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Time : Mon Mar 23 17:28:02 1998
Name : Kartik Kumaramangalam
Address : Chicago USA
Greetings to others : I read a lot. find out about various industries and try meeting interesting people.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:23:41 1998
Name : The Hit Man
Address : USA
A: 22m L: English H: Hi, I am a young guy from South Africa interested in corresponding with anyone from around the world, I do not have a specific interest, I always go with the flow. I will reply to each mail I get.
Time : Mon Mar 23 12:28:52 1998
Name : Hanna Erkkil
Address : Rmeentie 2, FI-90860 Halosenniemi, FINLAND
sorry, no@address
A:18f L: English, svenska, suomi O:student H: Queen, Elvis, writing, reading, Stephen King, walking etc.
Signal is : Finnish quality!!
Greetings to others : I need new LONG LETTER PALS !!!!!! WRITE SOON!!!! NO MEN !!!! SWAP FBs!!!

Time : Mon Mar 23 08:42:11 1998
Name : Giovanni Drummer
Address : Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
A:35m L:e E: two years S tech. H: camping and caveing
Greetings to others : Hello to all from Cinti., USA
Time : Mon Mar 23 08:24:36 1998
Name : Anna Address : FINLAND
A:18f L:e fi
Signal is : The best..
Greetings to others: Write!!

Time : Sun Mar 22 21:10:35 1998
Name : Eduard Address : RUSSIA
Time : Sun Mar 22 16:15:30 1998
Name : Dougy Address : COUNTRY??
A:27m L: English E: college O: engineer H: mountain biking, travel, learning about new...
Time : Sun Mar 22 15:51:29 1998
Name : Boris
Address : Moscow, RUSSIA
A:25m L: English E: higher O:accountant H: travel, sport, history, astrology
Signal is : Not bad
Greetings to others: Write me!

Time: Sun Mar 22 15:47:43 1998
Name :
Address : , RUSSIA
A:25 L: Russian
Time : Sun Mar 22 14:31:26 1998
Name : Jarrod Rachue
Address : 7408 21a St SE, CA-T2C-0V9 Calgary AB, CANADA
A:19m L: English E: upgrading my high school H: sex
Signal is : first visit
Greetings to others : Hello from a good looking GWM

Time : Sun Mar 22 13:35:37 1998
Name : Maarit Jaakkola
Address : Lhderanta 11 P 2, FI-02720 Espoo, FINLAND
A:31f L: English, Swedish E: college O:electronics assembler / nurse H:jogging, karate, motorcycles
Signal is : OK
Greetings to others : Our lifes work is to get to know ourself.

Time : Sun Mar 22 11:43:08 1998
Name : Juli Cronkhite
Address : 31760 NE 170th Ct, Duvall, WA 98019, USA
A:15f L:e E:2 O:4 H:17 31 45 51 52 61 64 74 75, want to meet new friends!
Signal is : Very cool
Greetings to others : Hey ! Hows it going? I hope I can be you friend!

Time : Sun Mar 22 10:23:41 1998
Name : George Johnson
Address : 6774 Arabian Ter., Lithonia GA 30038-2401, USA
A:41m L: English E: college O: internet consultant H: reading, shooting photo, little g
Signal is : I'm not to sure right now, but I will know later
Greetings to others : I would very much like to know someone from another country and to always be a dear friend to them

Time : Sun Mar 22 06:12:23 1998
Name : Olena
Address : Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
A:20f L: English E: university O: student H: learning different cultures and languages, travelling, cooking, gardening...
Signal is : cool!
Greetings to others : Hi! I'm looking for penpals from all over the world, especially from Eastern Europe (Zdrastvuyte. Ya s trudom gavaryu pa russki. :) Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks! :)

Time : Sun Mar 22 00:30:47 1998
e-mail me if u want my snail mail addy
A:17 L: English, Chinese, Spanish E:currently a high school student O: work in an office H:15 28 30 32 42 45 46 48 60 64 65 68 75
Signal is : confusing
Greetings to others: sup?

Time : Sat Mar 21 23:48:26 1998
Name : Vittorio Address : ITALY
Time : Sat Mar 21 22:37:21 1998
Name : Dorothy Hartman
Address : Pennsylvania, USA
A:54f L: English E: high school graduate H: poetry, music, gardening, collecting angels
Signal is : I love it
Greetings to others : I would dlike to have penpals from around the world (smile, God loves you and so do I !)

Time : Sat Mar 21 18:09:04 1998
Name : Vincentia
Address : Jl. Gajah Mada 154, ID-57132 Solo, INDONESIA
A:16 L: English E: senior high school O:student H: penpal
Signal is : Nice page... I love this...
Greetings to others : Looking for nice male penpal...

Time : Sat Mar 21 15:55:02 1998
Name : Suresh Kumar Pillai
Address : C-509 Bhakti, Om Nagar, Andheri East, IN-400099 Bombay, INDIA
A:34m L: English E: post graduate O:business H: travelling & lots of sex and chat
Signal is : great
Greetings to others : hey, namaskar from India

Time : Sat Mar 21 15:17:08 1998
Name : Shah
Address : INDIA
A:36m L:e E: post graduate O: business H: making new friends, music and travelling
Signal is : great!
Greetings to others : Indian available as friend!)good looking :))) )

Time : Sat Mar 21 14:08:45 1998
Name : Mohamed Tawfik
Address : 1/A Said Zo Al Fokar, EG-1145 Cairo, EGYPT
A:23m L: English, French E: faculty of commerce O: single H:music, sports, computers
Signal is : perfect
Greetings to others: welcome everybody

Time : Sat Mar 21 12:27:00 1998
Name : Minna
Address : Helsinki, FINLAND
A:27f L: Finnish, English, Swedish, Italian E: student
Signal is : er...
Greetings to others: Friends wanted!

Time : Sat Mar 21 12:16:11 1998
Name : Victor Lee
A:39m L:e O: general manager H:music and computers
Signal is : Very good
Greetings to others: God bless all of you..

Time : Sat Mar 21 04:17:34 1998
Name : Grace Tabar
Address : PO Box 229, AU-3032 Ascot Vale, AUSTRALIA

A:21f L:e E: college O: looking, looking H: Handsome Australian guys 24-30; 15 32 42 48 69 70 71 74 75
Signal is : Fabulous
Time : Sat Mar 21 02:30:04 1998
Name : Michael Address : GERMANY
A:33m L: English, German E: university O: journalist H: travelling, reading, culture Signal is : great service
Greetings to others : Hi there :) Looking for a clever, spontaneous lady that likes to discover this strange world with me :) Drop me a line and start the adventure ;)

Time : Sat Mar 21 00:41:18 1998
Name : Sekar Purnama Sari
Address : Jl.Tebet Dalam IIIB no.4,Tebet 12810, Jakarta, INDONESIA Email
A:30f L: English E: Bachelor of science O: supervisor H: reading, travelling
Signal is : good
Greetings to others : I'm seeking man for serious marriage

Time : Sat Mar 21 00:29:56 1998
Name : B. J. Koh
Address : KOREA
Email and
A:38 L: English E: college O: purchaser H: taking picture, movie
Signal is : Wow
Greetings to others : Wanna share new idea / view / thoughts thru email w/o any prejudice, just as it is. Wish to exchange any whenever it comes to strike ones mind even a tiny thing. Very happy today!!!!!!!!

Time : Fri Mar 20 22:42:39 1998
Name : Hesham Aly Nasser
Address : 121 Nasim St, Mohamed Fathy St, EG-35111 El Mansoura, EGYPT

A:25m L: English E: university O: student H:14 21 24 30 33 34 48 53 56 58 62 64 68
Signal is : It's great
Greetings to others : Hi all, I'd like to have friends all over the world. Write me, I will answer very soon. Bye...

Time : Fri Mar 20 22:09:07 1998
Name : Syed Mohammed Ghayyur Naqvi
Address : PAKISTAN
A:35m L: English E: Masters O: engineer H: internet
Signal is : excellent
Time : Fri Mar 20 18:03:39 1998
Name : Jose Carlos Ruiz Oblitas
Address : Av. Velasco Astete 1940 (Lima 33), Lima, PERU
A:22 male L: Spanish, English, German E: university O: student H: talking, music, sports
Signal is : It's very good
Greetings to others: Hi, What's up?

Time : Fri Mar 20 13:28:24 1998
Name : Diana Langkowski
Address : Hauptstr.44, DE-02763 Wittgendorf, GERMANY
diana langkowski
A:40f L: English, German O: teacher H:reading, meeting friends, travelling
Signal is : I like it
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 08:01:43
Name : Yuri
Address : MOLDOVA
Email A:39m, 180cm height, 82kg weight L: English, Russian E: high technical O: programmer
H: music (guitar), books, etc.
Signal is : +++
Greetings to others : I am searching for a woman between 25-35 from USA, CA, UK, attractive for correspondence and marriage, please send inquiries by E-mail.
Time : Fri Mar 20 13:18:35 1998
Name : Franziska Eisoldt
Address : GERMANY
A:19f L: German English O: student H:riding horses, swimming, meet friends
Signal is : It is very good!
Time : Fri Mar 20 13:18:26 1998
Name : Tilo Schmidt
Address : GERMANY
A:18m L: English, German O: student H:snowboarding, skiing, meet friends
Signal is : best in the net
Time : Fri Mar 20 13:18:26 1998
Name : Kirsten Brandt
Address : GERMANY
A:18f L: German, English E: student H:handball, swimming, music, disco, meet friends
Signal is : It's great!
Greetings to others : Don't dream your life, live your dream.

Time : Fri Mar 20 13:12:56 1998
Name : Tina
Address : Saxony, GERMANY
A:18f L: English, German E: student H:tennis, volleyball
Time : Fri Mar 20 15:27:04 1998

JPBC134- Kana Guwada, 5-11 Higashikatayama-cho, Kure-shi, JP-737-0805 Hiroshima-ken, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:4 27 46 48 68 FI.

JPBC135- Kazuyo Hasegawa, 25-7 Moto-machi, Suita-shi, JP-564-0031 Osaka, JAPAN. A:16f L:e H:4 68f FI.

USBC136- Larry Mosier 231967, 2500 S Sheridan Dr, Muskegon Heights MI 49444, USA. A:30m L:e H:68f.

SKBC137- Monika Marcisinova, Pittburgska 19/99, SK-01008 Zilina, SLOVAKIA. A:25f L:e r H:15 32 68.

TNBC138- Hatem Omrani, Menzel, TN-7050 Bourguiba, TUNISIA. A:26m L:f H:68 69 (f20-30) DE.

LTBC139- Vytautas Kraujalis, Zemaiciy 4-4, LT-5307 Panevezys, LITHUANIA. A:15m L:g e r H: Musik kren, sport treiben (Basketball, Karate, schwimmen), reisen, Erdkunde.

Time : Fri Mar 20 10:48:50 1998
Name : Ruthann Yap
Address : secret COUNTRY??
A:15f L: English E: secondary school O:student H: reading, listening to music, travelling, politics, religion...
Signal is : Terrific!
Greetings to others: Peace and Harmony

Time : Fri Mar 20 10:41:17 1998
Name : Imrana Umar
Address : Karachi, Sind, PAKISTAN
A:29 L: English E: FA O:nil H: movies, music, reading, writing, romance / erotic
Signal is : excellent
Greetings to others : have a nice and happy life to all

Time : Thu Mar 19 21:39:47 1998
Name : John Ng Address : MALAYSIA
A: late twenties, male L: English, Chinese & Malay E: low O: aligner H: sports, fishing, surfing the net and all nice things
Signal is : great & hope to hear from u people
Greetings to others : be alive, enjoy the big blue marble & bless everything & everybody on it

Time : Thu Mar 19 20:37:19 1998
Name : Ian Winter
Address : COUNTRY???
A:37m L: English O: medically retired H:soccer, x files, sport, photography
Signal is : very good site
Greetings to others : Hi, I m looking for net penpal anywhere in the world, m / f / other. Just for general chat.

Time : Thu Mar 19 18:25:16 1998
Name : William Paul Seifert
Address : 2818 Austin Hwy #1204, city, state, zip??? USA
Jsthugble@wowmail. com
A:33m L: English E: high school O: n/a H: seek marriage and love a lot of sex
Signal is : It's the best that I've seen in a while
Greetings to others : get this while you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time : Thu Mar 19 17:10:58 1998
Name : Christopher Owens
Address : 47 Cornwall Drive, Prenton, GB- L43-ORW Birkenhead, ENGLAND
A:41 male L: English E: undergraduate O: univesity student H: travel, music, art history, history, and many more!
Signal is : Don't know this is my first time
Time : Thu Mar 19 14:33:23 1998
Name : Hyun sook Jo
Address : KOREA
A:20f L: English E: student H: watch movies, listen to music and write mail
Greetings to others : Hello! I very interested in Japan, especially in music (I like to speed & Amuro Namie & Globe etc.). So, I want a good friend of Japan! If you are interested in Korea or Korean me, please send letter to me ^_^ thank you~~
Time : Thu, 19 Mar 1998 18:29:19
Name : Pascual D. Daria Jr
Address : 2nd floor, 45 V. Gullas Street corner, P. Burgos Street, PH-6000 Cebu City, PHILIPPINES
A:29m, 5'6", 145 lbs L: English, French E: college graduate a.b psychology O:aircraft maintenance engineer H: travel, hiking, most outdoor activities and sports, theater, arts, singing, dancing, friendship, gardening, tennis
Time : Thu Mar 19 08:22:26 1998
Name : Perla Domingo
Address : p.h#575 Cabin Crew dept., Gulf Air, PO Box 5246, BAHRAIN
- see it, click here !
A:31f L: English and Tagalog E: college graduate a.b psychology O: flight attendant H: computer, travelling, reading, listening to music and watching movies
Signal is : great page to meet people
Greetings to others : Hi people, are u looking for friends!

Time : Thu Mar 19 02:44:03 1998
Name : Vikie Martel
Address : 175 Duberger, CA-G2N-1M9 Charlesbourg, Quebec, CANADA

A:17f L: French, English E: high school O: student H: music, movies, travels, sports, learning languages, collections, writing VERY LONG letters...
Signal is : The best for can corresponding with peoples from all over the world...
Greetings to others : I wait your letters!

Time : Thu Mar 19 00:27:44 1998
Name: Gipe Address : FINLAND
A:27 L:e fi E:3 O:10 H:15 16 32 46 52 68 69
Signal is : Great !
Greetings to others : You have nothing to lose....

Time : Wed Mar 18 20:35:51 1998
Name : Varya
Address : Moscow, RUSSIA
A:23 female L: Russian, a little English O: medical H: tourism, reading, music, any kind of fun
Signal is : It`s really great site!!!
Greetings to others: Hi everybody!!!

Time : Wed Mar 18 18:08:54 1998
Name : Mark Davis
Address : Rota, SPAIN
A:16m L:e and some s E:2 O:4 H:14 15 23 24 25 33 42
Signal is : Like it alot!
Time : Wed Mar 18 12:20:10 1998
Name : Janna Sigoshina
Address : Uralskaya Str. 4-298, RU-107207 Moscow, RUSSIA
A:31f L: Russian, English H: to grow flores, I like to watch TV, music
Signal is : Very good
Time : Wed Mar 18 10:15:13 1998
Name : Kristiina Turunen
Address : Puolimatkank.5 as 31, FI-30300 Forssa, FINLAND
A:16 female L: English
Time : Wed Mar 18 16:49:45 1998

JPBC104- Yuka Yamamura, 146-27 Fukurokudani, Yawata Yawatashi, JP-614-8056 Kyoto, JAPAN. A:14f L:e H:4 27 48 68f FI.

JPBC105- Wakako Suzuki, 402 Tamadaira manshon, 1-9-6 Tamadaira Hino-shi, JP-191-0062 Tokyo, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:27 34 48 49 68 FI.

JPBC106- Shinobu Katayama, 161 Imazuura, Nakagawa-cho Naka-gun, JP-779-1114 Tokushima, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:4 68f FI.

JPBC107- Sachie Yatsuzuka, 1507 Tsuji, Hojo-shi, JP-799-2430 Ehime-ken, JAPAN. A:18f L:e H:30 32 40, watching ice hockey, 48 68 FI.

JPBC108- Ichiko Ushiba, 578 Inaba Hisai, JP-514-12 Mie, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:68f FI.

JPBC109- Ran Okuda, 821-4 Azza horikiri, Yamamoto Hino-choo; Gamougun, JP-529-1651 Shiga, JAPAN. A:A:15f L:e H:4 68f FI.

JPBC110- Yukie Mabe, 1-3-17 Mihara, Ohtawara shi, JP-342-0047 Tochigi, JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:68 73.

USBC112+ Don Thomas, PO Box 3262, Moscow ID 83843, USA. A:43m L:e s r H:penpals, movies, photos.

CUBC115- Amarilys Segon Montalvo, Apdo 258, Habana Vieja, CUBA. A:33, single, 54/165 O: worker in a medical factory L:s H:68 FI.

GHBC116- Ofori Frank, Aduman Sec Sch, Box M983, Suame Kumasi, GHANA. A:17m L:e H:27 33 34 68.

SKBC118- Henrieta Capkovicova, Blagoevova 8, CS-85104 Bratislava, SLOVAKIA. A:31f, single H:15 20 27 28 30 48 68 (m30-45) Scandinavia, W Europe 75.

USBC121- P Jones Sr, PO Box 938-A, Oregon WI 53575, USA. SWM, 36, 59", 200 lbs, blond hazel, looking for good looking woman for marriage. Must wish to live in America. Photo for photo, all letters answered.

MABC122- Alderrahim Hadrouj, Rue 89 N 10 lHabitat, MA-14002 Kenitra, MOROCCO. A:26m L:e f H:15 20 32 33 68 69 70 (Scandinavian girls, write).

Rafik Abderrahim,
BP 13118 principal, MA-20000 Casablanca, MOROCCO.
A:30m, 187/82, single L:f H:15 21 32 68 69 70 (f30-40, Scandinavia).

GHBC124- Shalot Addison, PO Box 34, Agona Duakwa CR, GHANA. A:20f L:e H:15 68 73.

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