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Time : Tue Feb 17 20:43:49 1998
Name : Soni Chicka
Address : INDIA
A:24f L: English E: college graduate H:chatting, reading adult stuff, adult movies
Signal is : I don't know yet
Greetings to others : Hi. I am an Indian woman, 24 yrs. I'm very hot. 5'-4", 110 lbs, looking for broadminded male from all over the world. I am interested to talk about anything. Naughty boys are specially encouraged to mail

Time : Tue Feb 17 15:36:07 1998
Name : Syed Mohammed Ghayyur Naqvi
Address : J-24 Noman Complex, Gulshane Qbal 13-D/3, Karachi, PAKISTAN
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A:35m L:English, Urdu E:engineer O:businessman H:penpals, writing, business, travelling, Internet
Signal is : Excellent, I will promote this among my friends
Greetings to others : please help cancer children

Time : Tue Feb 17 10:02:57 1998
Name : Fernando A.
Address : CANADA
A:49m L:Spanish, English E:college O:many H:music
Signal is : great
Greetings to others: love everyone!

Time : Tue Feb 17 07:23:44 1998
Name : Yuri
Address : Tiraspol, MOLDOVA
A:39m L: English, Russian E: high techn O: programmer H: music (guitar), books, etc.
Signal is : +++
Greetings to others : I'm 180cm height, 85kg weight, divorced. I'd like to hear from woman 25-35 y.o. from USA, Canada, UK

Subject: Re: Deleting ad
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 19:41:01 EST
From: LaraLess
Hi!! Thanks for the info. I now have 51 penpal responses as of today. I am getting pretty overwhelmed but its alot of fun. My as was on page 114 and it was placed on 2/14/98.

Time : Tue Feb 17 04:23:39 1998
Name : Laura Lessard
Address : address deleted USA
A:25f L: English E: college O: collection rep.
Greetings to others : prefer snailmail penpals
Time : Mon Feb 16 20:10:00 1998
Name : Johnnyboy
Address : Coventry, ENGLAND
H: Having a good time
Signal is : fantastic
Greetings to others : Hi 35yr male brown hair and eyes normal build and good looking wanting email lady friends to talk about anything. I'm game for a laugh are you

Time : Mon Feb 16 17:36:25 1998
Name : Bruderer Khellou Sandra
Address : Käshaldenstrasse 39, CH-8052 Zürich, SWITZERLAND

A:24f L: English E: high school O: secretary H:68 14 13 15
Signal is : It's nice to meet new peoples in all over the world.
Greetings to others : Hello there outside Switzerland

Time : Mon Feb 16 00:23:41 1998
Name : Vincent Lee
Address : PO Box 327, MY-70740 Seremban, NSDK., West MALAYSIA
A:26 male L: English E: college O: marketing consultant H: Lots of them ... get to know me & we'll have lots to share!!
Signal is : Great ...
Greetings to others : Everyone is WELCOME & replies assured .....

Time : Sun Feb 15 21:50:05 1998
Name : Sanna Address : FINLAND
A:21f L: English O: travel student H: travel, penpals, chat, movies
Greetings to others: Write to me!
Time : Sun Feb 15 19:34:14 1998
Name : Tiina Kinnunen
Address : Timolantie 420, FI-78480 Timola, FINLAND

A:24f L:fi e E:2 H:68
Time : Sun Feb 15 17:45:06 1998
Name : Chandras Pant
Address : Rådmansbacken 7, 2tr., SE-14556 Norsborg, SWEDEN
A:46m L:e sw E:3 O:9 H:69 72 74 15 20
Signal is : is a great medium for world peace
Greetings to others : Just write to me. I am waiting for your letters. I wish you a nice day

Time : Sun Feb 15 13:56:20 1998
Name : Elven Ho
Address : HONG KONG

A:34m L: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian E: BA in philosophy & psychology O: writer, musician, senior executive for MNC H: music, movies, travel, scuba-diving, computer
Signal is : klass!
Greetings to others : check my homepage for music, movies and travel!!!

Time : Sun Feb 15 11:39:36 1998
Name : Richard Loh
Address : Penang, MALAYSIA
A:30 male L: English, Chinese, Malay E: high school O: manager H: videography, photography, reading, sports, computer and others
Signal is : Best!
Greetings to others: Hello. Thank you.

Time : Sun Feb 15 01:48:46 1998
Name : Laura Rodenmacher
Address : c/o Julie Busa 200 Ivy Street, Brookline, MA 02146, USA
A:16f L :English E: high school H: music, dancing, socializing with friends, watching tv, reading, travel, Kenya
Time : Sat Feb 14 23:14:35 1998
Name : Dr. Frank Volta
Address : Markusstr. 49, DE-49744 Geeste, GERMANY
A:52m L:e g O: doctor H: travelling, student- fraternities
Signal is : lets look...
Greetings to others : greetings all over the world...

Time : Sat Feb 14 15:01:48 1998
Name : Max Address : ITALY
A:35m L: English, French, Italian E: high O: fashion C.ony owner H: sky, cars
Time : Sat Feb 14 05:24:32 1998
Name : Jenny Address : USA
A:15 female L: English H: reading, bike riding, listening to music, reading and writing poetry
Signal is : pretty neat
Greetings to others: WRITE TO ME!!!!

Time : Sat Feb 14 02:16:48 1998
Name : Alex
Address : Brooklyn, NY, USA
A:41m L: English, French E:3 O: researcher H:24 25 30 17 13
Signal is : Wonderful service, keep up the good work.
Greetings to others : I am searching for a Russian bride, I am kind, generous, romantic, caring, tall and honest. I seek a woman between 18-30, well educated, no children, attractive for correspondence and marriage, please send inquiries by E-mail.

Time : Fri Feb 13 18:17:03 1998
Name : Jamie Address : UK
A:23 L: English E: college H: sports, travelling, socialising
Signal is : Don't know yet -- haven't had an replies :-)
Greetings to others : TALK TO ME -- I don't bite! *s*

Time : Fri Feb 13 15:37:38 1998
Name : Mervi Kähkönen
Address : Koulukuja 5 as.1, FI-87300 Kajaani, FINLAND
A:21f L:e fi O:9 H:15 32 47
Signal is : It`s very good
Time : Fri Feb 13 07:29:54 1998
Name : Yuri
Address : Tiraspol, MOLDOVA
A:39m L: English, Russian E: high techn. O: programmer H: photo, guitar, books...
Signal is : It's very needing for people
Greetings to others : I dream to meet with a woman 26-35 from USA, Canada, UK for marriage

Time : Fri Feb 13 07:00:01 1998
Name : Janice Address : SINGAPORE
I'm 21, speak English, college student. H:skating, movies, animals
Signal is : great way to make friends
Greetings to others: try this today

Time : Fri Feb 13 01:50:36 1998
Name : Irina Berezovskaya
Address : Pushkinskaya 33 app 35, UA-270014 Odessa, UKRAINE
A:48, female L: English, German (little) O: science-worker (D.Pf) H: cooking, sports, animals, books, music
Time : Fri Feb 13 00:47:45 1998
Name : Glen Nicholls
Address : 138 New Mohawk Rd., city, state, zip, COUNTRY ???
A:44 male L: English E: lots O: electronics engineering H: backpacking, flying, yardcare,
Signal is : I don't know what the Signal is Greetings to others: Hi to all
Time : Thu Feb 12 21:42:11 1998

I'm Ilona from Ukraine and willing to get married abroad! Read my personal listing now...

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 23:19:00

JPBB25- Yukari Yamamoto, 2135 Ogu Daiwa-cho, Kamo-gun, JP-729-1323 Hiroshima, JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:4 68m FI.

JABB27- Chika Ito, 17-4 Hirabari Jutaku Tenpaku-cho, Tenpaku-ku Nagoya-shi, JP-468-0021 Aichi-ken, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:4 68 FI .

JABB28- Masako Watanabe, 402-5 Ono Numazu-shi, JP-410-0307 Sizuoka-ken, JAPAN. A:13f L:e H:68m FI.

JABB29- Yukiko Fujihira, 927-15 Aihara-machi, Machida-shi, JP-194-0211 Tokyo, JAPAN. A:13f L:e H:4 68f FI .

JABB30- Yukiko Arima, 678-3 Kejyukuri Fukiage-cho, Hioki-gun, JP-899-3307 Kagoshima, JAPAN. A:16f L:e H:4 68f FI .

JABB31- Maiko Shigemori, 2-1-40 Kitayoshizu-cho, Fukuyama-shi, JP-720-0073 Hiroshima-ken, JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:4 27 39 68m FI .

JABB33- Yumiko Koshimura, 14-23 Enkouzai 3chome, Kanazawa-shi, JP-921-8173 Ishikawa-ken, JAPAN. A:25f L:e E:2 O:confectionery H:20 25 30 48 68 FI.

JABB34- Hitomi Yamazaki, 2-5-8 Takaidamotomachi, Higashiosakashi, JP-577-0054 Osakafu, JAPAN. A:13f L:e H:4 68f FI .

JABB33- Yumiko Koshimura, 14-23 Enkouzi 3 chome, Kanazawa-shi, JP-921-8173 Ishikawa-ken, JAPAN. A:25f L:e E:2 O: confectionery H:20 25 30 48 68 FI .

JABB34- Hitomi Yamazaki, 2-5-8 Takaidamotomachi, Higashiosakashi, JP-577-0054 Osakafu, JAPAN. A:13f L:e H:4 68f FI .

JABB35- Tomoko Higaki, 1-5-9-807 Nishihara, Asaminami-ku Hiroshima-shi, JP-731-0113 Hiroshima-ken, JAPAN. A:?f L:e E:2 H:4 68 (f m 20-22) FI .

JABB36-+ Noriko Kato, 291-43 Handaiji-cho, Sakai-shi, JP-599-8267 Osaka, JAPAN. A:14f L:e H:30 48 68 FI .

INBB41++ Naiyer Azam, PO Box 7, Bankipur, IN-800004 Patna, INDIA. A:25f L:e H:13 15 30 34 44 45 68 69 70 71 73 75, very fair, bright eyes, black hairs, will show everything to Mr Right ! Please enclose postage US$ 2..

CABB42+ S Daya, 19 Dinison Crescent, CA-N2E-2W3 Kitchener ON, CANADA. A: adult, male L:e H: stamps, coins, banknotes, FDCs, broadminded, gay, NUDE photos of males.

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 17:48:59

M. Amjad Shareef, PB No 1, Ameen House, Office Road, IN-505467 Husnabad AP, INDIA. A:20m H:penpals, bank notes, coins, photos, music and travelling

M.Taher, H.No 13-1-50, Qaseemdula Street, IN-506002 Warangal AP, INDIA. A:20m H:penpals, stamps, books, photos & music

M. Mazher, H.No 17-1-246 / 2 / B, M.B.H, Oid Santosh Nagar, IN-500059 Hyderabad AP, INDIA. A:23m H:penpals, music, travelling & photos

Miss Alissa, PB No 1, Ameen House, IN-505467 Husnabad AP, INDIA. A:18f H:penpals, exchange banknotes, gifts, photos & articles

Time : Thu Feb 12 19:00:06 1998
Name : Kazuhiro Address : JAPAN
A:21male ??? L: English E: univ student H: I like pearl Jam.
Signal is : very good
Greetings to others : I am studing English to communicate foreigner. I go to learn English at an English conversational school. I am planning to make a tour abroad.

Time : Thu Feb 12 13:16:39 1998
Name : Eugen Hofer
Address : AUSTRIA
A:27m L:e g (s) E:3 O:9 H:14 15 18 19 24 30 39 44 47 68 69 74
Signal is : Funny
Greetings to others : Hello, I would like to meet a sexy woman to start an email friendship. Maybe it leads to more. The country or cultural backround doesn't matter as long as you are nice. So send me a mail, ask me what you want and we'll see what happens. Till soon!

Time : Thu Feb 12 11:18:20 1998
Name : Devinder Singh
Address : 14/22 Second floor, Subhash Nagar, IN-110027 New Delhi, INDIA

A:35m L: English, Hindi & Persian E: graduate O:social worker H: making penfriends, love & romantic, internet, robotic, science technology, holiday, travelling, mounteering & skiing, world affairs, politics peace movements, environments, soccer, collecting stamps & coins / currency, reading, watch on satellite T.V., I love much the magazine of "NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC", "LIFE", "US", "PLAYBOY" & "DISCOVERY CHANNEL".
Signal is : WANTED both sexes 27 - 37 yrs. all over the world; I am looking for sincere friendship as well as long listing, committed relationship. I AM DEAF person & understand other persons through lip-reading. I have been travelled abroad to Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, U.K. & Scotland.
Greetings to others : I love writing to female friend abroad. Please do not leave me as penfriend from India. You will be sending your latest color photograph & reply essential.

Time : Wed Feb 11 19:02:04 1998
Name : Susanne
Address : Copenhagen, DENMARK
A:36 female L: English O: writer of poetry (amateur) H:art, cultural differences, foreign languages, travel, nature
Greetings to others : I seek email friends with similar interests for dialogue and friendship
Time : Wed Feb 11 12:03:09 1998
Name : Ijaz
Address : H#13, St#29, Muslim Park, Rajgarh, PK-54000 Lahore, PAKISTAN Email
A:25 male L: English E: graduate O: student H: penpals
Signal is : very nice
Greetings to others: Love to all

Time : Wed Feb 11 08:43:41 1998
Name : Duncan Brown
Address : 79 Strickland Street, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
A:32m L: English E: elementary O: factory worker H: surfing, Prodigy, men
Signal is : Great
Greetings to others : Hi, I'm a 32 year old gay male, with blue eyes and brown hair. I like surfing and my fav band is Prodigy! I'm hoping to hear from you BIG boys out there!!!

Time : Wed Feb 11 08:22:54 1998
Name : Gudmundur Kr Gudmundsson
Address : Hatun 6, IS-105 Reykjavik, ICELAND
A:48m L: English E: high O: sailor H: travelling
Signal is : the best
Time : Wed Feb 11 03:51:58 1998
Name : Alexey
Address : St.Petersburg, RUSSIA
A:23m L: English E: high O: journalist H: music, literature, media
Time : Wed Feb 11 06:49:41 1998
Name : Bryce William Wentworth
Address : GPO Box 4166, AU-2000 Sydney, AUSTRALIA
A:33m L: English E: post-grad O: trainer H: travel, public speaking, cycling
Signal is : fantastic
Greetings to others : I'm looking for love, but I'll settle for sex!

Time : Wed Feb 11 05:48:14 1998
Name: Alexei Chudinov
Address : Perm, RUSSIA
A:30m L: English, Russian E: high O: medical H: auto, internet, women
Time : Wed Feb 11 05:08:29 1998
Name : Donald Turek Address : USA Email
A:45m L:e H: I think is great, especially that it is a free service. That is kind of you to offer this and plus the chance to meet so many people around the world. Signal is : Hi, looking for gay men pen pals from around the world. I enjoy collecting old records and movies and I really like meeting new friends. So please write me, I will answer...
Time : Wed Feb 11 02:15:10 1998

I am Olga from UKRAINE.
I'm looking for husband.
See my ad!