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Time : Tue Mar 17 21:49:26 1998
Name : Kelly Wallender
Address : Box 569 Manton, MI 49663, USA
A:15 female L: English E: high school O:student
Time : Tue Mar 17 20:27:46 1998
Name : Harris Eliis
Address : Athens, GREECE
H: chating
Signal is : a good manner to make friends
Time : Tue Mar 17 20:21:12 1998
Name : Nasu
Address : Papinniityntie 1 as 1, FI-13210 Hämeenlinna, FINLAND
I'm now 16 years old... I speak Finnish, English and Swedish. I'm a Finn H: I love to dance and write a letters... I love change my thoughts
Signal is : This is great !!!
Greetings to others : Jos kaipaat ystävää joka kuuntelee murheitasi, kuuntelee ajatuksiasi, pitää salaisuudet salaisuuksina niin olet löytänyt sellaisen ihmisen... Kirjoitellaan... ehkäpä joskus voimme olla erittäin hyviä ystäviä...

Time : Tue Mar 17 17:03:07 1998
Name : Bob Edwards
Address : Box 5852, Knoxville, TN 37928, USA
A:16m L: English E: secondary O:student
Signal is : nice!
Greetings to others : am a Spanish teacher looking to connect with a high school class in an Hispanic country

Time : Tue Mar 17 12:39:18 1998

DZBC99- Chouaf Djamel, Rue de la Revolution, Datva Azzada, W Skikda, ALGERIA. A:23m L:e H:68 73.

GHBC100-+ Gifty Annan, PO Box 385, Agona Swedru, GHANA. A:24f L:e O:university student, sexy, romantic, looking for a marriage minded broadminded gentleman H:34 48 68 69 70 73

Time : Tue Mar 17 09:08:25 1998
Name : Margarita Trunova
Address : Zelioniy Str. 40-2, apr.158, RU-111396 Moscow, RUSSIA
A:34f L: Spanish, Russian, understand English H: travels, music, I like to cook, sport
Signal is : Good
Greetings to others : Divorced, daughter 13 years old, I seek my another half

Time : Tue Mar 17 02:12:41 1998
Name : Stephanie Address : USA
JJ pen
A:24f L:e E:2 O: "writer" H:13 14 15 21 32 40 48 58 68 73
Signal is : A great way to meet new people
Greetings to others : I would love to hear from anyone especially between the ages of 21-26. Please only answer if you are loyal and interested to write for a while. I am always finding interesting new penpals, and then only hearing from them once. I try to answer as many replies as I can, unless I already write to/received responses from certain places, in which case I will let you know so you can find someone else to write to. I hate it when people with ads never reply and you have no idea if your mail got lost or something.

Time : Mon Mar 16 22:29:15 1998
Name : M. Ushur
Address : 222 Camelot House, London N9, ENGLAND

A:28m L: English H: seeking broadminded African females worldwide
Signal is : great
Greetings to others: hi

Time : Mon Mar 16 18:24:46 1998
Name : Malcolm Green
Address : Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
A:42m L: English E: graduate O: tourism marketing H: travel, writing, computers
Signal is : great variety
Greetings to others : Looking to contact females worldwide, email, visit, personal contact

Time : Mon Mar 16 14:22:08 1998
Name : Nikolay Slobodtschikow
Address : PO Box 129 Central Post Office, 9 Red Heros Street, RU-624070 Ekaterinburg-Berezovsky, RUSSIA

A:29m L:e g r E: high O: teacher, student H: souvenirs, cards, maps, travel guide books, travelling, etc...
Signal is : It's great!
Greetings to others : Love to all! I wait for your letters soon!

Time : Mon Mar 16 08:47:58 1998
Name : Tariq Smughead!
Address : UAE
A:19m L: Arabic and fluent English E:college student H: hmmm.. Wanna know?!... Mail me!!!
Signal is : cool!!
Greetings to others: wish u the best!

Time : Sun Mar 15 13:43:15 1998
Name : Teresa Haikala
Address : Svanströminkuja 3 d 197, FI-00870 Helsinki, FINLAND
A:21f L: English, Spanish E: high-school O:student H: swimming, writing, chating with friends, listening music
Signal is : a great place to meet new people
Greetings to others : boys and girls let´s write... Signal is great

Time : Sun Mar 15 08:10:19 1998
Name : bsteoh
Address : 18 Jalan Makloom, MY-10150 Penang, MALAYSIA
A:25f L: Chinese, English E: college O:technician H: volleyball, reading, movie, aerobic
Signal is : Hi, I am looking for penfriend in the world
Greetings to others : Email to me!! Make a friend.

Time : Sun Mar 15 07:47:12 1998
Name : Willy Address : BELGIUM
A:50m L: English, French, Dutch E:university degree H: hiking, camping, nature, reading, photography, music, travel...
Time : Sun Mar 15 00:23:35 1998
Name : Dasha Address : UKRAINE
A:23 L:r e H: many
Signal is : Don't know yet
Greetings to others: Be happy !!!!

Time : Sat Mar 14 22:36:56 1998
Name : Abdul Jabbar H. Ishaque
Address : PO Box 6771, PK-74000 Karachi, PAKISTAN
A:25m L: English E: Bachlor in commerce O: professional H: travelling, watching movies, collect stamps, post cards, etc. etc.
Signal is : I think Singal will make friends around the world.
Time : Sat Mar 14 22:36:11 1998
Name : Thomas Rindfleisch
Address : 2250 Par Ln., Willoughby, OH 44094, USA
A:41m L:e j E: college O: chef H:14 19 21 27 30
Signal is : wow!
Greetings to others: hope to meet you soon

Time : Sat Mar 14 18:19:55 1998
Name : Britta Address : COUNTRY??
A:23f L:g e f s H: travel, cinema, reading, languages
Signal is : great idea
Time : Sat Mar 14 18:00:20 1998
Name : Reiner
Address : Oberhausen, GERMANY
A:26m L: German, English, learning Finnish & a little bit of Dutch E:2 + economic / jurisprudence evening studies O:8 H:13 14 21 25 27 29 30 68 69 75 73 (VERY interested in Scandinavian, Baltic & Russian people, but all others, too!) some: 42 47 46 48 ("alternative") 50 51
Signal is : A wonderful way to meet new people all over the world!
Greetings to others: Everybody WRITE!

Time : Sat Mar 14 17:20:42 1998
Name : Peter Velinov
Address : 911A Lui Pasteur Blvd, BG-1324 Sofia, BULGARIA
A:24m L: English E: Master degree O:chief executive H: live and sincere smile
Signal is : The best forget others
Greetings to others: Do not worry be happy !

Time : Sat Mar 14 16:26:19 1998
Name : Vygantas
Address : Vilnius, LITHUANIA
A:19m L: English, Lithuanian, Russian E:some college H: music, traveling, etc... parties
Signal is : cool
Time : Sat Mar 14 13:07:23 1998
GHBC95- Wi Owusu, Cosmos Prep School, PO Box 6595, Accra North, GHANA. A:12m L:e H:32 68, exchange of gifts.
Time : Sat Mar 14 07:23:35 1998
Name : Tony Carlisle
Address : San Francisco, CA, USA
A:24m L:e E:3 O:7 H:68 69 70 73 74 75 nudism, sex, love
Signal is : Great!
Greetings to others : single white male wants to exchange hot pix & E-mail with ladies worldwide.

Time : Sat Mar 14 04:42:08 1998
Name : Rusty Address : USA
A:51m L: e E: some college O:bookkeeper H: gardening, cards, Nascar
Greetings to others: need T.L.C. in U.S.A.
Time : Fri Mar 13 21:55:49 1998
Name : Luis
Address : Madrid, SPAIN
A:35m L: Spanish, English E: Master's d. O: businessman H: nature, travel, sailing, skiing, pets, socialize, art, literature, music...
Signal is : Great site!
Greetings to others : Hi, I am a fun, honest, modern and very good looking guy looking for a beautiful woman of any nationality for frienship and... whatever comes out! Write me. I will send photo.

Time : Fri Mar 13 21:02:41 1998
Name : Alice Warkoski
Address : 1021 Spruce St., Middletown, PA 17057-2169, USA
Email and
A:35f L: English E: 4 years college O:business owner H: sing, play guitar, write music, cook, write letters, computers, garden, meeting new people.
Signal is : I think it is really fantastic that you have something like this on the net
Time : Fri Mar 13 16:50:08 1998
Name : Alyona
Address : M. Gruzinskaya 12-8, RU-123242 Moscow, RUSSIA
A:35f L: Russian, English E: university O:psyhologist, writer H: cars, dogs, horses, travel and etc
Time : Fri Mar 13 12:00:31 1998
Name : Soufiane
Address : Casablanca, MOROCCO
A:24 L: French, Arabic, English E:universities O: manager H: beach and mountaing music
Signal is : very great web site
Time : Fri Mar 13 10:47:38 1998
Name : Minna Address : FINLAND
A:21 female L: English, Swedish O:student

Time : Fri Mar 6 13:28:14 1998
Name : Euodia
Address : Jl. Johar Nurhadi No.1, Kotabaru, ID-55224 Yogyakarta, INDONESIA

A:23f L: English E: university student O: designer H: correspondence, movie, music, collecting, exchanging souvenirs Signal is : Really cool !!
Greetings to others : I only look for a penfriend / friend relationship, and I guarantee you a reply if you write to me.

Time : Fri Mar 13 10:33:20 1998
Name : Margarita Trunova
Address : Zelioniy Str. 40-2 apr.158, RU-111396 Moscow, RUSSIA

A:34f L: Russian, Spanish, understand English H: travelling, sport
Signal is : Good
Greetings to others: I love to live

Time : Fri Mar 13 02:46:55 1998
Name : Jason
Address : Houston, Texas, USA
A:28m L:e E: college O: company H:travel
Signal is : the best
Greetings to others : I am interested to have pen pals from EUROPE and ASIA, age 18-28

Time : Fri Mar 13 02:00:45 1998
Name : Siobhan Address : USA
A:??? L: English E:1 2 O:4 H: ballet, pointe, reading, LaCrosse
Greetings to others : Looking for female penpal from Australia age 12 or 13, goofballs need not apply
Time : Thu Mar 12 22:22:05 1998
Name : Rich Galdoni
Address : 1817 Kimball Avenue, New Kensington, PA 15068, USA
A:30m L:e E:2 O:10 H:17 29 30 32 33 48 50 51 69 70 75
Greetings to others : I am looking for sensitive and caring woman from a foreign land for marriage.
Time : Thu Mar 12 20:55:29 1998
Name : Mack Messing
Address : Virginia, USA
A:23m L: English E: college O:consultant H: lacrosse, weight lifting, canoeing
Greetings to others : Just want to see what life is like in other countries.
Time : Thu Mar 12 20:23:16 1998

GHBC87+ Comfort Adofo, 98 Fd Great Line; Post Box 711, Swedru CR, GHANA. L:e A:26f, beautiful, sincere, charming lady seeking a handsome man to devote all her life and love to... Long term relationship wanted. Honest, faithfull dream men, write !

INBC88- Harpid Singh, PO Giddi A Q No 1BR/1, Hazaribagh, IN-829108 Bihar, INDIA. A:23m, single L:e H:27 30 32 33 39 48 50 51 53 56 58 64.

Time : Thu Mar 12 13:59:04 1998
Name : Kriss Stewart
Address : PO Box 531, Oshtemo, Michigan 49077-0531, USA
A:29m L: English E: grad student O:self-employed H: I love finland... I am coming to Finland and need a female tour guide... Can you help?
Signal is : awesome
Greetings to others : bonjour

Time : Thu Mar 12 08:59:09 1998
Name : Hanna
Address : FINLAND
A:18f L: Finnish, English, Swedish E:horse groom O: horse trainer H:horses, piano, reading, swimming, waterskiing
Signal is : ok
Greetings to others: everybody write me!!!

Time : Thu Mar 12 08:41:13 1998
Name : Uday Jain
Address : Mumbai, INDIA
A:36m L: English, Hindi E: post gradute O:business H: reading, internet
Greetings to others : I am happily married male and looking for friends all over world
Time : Thu Mar 12 06:41:32 1998
Name : Aaron Schlager
Address : 1124 Seventh Street, New Kensington, PA 15068, USA
A:30m L:e E: 3 O:5 H:21 30 32 33 50 52
Greetings to others : Hello! I am looking for penfriends and marriage, must come to USA
Time : Thu Mar 12 02:51:40 1998
Name : Juvie Dantes
Address : COUNTRY??
A:29m L: English E: computer O: teacher H: reading
Signal is : fantastic
Greetings to others : Treat me tender and I am yours!!

Time : Wed Mar 11 17:39:25 1998
Name : Janni
Address : Hesari 28 b 38, FI-00530 Helsinki, FINLAND
A:25m L: suomi E: opisk O: joo H:skydiving
Signal is : jep
Time : Wed Mar 11 19:36:53 1998

UABC83-+ Katia Popova, PO Box 6, UA-334235 Jalta; Crimea, UKRAINA. A:37f, 156/56, dark hair, green eyes, daughter 10 L:e r O: governess H:15 20 43, home cosiness, 68 69 70. I am kind, sincere, faithfull...
Time : Wed Mar 11 12:53:55 1998
Name : Malghich Soufiane
Address : Amal 4, Rue 46, N°3 Sidi Bernoussi, Casablanca, MOROCCO
A:15m L: français, anglais E: student O:education H: natation, tennis, golf, informatique, music
Signal is : good
Greetings to others: to send me

Time : Wed Mar 11 12:33:45 1998
Name : Haouaz Mohammed
Address : Bloc Koudia108, N°2 Hay Mohammadi, MA-20350 Casablanca, MOROCCO
A:22m L: Francais, English, Spanish E:université H:27 68 69
Signal is : good
Greetings to others : Salut !! hello !! hola !!

Time : Wed Mar 11 12:28:46 1998
Name : lamtamri Abdeltif
Address : Bloc Kodia 106, N° 49 Hay Mohammadi, MA-20350 Casablanca, MOROCCO
A:22 L: Spanish, French, Arabe E:université H: 27 68 69
Signal is : good
Greetings to others : hola a todos! salul! hello! salamo alikom !

Time : Wed Mar 11 12:23:36 1998
Name : Piret
Address : Söpruse pst. 188-185, EE-0034 Tallinn, ESTONIA
A:21f L:e fi sw O: student H: jazz, house, Swedish language
Signal is : Signal is endless.
Greetings to others: Peace!

Time : Wed Mar 11 12:50:01 1998

USBC69+ HELP WANTED: Are you an honest caring, loving lady who’s seeking friendship and relationship with a man who knows how to treat a lady ? Then do apply now - this job is open for you. Age and color is unimportant. Kids are a big plus. Jerome Wehrrij #1DD829, FSB PO Box 181, Starke FL 32091, USA.

JPBC70- Kumiko Ishii, 6-12 1-chome; Kongo, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, JP-807-1263 Fukuoka; JAPAN. A:21f L:e H:68 FI.

JPBC71- Shinobu Kubodera, 1192 Ituchoyo tanaka, Yamanashi-shi, JP-405-0025 Yamanashi-ken, JAPAN. A:24f L:e H68f FI.

JPBC73- Megumi Inao, 40-3 Tochiggi Oaza, Yabakei-machi, Shimoge-gun, JP-871-0412 Oita-ken; JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:4 68f FI.

JPBC75- Yuki Inose, 4525 Kitsuregawa-machi, Shioya-gun, JP-329-1412 Tochigi-ken, JAPAN. A:16f L:e H:4 68f FI.

JPBC76- Hitomi Miwa, 62 Higashiyashiki Hanatsune, Oharu-cho Amagun, JP-490-1136 Aichi-ken, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:68m FI.

USBC77- WHITE MALE 38, 5’10", 165 lbs, seeks loving woman 19-34 for lasting marriage. You must relocate to USA. Send photo (no polaroids), write soon ! Thomas Biskup, PO Box 938, Oregon WI 53575, USA.

MABC78- Rhabkab Driss, Hay Pam 623, Bel Krisi, MOROCCO. A:30m L:e H:68 69 70.

PKBC80a- Miss Shabnim, c/o Post Office, Rahmanpurah, PK-40100 Sargodha, PAKISTAN. A:18f L:e H:68.

PKBC80b- Miss Sheree c/o Butt House 69 B 1, Lane 9, Rahmanpurah 1, PK-40100 Sargodha, PAKISTAN. A:20f L:e H:68 73.

PKBC80c- Miss Naseemah, c/o Hair Dresser, Main Road, Rahmanpurah, PK-40100 Sargodha, PAKISTAN. A:16f L:e H:sex, romance, love.

PKBC80d- Assad Balal Butt, House 69 B 1, Lane 9, Rahmanpurah 1, PK-40100 Sargodha, PAKISTAN. A:30m L:e H: extra ordinary.

Time : Wed Mar 11 10:53:25 1998
Name : Alexey
Address: Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
H: computer, chess
Signal is : unknown
Time : Wed Mar 11 03:46:05 1998
Name : Julia Haugen
Address : COUNTRY??
A:20f L: English, Finnish E: university student O: ---
Time : Wed Mar 11 01:04:10 1998
Name : Mauisurfer
Address : Maui, Hawaii, USA
A:40 male L: English E:3 O:mgmt H: all ocean activities, 42 68 70 17
Signal is : get back in a few weeks with that ??
Greetings to others : Alohas from sunny Maui Hawaii......

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