! Keep your dreams alive! Till you have your dreams you are!

Time : Mon Jan 19 16:42:44 1998
Name : Spyros
Address : PO Box 54, GR-28100 Argostoli, GREECE
A:38 sex?? L: English E: college O: photo lab H: aquarium, music, travel, football
Signal is : Great!!
Time : Mon Jan 19 15:39:11 1998
Name : Akiko
A:25 sex??? L: cantoness E: 3rd undergraduate student O: student H: reading, see movies, singing, playing squash...
Signal is : good
Greetings to others : have a very happy new year

Time : Mon Jan 19 10:08:38 1998
Name : Pauliina
Address : FINLAND
A:27f L: English, Finnish, Estonian O: student H: old cars, computer
Time : Mon Jan 19 01:49:12 1998
Name : Magdy
Address : COUNTRY ?
Email, 002023498287, 002024145468
A:27f L: English E: computer O: manager H: photography
Signal is : Great
Time : Sun Jan 18 19:45:58 1998
Name : Laura Brown
Address : 35 Malta Ave., Unit # 79, CA-L6Y-5B4 Brampton, Ont., CANADA
A:32 female L: English O: sales clerk H:43 65 73
Time : Sun Jan 18 18:29:03 1998
Name : Sirpa Järvinen
Address : Myllymäenkatu 9 as 7, FI-13130 Hämeenlinna, FINLAND
A:23f L: English and Finnish E: cook O: worker in a cafeteria's kitchen H: aerobic, reading, writign and lots of more
Signal is : Good!
Greetings to others : Hi! I would like to have penpals all over the world. Also from Finland. And please write to my home address, but I could e-mail too but snail-mail is better to me

Time : Sun Jan 18 16:52:38 1998
Name : Christian Baz
Address : Zone 256 XZZ, 45-PO-48 Jupiter Solar System, (incompelete address??), LEBANON
A:25 male L: English, Jupitish E: engineer O: connecting with humans
Time : Sun Jan 18 06:08:18 1998
Name : Alec Wood
Address : 5650 Oak St.#206, CA-V6M-2V6 Vancouver BC, CANADA
A:45 male L: English E: college O: self-employed businessman H: surfing the net + substance abuse counseling + meeting new and interesting people
Signal is : it looks great!
Greetings to others : Single intelligent 45yr old male quadraplegic, looking for interesting

Time : Sun Jan 18 01:31:09 1998
Name : Colin L. Bosby
Address : 3125 19th St. #151 Bakersfield, CA 93301, USA
A:30m L: English O: office clerk
H: reading, computers, martial arts. movies, music, tv
Signal is : this is a really nice site
Greetings to others : look forward to hearing from people of all ages

Time : Sat Jan 17 19:14:04 1998
Name: Veera
Address : FINLAND
A:15f L:e, some sw E:1 O:4 H:14 20 21 24 26 27 28 30 39 43 52 68 73 sailing
Signal is : The best in the Net!
Greetings to others: You! Write to me! Now!

Time : Sat Jan 17 18:30:18 1998
Name : Sabil
Address : Dhaka, BANGLADESH
A:28m L: English E: B.Arch. O: architect H: sports, photography, music, travel, collecting jokes
Signal is : Just fine!!!!!
Greetings to others : Life is colourful out there with or without you. So have fun friends.

Time : Sat Jan 17 15:18:43 1998
Name : Trevor
A:37m L: English H: computers, fishing, music,electronics, sports and the Internet Signal is : great viewing
Greetings to others : Hi! I am interested in hearing from people mainly to discuss computers eg: System problems, hardware, software and would really be keen to swap software and ideas via Internet or mail. I hope to hear from you soon.

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 15:18:05 -0800
Subject: Skiing Finlandia Hiihto 1998
Name : Lech Milewski
Email A:56m, of Polish origin O: computer analyst programmer H: orienteering, bushwalking, classical music, philosophy, religion
Greetings to others : I am an Australian skier travelling around the world to participate in major cross-contry ski marathons. This year I'll go soon to Europe to ski marathons in Slovakia, Tchech Republic and Finland. So I will spend almost a week in Lahti. I would prefer a skier, so we could do some ski training together.
SIGNAL: I've not been skiing for years BUT when you visit Lahti visit also me ! RAIMO KAARNA, the publisher

Time : Sat Jan 17 06:09:49 1998
Name: Ijaz Ahmed
Address : H#13, St#29, Muslim Park, Rajgarh, PK-54000 Lahore, PAKISTAN Email
A:25m L: English E: graduate O: business H: computer, penpals
Signal is : very nice
Greetings to others : Happy New Year to all of you

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