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Time : Mon Mar 23 23:26:09 1998
Name : Tracy Watreas
Address : COUNTRY ??
A:19f L: English
Greetings to others : Hi. I'm a college student majoring in accounting. I'm looking for pen-pals from around the world. Any age welcome, etc.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:25:12 1998
Name : Steve Hoffman
Address : Calgary, CANADA
A:33m L: English
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:24:23 1998
Name : Donna
Address : Poulsbo, WA, USA
A:43f L: English
Greetings to others : I enjoying camping, being outdoors, gardening, chatting and playing with puter. Clean email only please
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:23:23 1998
Name : Nathaniel Blood
Address : Lakeside, MT, USA
A:27m L: English
Greetings to others : Hello. I'm tall and attractive with light brown hair and green eyes. I'm 27 and live in Montana though my other "home" is Seattle. I am interested in meeting someone that is single. I'm open to meeting Russian or Ukrainian women (18-25) as well as interesting north american women. I love good books, and movies. I am considerate and honest. I play jazz sax and other woodwinds. Drop me a line if you get a chance.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:21:59 1998
Name : Daniel van den Berge
Address : Amerikalaan 53, NL-5691 KB Son en Breugel, NEDERLAND
A:19m L: French, Spanish, English, Dutch O:19
Greetings to others : so as you already know I'm a guy from Holland and I would really love to have contacts with people all around the globe, because I love different cultures. I really love to know people around the world. To tell you all something about me, I'm 1m90 and I've got darkblond hair and blue eyes. I really like music and I therefor also play the piano! But if you're really interested, you should write me a letter or send me some email! Because there's a lot more about me to know!
Time : Mon Mar 23 21:53:05 1998
Name : Lars Rosengren
Address : Ällingavägen 12:11, SE-22734 Lund, SWEDEN
A:23m L: English, French, Mandarin, Pilipino E: B.Sc. in business administration O: student H: computers, climbing, skiing, travelling, languages
Time : Mon Mar 23 21:48:00 1998
Name : Clair Spires
Address : 72 Kitchener Avenue, ZA-2094 Kensington, SOUTH AFRICA
A:30f L: English E: std nine O: travel secretary H: collect key rings, bodybuilding, art, letter writing
Signal is : Great
Greetings to others : Greetings Earthlings from Kle

Time : Mon Mar 23 21:31:51 1998
Name : Richard Cassada
Address : PO Box 563, Athens, GA 30605, USA
A:34 male L: English E: BA degree O: engineer H: travel, anthropology and history
Signal is : Great way to meet friends
Greetings to others : I'm travelling around the world!!

Time : Mon Mar 23 19:49:56 1998
Name : Hassan Rachdi
Address : MOROCCO
A:25 man L: English, Italian, Spanish, French E: technician O: working H:music & movies, interested in friendship with girls all over the world, that are about to visit MOROCCO in these days
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:26:16 1998
Name : Christo
A:22m L: Afrikaans, English
Greetings to others : I'm a 22 year old white male from SA and would like to hear from females between 18 - 22 around the world. 100 % Reply !!!
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:10:25 1998
Name : Chris Hye-Kyung Kwon
Address : Seoul, KOREA
A:24f L: English H: jazz music, movies
Greetings to others : I'm 24 year old Korean female. My Korean name is Hye-Kyung Kwon, and nickname is Chris. I graduated from Ewha Woman's Univ. last year and now work for an Investment Company here in Seoul, Korea. I would like to make good friends.
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:17:00 1998
Name : Kevin Marks
Address : 73 Mentor Blvd.,CA-M2H-2M9 Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
A:26m L: English
Greetings to others : HI there, I'm new to the internet, and interested in meeting new people. I like music, bowling, going out with my friends. I'm looking for any one to chat with.
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:09:07 1998
Name: Richard
Address : Hamm, GERMANY
A:21m L: English, German
Greetings to others : I’m looking for E-Mail-contacts to girls between 16 and 25 years. I study in Münster, Germany. I’m interested in sport, pc and DSA. Who wants to have contact with me, because it is so boring having an empty mailbox. I’m especially interested in contact to someone from Poland, but this isn’t a condition.
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:07:59 1998
Name : Alicia Bowes
Address: Norlina, NC 27563, USA Email L: English, and a little Spanish
Greetings to others : Hi my name is Alicia. I am in my 5th year of Spanish. I want a penpal somewhere besides North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina. Anywhere else will be fine. I love the Spice Girls, Hanson, Matchbox20, the Wallflowers, Indigo Girls, and everything else. So write now!
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:06:42 1998
Name : Ashley MacDoanld
Address : Napanee, On K7R 3R2, CANADA
A:12f L: English
Greetings to others : Hi! I'm 12 years old but will be turning 13 very soon. I would like to hear from someone around my age, m or f. And I promice to always write back.
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:05:49 1998
Name : Harvey Address : ???
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:05:13 1998
Name : Charlie Address : UK
A:43m L: English
Greetings to others : I'm a married 43 yr old male looking for e-mail contacts. I am interested in the history of Roman Britain 1st to 4th Century.Will correspond with anyone however please be aware I'm not the quickest responder in the world!
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:03:17 1998
Name : Christian Grams
Address : GERMANY
A:27m L: English, German
Greetings to others : Hi! I´m tired of looking into an empty Mailbox. I am 27, single, male and live in Germany. I would like to make some new friends (maybe even a couple of females out there?) around the world.
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:02:23 1998
Name : M.S Address : ???
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:01:49 1998
Name: Mr.T
Address : Kedah, MALAYSIA
A:20m L: English
Time : Mon Mar 23 18:01:07 1998
Name : Moshe
Address : Dakar 14/26, IL-88000 Eilat, ISRAEL
A:48m L: Español
Greetings to others : Mi nombre es Moshe, tengo 48 a`os, soy Ing. Agronomo y trabajaba en un equipo de investigacion en el desierto al sur de Israel.

Time : Mon Mar 23 17:58:33 1998
Name : Sean D. Fleming
Address : USA
A:26m L: English

Time : Mon Mar 23 17:57:15 1998
A:17f L: Norwegian and English
Greetings to others : I'm a 17 year old Norwegian girl, wich seek pen pals, it would be nice to get someone at my own age or older. Apart from this, it doesn't matter which gender you are etc. I'll leave for USA soon, so getting a pen pal would be a good opurtunity to improve my written english. My interests are, first and foremost art, literature and music. I also like to learn about different people and places, so you don't neccisarily have to be interest in the same thing as me.Please don't hesitate to mail me.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:55:42 1998
Name : Kingsley Matthews
Address : SCOTLAND
A:51m L: English
Greetings to others : Love writing and receiving email. Would like penpals from all over.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:54:52 1998
Name : C.E. Price
Address : USA
A:22 L: English
Greetings to others : Shameless and shallow retrohipster doofus seeks to expand circle of epals. Into films, rabbits and other fluffy critters, hardboiled fiction, and Johnny Mercer. Would like to correspond with native speakers of English (TAKE NOTE!) for lively confab. Have a good day!
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:53:25 1998
Name : Sunshine
Address : Jacksonville, Florida, USA Email
A:52f L: English
Greetings to others : Hello New friends. :) I am a DWF, 52yrs old. Work for the U.S.Postal Service. I am always looking to make new friends. Please drop me a line and tell me about yourself.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:52:15 1998
Name : Niwdedwi N
Address : Jl Jamin Ginting 361, ID-20155 Medan, INDONESIA
A:21m L: Indonesian
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:51:26 1998
Name : Shelley Hannam-Williams
Address : 3 Nettie Street, NZ-2500 Te Kuiti, NEW ZEALAND
HANNAM-WILLIAMS@ A:27f L: English, some German
Greetings to others : Hi,I'm looking for all types of penpals, world wide. Will answer all long letter snail mail, and brief or long e-mail. I am married with a seven month old baby. Keen to talk to other mums.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:49:59 1998
Name : Loverboy
Address : NJ, USA
A:19m L: English, Punjabi, Hindi
Greetings to others : See, it is very simple...I am a lonely guy and I am seeking a girl who can be my friend, who is also alone inspite of having so many "so called friends". It is my belief that two persons who are alone can surely get along as they know the needs of the other person. If you are alone, or want a sincere friend, e-mail me and I will surely get back to you.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:48:54 1998
Name : Angela Yeo
A:17f L: English and Mandarin
Greetings to others : My name's Angela. I'm a 17 yrs old Singaporean gal. I like to listen to R & B music, shopping, making new friends. Gangsters, heavy metal music, smokers, firlts. Yucks ! They r out with me. Wanna know more about me. Come on write to me. 100% reply. Do write my name in the subject column please.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:47:30 1998
Name : Shawn
Address : Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA Email
A:25m L: English
Greetings to others : I'm looking for people to kill time with during my last year at University. I like all things especially good conversation, and I hate being the one to carry a conversation continually.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:44:09 1998
Name : Josiane Roger
Address : Drummondville, Québec J2B 7T5, CANADA
A:18f L: English, Français
Greetings to others : Hi! If you are interested in having a penpal please, write to me and I will have the chance to meet you.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:42:09 1998
Name : Jean Hein
Address : 36 rue Louis XIV, LU-1948 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:41:02 1998
Name : Richelle Rodriguez
Address : USA
Greetings to others: Please mail me!!!
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:39:54 1998
Name : Blossom Address : CANADA
Greetings to others : I am 38 female married. I live in Canada. My background is Greek. I am interested in writing to people from all over the world.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:38:53 1998
Name : Cassie Address : USA
Greetings to others : Hey there! lm looking for pals from all over the globe... but if you are born in another planet, l dont mind writing to ya too;) I wanna chat with humorous and interesting people! So, just drop me a line and l will reply to ya asap:)
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:37:43 1998
Name : Amy Berry
Address : Dungog, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Greetings to others : Write to me and you'll find out :-)
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:34:42 1998
Name : Cathy Towne
Address : PO Box 643, Temple, TX 76503-0643, USA

Greetings to others : I want to meet and write to interesting people. Tell me about yourself!
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:32:24 1998
Name : Kim Address : USA
Greetings to others : I'm looking for guys from the ages of 14 and up. I really like Greenday.
Time : Mon Mar 23 17:31:20 1998
Name : James Latimer
Address : USA
Greetings to others : I'm nothing special. Just a 18/m looking for someone to talk to :)

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