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Time : Fri Mar 27 14:55:03 1998
Name : Alexey Kalinin
Address : Barnaul, Altai, RUSSIA
A:24m L: English, Russian E: high education O: engineer H: Internet, computers, video
Signal is : It is like me.
Time : Fri Mar 27 12:10:12 1998
Name : Rene
Address : Geneva, SWITZERLAND
A:38 L: French, English, German E: high school O: financial advisor H: sex, love and more, 13 15 16 21 32 34 51 68 72 74 75
Signal is : excellent
Greetings to others : looking for an open minded, humorful and very beautiful girl for friendship and more

Time : Fri Mar 27 10:19:07 1998
Name : Robert
Address : Austin, Texas, U.S.A.
A:29m L: English O: social worker H:modern art, music (jazz, avant-garde, classical), philosophy, psychology, travel Greetings to others : Welcome hearing from anyone with similar interests ESPECIALLY in Russia, Finland, and Estonia as I will be travelling there this summer
Time : Thu Mar 26 23:22:05 1998
Name : Pedro Miguel Xavier Silva
Address : COUNTRY??
A:24m L: Portuguese, English E:university O: student H: music, reading, sports, go out
Signal is : cool
Greetings to others: huhu

Time : Thu Mar 26 19:55:07 1998
Name : Chris Address : SWEDEN
A:?m L: English, svenska E:? O: yes H:girls and football
Signal is : It´s a great site
Greetings to others : I will answer all e-mails to me.Svarar på alla e-mails

Time : Thu Mar 26 16:00:35 1998
Name : Pernilla Dahlberg
Address : Hammarv.5, SE-89231 Domsjö, SWEDEN
A:26f L:e E:2 O:4 H:13 14 24 27 42 50 51 52 68
Time : Thu Mar 26 14:29:50 1998
Name : Erik Langkowski
Address : Hauptstr. 44, DE-02763 Wittgendorf, GERMANY
:A:13m L: German, English E: grammar school O: student H: sports (athletics, soccer, table tennis...)
Time : Thu Mar 26 13:56:19 1998
Name : Manuela Pohl
Address : Neustadt 18, DE-02763 Zittau, GERMANY
A:17 female L: English, German, French E: grammar school O: student H: dark music, playing volleyball, fast cars, animals
Signal is : Very interesting!
Time : Thu Mar 26 13:51:15 1998
Name : Diana Augustin
Address : Hutungswiese 6, DE-02796 Kurort Jonsdorf, GERMANY
A:15 female L: German, English, French E: 9th form garmmar school O: student H: volleyball, ice-skating, getting new friends
Signal is : It's fantastic!!!!!!
Time : Thu Mar 26 13:47:08 1998
Name : Vilma Ludwig
Address : Im Wiesental 9, DE-02796 Kurort Jonsdorf, GERMANY
A:17 female L: English, German E:gr.sch. O: student H: dark music, animals, playing theatre ...and more
Signal is : I`m interested in.
Greetings to others : Greetings to all Pitchfork fans all over the world.

Time : Thu Mar 26 13:42:50 1998
Name : Peter Schmidt
Address : Zur Buergerallee 2a, DE-02797 Oybin, GERMANY
A:17 male L: German, English E:grammar school, 11th form O: student H:volleyball, ice-skating
Signal is : Great!!!
Time : Thu Mar 26 13:36:16 1998
Name : Carolin Blau
Address : Kammstr. 9, DE-02797 Oybin, GERMANY
A:15 female L: German, English, French E: 9th form grammar school O: student H: volleyball, ice-skating, getting new friends
Signal is : Great!!!
Time : Thu Mar 26 08:55:11 1998
Name : Pavel Bahtin
Address : Vladivostok, RUSSIA
A:19m L: English O: student H: sports, Power Metal, photography
Signal is : COOL!
Greetings to others : Hi! If you have the same interests email me...

Time : Thu Mar 26 04:30:55 1998
Name : Leon Burstein
Address : 88a Rockinghorse Road, Southshore, NEW ZEALAND
A:60m L: English E: high school O:retired H: reading collecting books, writing, cross stitching, animals and nature especially dogs, soccer, good movies and music
Signal is : really good
Greetings to others : would like to meet people from all over the world of any age female or male

Time : Thu Mar 26 02:03:29 1998
Name : Kriss Stewart
Address : PO Box 531, Oshtemo, Michigan 49077-0531, USA
A:29m L: English E: grad school O: self employed H: working out, reading Russian literature, poetry
Signal is : awesome
Greetings to others : I am in need of someone to show me around Finland. I shall be in your country in early June. Talk to you soon. Love Kriss

Time : Wed Mar 25 23:17:20 1998
Name : Garskova Ludmila
Address : Str. Ioi Creanga 82/1 ap.118, MD-2051 or. Chisinau, MOLDOVA

A:33f L: Russian, Romanian, English E:high O: technologist over the skin H:sport, music, dances, travel, nature, books, theatre
Signal is : Thanks for your service!
Greetings to others : I'd like to meet a man of age 30-50 for correspondense, friendship and marriage...

Time : Wed, 25 Mar 1998 23:31:50
40 years old, dark hair, azure eyes, 5'10" / 190 pounds, my hobbies are weight lifting, jogging, studing reincarnation, scrable, soulful music, reading, writing poems, drawing, hiking, horses, bikes, swimming, dancing, football, nascar races, nature photography. I'm single - will write anyone. John Merritt, 058704, L-1213, F.S.P., PO BOX 181, STARKE FLORIDA 32091 USA
Time : Wed Mar 25 22:32:23 1998
Name : Markus
Address : Helsinki, FINLAND
A:30m L: Finnish, English E: graduate O:mngr
Signal is : Well, OK so far...
Greetings to others : Hi, I would like to have correspondence with an warm hearted Asian woman. I would like to learn more about you and perhaps, we can meet someday...

Time : Wed Mar 25 22:20:13 1998
Name : Larisa Address : RUSSIA
A:31 female L: Russian, English E:graduated H: music, art, literature...
Greetings to others : I'm seeking penpals from other country. Talk about anything...
Time : Wed Mar 25 18:23:30 1998
Name : Hisham Address : COUNTRY?? Email
A:20 L: English, Arabic, Persian, Indian E: elec. eng. O: engineer H: video games, all kind of sports
Greetings to others : Wellcome... friends.. ^_^..
Time : Wed Mar 25 16:02:46 1998
Name : Mark
Address :Stockton, CA, USA
A:34m L:e H: golf, internet, new friends
Signal is : First time. Looks good
Greetings to others : Hi everyone, I would like to know more about you. I want new friends from all over the world.

Time : Wed Mar 25 15:24:52 1998
Name : Antje Address : GERMANY
A:18f L: English, German O: student H:history, getting new friends
Signal is : it's good
Greetings to others : Write me if you are interested in!!!

Time : Wed Mar 25 13:12:44 1998
Name : Martina Malinova
Address : ul "Veljko Vlahovic" N:o 23/26, 91000 Skopje, MACECDONIA

A:16f L:e E: high school O: friends
Signal is : IT'S FANTASTIC
Time : Wed Mar 25 12:26:36 1998
Name : Efren Vasquez
Address : San Francisco Bay Area, UNITED STATES
A:37 male L: English E: college O:technical H: I like football, music and I like to travel.
Signal is : It's great. You see a lot of ads.
Greetings to others : Please write so we can chat and share our experiences.

Time : Tue Mar 24 20:04:05 1998
Name : Christina Strickler
Address : 81 West College Avenue, Westerville, Ohio 43081-2031, USA

A:21+f L: English E: college O: self employed bussiness owner H: variety of interests
Signal is : great, love it
Greetings to others : looking for exciting friends and more

Time : Tue Mar 24 12:15:00 1998
Name : Nastushka
Address : 24-1-3 Severny pr., RU-194295 St-Petersburg, RUSSIA
A:22f L: English, Russian H: aquarium fishes | Hello fish!
Signal is : It's great
Greetings to others : Hello everyone who have aquarium! Lets exchange our knowledges!

Time : Tue Mar 24 11:27:36 1998
Name : Tea-Marika Heininen
Address : Savonlinna, FINLAND
A:20f L: English, Finnish, Swedish, French E:3 O:4 H: music, travelling, cultures, parties, karaoke, acting
Signal is : Fantastic!!!
Greetings to others : Hello! I am waiting for your letters all over the world. I want to get so many new friends from so many different countries as possible... I am looking forward your signals...

Time : Tue Mar 24 11:00:27 1998
Name : Marjukka Luukkainen
Address : Savonlinna, FINLAND
A:20f L: Finnish, English, Swedish, Dutch E:3 O:4 H: aerobics, badminton, music, travelling, culture
Signal is : Interesting!
Greetings to others : Hallo everybody!! I'm interested in different cultures and would like to get friends from all over the world...

Time : Tue Mar 24 09:13:43 1998
Name : Sudhir
Address : D-21 Shalimar, Marve Road, Malad (west), IN-400064 Bombay, Maharashtra, INDIA
A:24 years L:e hi E:3 O:8 H:15 16 25 30 32 50 5163 64 65 68 69 70 74 75
Signal is : one of the best sites which can SHRINK the world
Greetings to others : Hello guys / gals. This is Sudhir greeting you to his new world. Come join me.

Time : Tue Mar 24 04:08:08 1998
Name : James Address : USA
A:25m L: English E: university
Signal is : Cool!!
Greetings to others : I am looking to start a email pal relationship with 18-25f from anywhere around the world. Write me for good chat, friendship or more.

Time : Tue Mar 24 02:03:38 1998
Name : Bill Watson
Address : 16 Littlebeck Drive, Darlington, GB-DL1-2TN Co Durham, ENGLAND
A:36m L:e E:3 O:8 H:13 15 16 29 30 33 46 47 48 68 70 74 75
Signal is : EXCELLANT
Greetings to others : Hi, I am interested in emailing to people all over the world, especially Asia, Japan

Time : Tue Mar 24 00:28:22 1998
Name : Jennifer Young
Address : 4031 Manzanita St., Irvine, CA 92604, USA
A:10f L: Mandarin, English E: 4th grade O: student H: reading, basketball, roller-blading
Signal is : OK
Greetings to others : Greetings I'm was born in Minnetonka, Minnesota!

Time : Tue Mar 24 00:27:51 1998
Name : Kate Nicolson
Address : Berkshire, South Ascot, ENGLAND
A:9f L: English
Greetings to others : I like travelling alot, I like horse riding too!! "I'm sorry but that's all"
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:27:20 1998
Name : Albert Tuulas
Address : RUSSIA
A:18m L: Russian, English
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:26:51 1998
Name : Thomas McSpadyen
Address : Wishaw, SCOTLAND
A:18m L: English
Greetings to others : I enjoy football and computers. I am six foot one and am currently at college in Hamilton
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:26:18 1998
Name : Bob Rao
Address : New York , New York, USA
A:28m L: English
Greetings to others : Looking for people to chat with via e-mail.

Time : Tue Mar 24 00:25:51 1998
Name : Paul Thompson
Address : Dorset, ENGLAND
Email A:16m L: English
Greetings to others : I like music (green day, terrorvision, Texas and Scooter)! Games,

Time : Tue Mar 24 00:25:18 1998
Name : Marybeth
Address : Hamden, CT, USA
A:28f L: English
Greetings to others : Just want someone to bounce ideas off of. Answering pen-pals should have a sick, often bizarre sense of humor.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:24:36 1998
Name : Evonna Dai
Address : Blk 102 Jurong East Street 13 , #09-124 Singapore 600102, SINGAPORE
A:15f L: English, Chinese
Greetings to others : I'm a Singaporean girl who is a total internet freak! Everyone from all over the world is welcomed to write to me,aliens too, are most welcomed! Replies are guaranteed!
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:23:54 1998
Name : Garrett Address : USA
Homepage EnchantedForest/Glade/7501
A:12m L: English
Greetings to others : I like space flight and science, hiking alone, swimming, and reading about kids rights and the internet, and other "guy" stuff. I do not like sports or music. I am looking for penpals who share my interests.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:30:55 1998
Name : Alexander
Address : PO Box 8925, RU-660077 Krasnoyarsk, RUSSIA
A:20m L: English, Russian, Esperanto
Greetings to others : Hello, I'm looking for pals who could help me to improve my English.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:29:40 1998
Name : Jeffrey
A:??m L: English
Greetings to others : I like reading, sport, film and music.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:22:58 1998
Name : David Hoover
Address : Largo, Florida, USA
A:23m L: English
Greetings to others : I am seeking penpals who want to exchange e-mail. To share opinion,thoughts and poetry or other creative outlets. Open-minded people needed. Talk about anything for friendship.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:22:28 1998
Name : Rami Kuhlman
Address : FINLAND
A: 28m L: English, Finnish
Greetings to others : I'm 28 years young Engineer from Southern Finland. My hobbies at the moment are dogs and karate. I have a Staffordshire bull terrier, male, 22 kg / 42 cm. A man's best friend, with full meaning of the word!!
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:22:01 1998
Name : Jajun Bare
Address : Chicago, USA
A:22m L: English
Greetings to others : Hey I 'm a student and would to hear other people's cultures and traditions. I would reply to all.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:21:27 1998
Name : Steve Brian
Address : PO Box 13761, DUBAI, UAE
A:20m L: English
Greetings to others : Hi,My name is Steve. I'm from Dubai (UAE) in the middle east. I'm not an Arab but my parents came down to Dubai for business investments and loved the lifestyle of Dubai. I'm 20 years old and am studying in the university to get my degree in Business adminstration. My hobbies are swimming, soccer, travelling, reading and writing.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:15:43 1998
Name : Kevin McAllister
Address : 1229 Nottingham Drive, Cary, North Carolina 27511, USA
A:44m L: English
Greetings to others : I am a 44 year old male in the USA. Would like to hear from anybody for friendship and intercultural exchange. I like music, walking, nature, computers, pen pals, bicycling, sports, dogs, and many other things. Write to me!
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:14:15 1998
Name : Karl-Erich Brink
Address : Copenhagen, DENMARK
A:43m L: English, Danish, German
Greetings to others : I'm a part-time freelance translator ... the other parts of the time I work at the horse-racing track here in Copenhagen. Interests: travelling, languages (naturally), horse racing (naturally, too), reading.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:13:07 1998
Name : Jakob Furrer
Address : Bliggenswil, CH-8494 Bauma, SWITZERLAND
A:18m L:e
Greetings to others : I go to the 5th class of the secondary school. In my (quite scanty) sparetime I like reading and writing e-mails and letters, playing volleyball and go to parties with friends on the weekends. By the way, I'm leader in a boyscout-troop.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:11:58 1998
Name : Alex White
Address : ENGLAND
A:17m L: English
Greetings to others : Like to drink lots of beer, fall over, act stupid, then recover the next day. Talk to me, I don't bite, not unless you ask me nicely.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:10:50 1998
Name : Jin
Address : 418-1 Hacksungdong Junggu, Ulsan, KOREA
A:26m L: Korean & English O: engineer H: skiing, computer game, playing the guitar
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:09:38 1998
Name : Michael Collins
Address : California USA
Homepage Blurman928/index.html
A:25m L: English
Greetings to others : I'm a 25-year-old guy in Los Angeles who enjoys meeting new people all around the world. I enjoy music, travel, history, culture as well as many other things. I hope to hear from you!
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:08:42 1998
Name : Alex Murphy
Address : Rothwell, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM
A:25m L: English
Greetings to others : Interests include movies. travelling, swimming, cycling, skiing and going out with friends. Wanting to make new friends. I am 5'10, blue eyes, blonde hair and average build. Please e-mail me for more information.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:07:40 1998
Name : Danke Address : Asia
A:26m L: English
Greetings to others : I don't like to see friends of mine are unhappy. I would try to cheer them. My hobbies are computer, automotif, listening. I like humour.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:06:57 1998
Name : Rose Puchyr
Address : PO Box 149, Whitehall, PA 18052, USA
A:?? L: English
Greetings to others : I work from home in my own home-based business. My interests are computers, reading, cooking, photography, music, theatre, animals, camping, travel, and the outdoors. My majors in college were history and sociology. I like to exchange ideas and learn new things. I am interested in pals of all ages from around the world and USA.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:06:01 1998
Name : Pelex
Address : Lviv, UKRAINE
A:25m L: English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian
Greetings to others: ...just a good one
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:05:14 1998
Name : Satoi Address : JAPAN
A:22f L: English
Greetings to others : I'm moving to California near LA next month. I have some friends there but I want more friends to hang out with. Somebody who live in Southern California and aged 22-28, please e-mail me.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:03:03 1998
Name : TommyTom
Address : MALAYSIA
A:42m L: English
Greetings to others : Hey! I am rather open minded with a rather open heart. Open to all who wish to be my Email pal. Looking into the possibility
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:02:11 1998
Name : Pearl C. Wright
Address : Philadelphia, PA, USA
A:49f L: English
Greetings to others : Friendly black female. Collecting key rings and buttons and bumper stickers, ink pens and matchbooks. Coins, foreign. Ejoy meeting new friends. Also collect music albums and tv guides
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:01:17 1998
Name : Mario Hill
Address : 3628 Iverson LN. N, LV, NV 89030, USA
A:20m L: English
Greetings to others : I love to chat to all kinds of people all over the world... So don't be afraid to drop some mail my way when you get a chance.
Time : Tue Mar 24 00:00:18 1998
Name : Liam Barry
Address : Garrettstown, Kinsale, Co Cork, IRELAND
A:45m L: English
Greetings to others : I am 45 years young and single, I am 5`8`` tall and weigh 11 stone. I work as an electrical installations inspector, I love all sports except cricket. I like pop and country music Ienjoy walking in the countryside.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:58:56 1998
Name : Sue Steyn
Address : Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
A:47f L: English
Greetings to others : Letter writing seems to be a dying art and anyway our postal service is rather unreliable, so I would love to hear from anyone, who, like me, enjoys getting e-mail. I work at home and somedays get a bit lonely.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:57:50 1998
Name : Dmitry Korolkov
Address : Moscow, RUSSIA
A:30m L: Russian, English
Greetings to others : My name is Dmitry. I'm 30 years old male from Moscow. I like reading, listening music, sport, etc.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:53:23 1998
Name : Wolfgang Address : COUNTRY ??
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:52:38 1998
Name : Anne-Marie Thomsen
Address : Tothojvej 9, Snejbjerg, DE-7400 Herning, DENMARK

A:37f L: English, Danish, German
Greetings to others : Hi everyone I´m 37 years old, happily married, and the mother of 3 VERY active sons. Love to write and receive letters, reading, genealogy, gardening, crafts, and a lot of other interesting things. I´m a bit religious too and would like to write with other religious people, to share spiritual thoughts. BUT any non-religious people may also write to me and I WON´T bother you with religious talk. I´d like people of any color and cultur as penpals... so please write - I could be one of those friends you haven´t meet yet.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:34:31 1998
Name : Alice Warkoski
Address : 1021 Spruce St., Middletown PA 17057-2169, USA
A:35f L: English
Greetings to others : I am 35 with 4 kids. I live in Pennsylvania but I am moving down south in a few months or so. Anyway I am looking for some friends to write to from all over the world. I do not care if they are male or female or how old they are and stuff or where they are from I want some long lasting friendships that will last forever and hopefully meet them someday. I sing and play guitar, garden, write music, cook, and many other things. But all I want is a really nice friend who wants to be my friend. For to me friendship is like a rose that shines so brightly you need sunglasses to see it. If you would like to write to me I would glad to write back to you. It is great making new friends.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:29:04 1998
Name : Sadek Address : FRANCE
Homepage /SunsetStrip/5692/
A:25m L: English, French
Greetings to others : Hi All, I'm gonna move in Atlanta soon and I wanna meet people there to go out and have fun.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:28:04 1998
Name : Marcus Chandrasegran
Address : PT2435, 36&37, Jalan 4a/44, Pengkalan Chepa Ind, Estate II, MY-16100 KB, Kel, MALAYSIA
A:25m L: English
Greetings to others : Hi, I am interested to make friends from all around the globe. Write to me and we'll take it from there.
Time : Mon Mar 23 23:26:51 1998
Name : Julie Address : AUSTRALIA
A:28f L: English
Greetings to others : My interests are: (let me think a minute) chatting, learning about new cultures, oil painting, nature photography, reading, music, cooking good food

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