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Time : Fri Apr 3 23:01:41 1998
Name : Ken Ward
Address : Teignmouth, Devon, ENGLAND
A:51m L: English O: sales manager H:sport, cooking, travel, learning Spanish, internet
Signal is : very good
Greetings to others : I am looking for male or female penpals, I am married with 3 grown up children. Only want penpals from abroad, not UK.

Time : Fri Apr 3 21:16:27 1998
Name : Sergey
Address : Moscow, RUSSIA
Email H: all
Signal is : I like
Time : Fri Apr 3 20:51:37 1998
Name : Paola Address : ITALIA
A:26 L: Italian E: laureata O: chimica
Greetings to others : c'e qualche ragazzo italiano che vuole conoscermi?
Time : Fri Apr 3 20:21:29 1998
Name : Mohamed Ismail
Address : Cairo, EGYPT
A:21 male L: Arabic H: football, music
Time : Fri Apr 3 17:48:36 1998
Name : Gary J. K. Cheah
Address : 10 Jalan Dataran, 1/9 Taman Kempas, MY-81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, MALAYSIA
A:45m E: high school O: self-employed H: golf, movie, travelling
Signal is : good
Greetings to others : friends of all races and ages are welcome

Time : Fri Apr 3 00:18:38 1998
Name : Ben Bart Breijinck
Address : Maastrichtkwartier 91, NL-1324 DD Almere, NETHERLANDS
A:37m L: English, Dutch E: higher O:teacher / instructor H:30 48 63 64 65 68 70 74 75
Signal is : Great!
Greetings to others : Looking for African / LatinAmerican type of girls

Time : Thu Apr 2 00:21:29 1998
Name : Artur Address : ISRAEL
A:23m L: Russian, Hebrew
Time : Wed Apr 1 22:22:00 1998
Name : Dan
Address : Vancouver, CANADA
A:39m L: English, French E: university O: engineer H: music, astrology, stock markets, yoga
Signal is : excellent
Greetings to others : I wanna get emails from nice Japanese girls.

Time : Wed Apr 1 21:32:38 1998
Name : Damian
Address : Vicente Wade Quiñones, St. No 116-A Meighbourhood, Atasta, Villahermosa Tabasco, MEXICO
A:19m L: English, Spanish E: university O: student H: biking + gym
Signal is : out of thids world bu-dy
Greetings to others : hey, you there wanna be my penpal or something, well let's rap and God bless us

Time : Wed Apr 1 20:39:54 1998
Name : Ugur Ulusoy
Address : International American University , PO Box 292, Girne T.R.N.C., Mersin 10, TURKEY
A:27m L: English and middle level German O: master student H: sharing the unforgetable times with GOOD ladies
Signal is : I am still waiting for you
Greetings to others : let's meet, then share the life IF WE CAN

Time : Wed Apr 1 18:05:52 1998
Name : Tarafder Tanzil Mahady
Address : 177 East Kasfrul, BD-1206 Cantt Dhaka, BANGLADESH
A:21m L: Bangla, English E: computer science O: student H: make girl pen pals only, cricket, music
Signal is : I think Signal can make friends to each other all over the world
Greetings to others : hello, I want only girl friends because I think their minds are always fresh

Time : Wed Apr 1 13:34:11 1998

JPBC205- Miho Susuya, 3 JO 6-4-3 Utsukushigaoka Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi, JP-004-0813 Hokkaido, JAPAN. A:13f L:e H:4 68m FI.

JPBC206- Kaori Takahashi, 1-7-4 Oobiraki, Hirosaki-shi, JP-036-8247 Aomoriken, JAPAN. A:11f L:e H:4 68 (f m 10-13) FI.

MABC207+ Arij M’barek, BP 80521 Casa-Bourse, Casablanca, MOROCCO. A:45m L:e f H:8 13 15 16 21 24 50 65 68 69 71 72 73 75.

IDBC210-+ Tanti; Suruh Kalong RT VI/VII, Pandeyan; Tasikmadu, Karanganyar Surakarta, ID-57761 Jawa Tengah, INDONESIA. A:16f L:e H:53 68.

IDBC215-+ Cut Nursiah, Jl Tagwa No 9, Kel Keuramat, ID-23123 Banda Aceh, Sumatera; INDONESIA. A:16f L:e H:53 68.

Time : Wed Apr 1 11:54:25 1998
Name : David Ryan
Address : USA
A:49m L:e E:3 O:11 H:13 14 15 18 19 22 24 26 27 28 29 39 52 63 64 65 68 70
Signal is : Terrific!
Greetings to others : I'm a wealthy American corporate attorney, never married, who is hoping to marry an Asian woman between the ages of 18 and 35.

Time : Wed Apr 1 08:25:07 1998
Name : Sagar Address : INDIA
A:24 male L: English, Hindi E: engineer
Signal is : Excellent !!!!!!!!
Greetings to others : Have a nice day ! My best wishes are with you !!

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Time : Tue Mar 31 15:51:39 1998
Name : Zoya Kozhenkova
Address : RUSSIA
A:47f L: Russian, English
Greetings to others : I live in Russia and I want to know more about the life in other countries. And I want to improve my English. Some of my interests and hobbies: I like to travel very much. I'm full of energy and so I like active way of the life. I like to ski, hiking, bicycle, boat on baydarka (as canoe or kayak), gardening and also I like to do more comfortable my flat. I like to make photos, crocheting, sew and etc. I look enough slim. I'm 159sm tale, my weight is 56kg. I have the grown son, he is 26 yo.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:50:44 1998
Name : Brian Daynes Address : UK
A:19m L: English
Greetings to others : Hello there , I`m me. Looking for female penpal type person.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:50:06 1998
Name : Stefan Wentker
Address : PORTUGAL
A:22m L: Portuguese, German and English
Greetings to others : I'm looking for a female penpal, age 18-24.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:49:34 1998
Name : Kristin Address : COUNTRY?
A:14f L: English
Greetings to others : I have many interests and am looking for fun people to write to!
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:48:54 1998
Name : Alex Frank
Address : Pb 4701 Sofienberg, NO-0506 Oslo, NORWAY

A:30m L: English, Norwegian H: sailing, swimming, reading
Greetings to others : I like the thought of getting new friends from all over the world. Just friends.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:48:07 1998
Name : Natalie Doubko
Address : RUSSIA
A:25f L: Russian, English, French
Greetings to others : A teacher of English from a secondary school, Russia is looking for pen pals or key pals speaking English. I'll also be grateful to any person speaking French who will reply my ad, I am fascinated by the French language but I am afraid of being out of the language practise because French is out of demand in my region.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:44:22 1998
Name : Kamila
Address : GERMANY
A:18f L: English, German
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:43:48 1998
Name : Neil
A:14m L: English H: music
Greetings to others: loves skateboarding
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:42:39 1998
Name : Sergey Dubrov
Address : UKRAINE
A:??m L: English, Polish, Russian, Belorussian H: Any details through e-mail only... I'm sorry ;)
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:42:08 1998
Name : Terry Scoggins Address : USA Email
A:33m L: English
Greetings to others : I am a happily married Christian man. My interests are anything to do with the outdoors (especially fly fishing and rafting). I also like good music (classical or country) and good friends.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:41:30 1998
Name : Sam Lee Address : CANADA
A:22m L: English
Greetings to others : Hi, I am a 22-year-old British Columbian. I am looking for female college partner (I am currently in Douglas College) who loves studying together. I take both science and social science. Give me a mail and I will sure reply.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:40:56 1998
Name : Susan
Address : Orange Park, Florida, USA Email
A:36f L: English
Greetings to others : Hello, my name is Susan and I am looking for a email pal of any age or sex. I enjoy hiking, swimming and being with my family. I am 36 yo and have 3 children. One is in college. I love computing and like to get more into them. I am a nurse and work in the operating room in the local hospital. I will email you and talk with you about anything.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:40:13 1998
Name : Samantha
Address : COUNTRY ??
A:13f L: English
Greetings to others : I am looking for a email pal. It can be male or female. I am interested in band, internet, and sports. 100% reply.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:37:11 1998
Name : Brian Address : AUSTRALIA
A:17m L: English
Greetings to others : I'm me!..... I enjoy doing almost anything...
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:36:03 1998
Name : Jason Stephenson
Address : Silverdale, WA, USA
A:20m L: English
Greetings to others : Not a whole lot to say. I work, sleep, exercise, eat, and surf.
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:34:26 1998
Name : John Ee Chee Hong
Address : MALAYSIA
A:19m L: English, Cantonese
Greetings to others : I am 172 cm and 58kg. I stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a Chinese and studying in metropolitan college in Subang Jaya, doing a twinning course!! I am 19 years old and my d.o.b. is 15 December 1978
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:33:44 1998
Name : Becky Address : USA
A:25f L: English
Greetings to others : I am looking for pen pals from all over the world. I am very open minded and love to meet new people
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:33:06 1998
Name : Ashley Address : SINGAPORE
A:25f L: English, Mandarin
Time : Tue Mar 31 15:32:39 1998
Name : Jorge Address : SPAIN
A:22m L: Spanish, English H: sports, music, cinema, travelling and a lot more!!!

Time : Tue Mar 31 15:31:39 1998
Name : Rena Address : RUSSIA
A:15f L: Russian, English

Time : Tue Mar 31 07:56:02 1998
Name : Alex
Address : Moscow, RUSSIA
A:67m L: Russian, English E: university O: internet H: looking for female friends
Signal is : God bless your efforts
Greetings to others : Send me e-mail if you feel loneliness

Time : Tue Mar 31 03:27:34 1998
Name : Debbie Sellman
Address : 4400 W 155th St, Cleveland, Ohio 44135, USA
A:42f / 5 L: English E: college O: nurse H: gardening, travel
Time : Mon Mar 30 23:44:06 1998
Name : Jean Charles
Address : 45 rue de la Gloire, FR-75009 Paris, FRANCE
A:28m L: French, English E: doctorate O: lot of things
Signal is : really good
Time : Mon Mar 30 17:32:34 1998
Name : Tony Mikkola
Address : Helsinki, FINLAND
A:24m L: Finnish, Swedish, English H:gym, snooker
Signal is : Great!
Greetings to others: Cheers!

Time : Mon Mar 30 14:48:41 1998


Dolls, Silver Rings, Pewter, Bronze, China Tablewares, Handbags, Costumes, Gifts. Over 300 handmade Thai items. Colorful catalog - US$ 3.00 (cash, checks unacceptable). Refundable first order. THBC193+ D. Liang, PO Box 110, Rajburana, TH-10140 Bangkok, THAILAND
JPBC194- Shizue Nagayama, 2-6-5 Kashima-cho, Hitachi-shi, JP-317-0071 Ibaraki, JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:4 68 (m 6-15 FI).

JPBC195- Megumi Hasebe, 203 Sunplaza 236-1 Misasagi-cho, Nara-shi, JP-631-0803 Nara-ken, JAPAN. A:16f L:e H:4 68f FI.

MABC196- El Fadil Mati, Hay El Houda 24, Rue Ibn Khaldoune, Khourigba, MOROCCO. A:21m L:e H:68 73.

Time : Mon Mar 30 14:48:41 1998
Name : Eija Lauttajärvi
Address : Tulliportinkatu 9 A 3, FI-57100 Savonlinna, FINLAND
A:20f L: English, Swedish O: student H: gym, drawing, dancing, reading
Signal is : GREAT!
Greetings to others : I'm looking forward to hearing from you all nice people all around the world!

Time : Mon Mar 30 13:54:47 1998
Name : Hanna Erkkilä
Address : Rämeentie 2, FI-90860 Halosenniemi, FINLAND

A:18f L: English, svenska, suomi O: student H: Queen, reading, Stephen King, walking etc...
Signal is : GREAT!!
Greetings to others : New LONG LETTER pals wanted esp. from GBR, Japan , FIN, New York, USA, Russia, France, Ireland, Iceland. And also worldwide!! NO men !! Swap FBs!

Time : Mon Mar 30 13:03:42 1998
Name : Haryadi Address : INDONESIA
A:38m H: fishing
Signal is : penpals
Time : Mon Mar 30 12:54:18 1998
Name : Tulip
Address : 51/7 Ramkhamhaeng 102, Saphansuang, TH-10240 Bangkok, THAILAND
A:18 L: English E: university O: student H: sports
Time : Mon Mar 30 06:06:26 1998
Name : Robert Vogt
Address : PO Box 75511, St. Paul, MN 55175-0511, USA
A:51m L:e g c s E: graduate MBA O:professor H: penpals, marriage, investment, sport, gardening
Signal is : Looks great so far
Greetings to others : Hello friends. Hope to hear from nice ladies 18 to 37 years. Athletic, and nice. Romance is nice.

Time : Mon Mar 30 05:25:45 1998
Name : Alex Vojta
Address : Anderleho 858, CZ-19800 Prague 9, CZECH REPUBLIC
Homepage ~VOJTAA/penpals.html
A:20 male L: English E: h.s. O: student H: postcards, stamps
Signal is : from my friend
Time : Mon Mar 30 01:46:24 1998
Name : Hare Address : COUNTRY ?? Email
A:35 L: English E: H.S. H: tennis, boxing, swimming, cooking, travelling
Signal is : THE BEST
Greetings to others : Hello from Hawaii!!! hope hear from you.

Time : Sun Mar 29 23:46:22 1998
Name : Lars Andersen
Address : DENMARK
A:24m L: Danish, German, English H:network marketing
Greetings to others : Looking for people who have a dream, 18+ from all over the world but especially Europe, Scandinavia and South America...
Time : Sun Mar 29 17:26:59 1998
Name : Kjell
Address : Box 192, NO-5040 Paradis Bergen, NORWAY
A:45m L: English - Norsk E: high school O:social worker H: jogging, books, films, cooking, travel, my work, friends, children, you
Signal is : very top
Time : Sun Mar 29 15:45:52 1998
Name : Meera
Address : DUBAI, The United Arab Emirates
A:19 female L: English & Arabic E: student a college O: student H: singing, movies, music, reading & meeting new friends
Signal is : Very very very very very very Nice....
Greetings to others : Hi, I need friends who share with me every little moment in my life. I want true friends... Male or female, doesn't matter, from anywhere, friend is a friend anyway... With love to all of you..

Time : Sun Mar 29 13:02:27 1998
Name : Shareif Wang
Address : PO Box 390401, Kona, Hawaii 96740, USA
A:35 male L: English + Arabic E: H.S. O:chef H: tennis, boxing,travelling, cooking, swimming
Greetings to others : Greetings!!! I would like to hear from you.

Time : Sat Mar 28 20:46:37 1998
Name : Sten
Address : Goteborg, SVERIGE
A:50m L: svenska E: yes O: yes H: GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
Signal is : The best
Greetings to others : Send me a e-mail. I will answer all in English or på svenska Ni alla kan skriva också till Signal på svenska. Jag har läst det i skolan på 60-talet... Raimo Kaarna

Time : Sat Mar 28 19:39:14 1998
Name : Nomen Nescio
Address : Egnahemsvägen 12, SE-77294 Grängesberg, SWEDEN
Homepage Eureka/Gold/9966
Signal is : Great site!
Time : Sat Mar 28 15:24:51 1998

JUPITER ASTROLOGY AND GEMS. Computerised horoscope and avice by professional expert. Remarkably improve life / wealth / marriage / business / success, miracle happens. Write for details: INBC149+ K T Joshi, 2 Vijay Park, Lunsikui, IN-396445 Navsari, INDIA.

AEBC150+ Sabhi Garali, PO Box 80430, Al-Ain, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Tunisian sngle male, 33, looking for girl friends (20-33) for friendship, meeting, may be marriage (working as staff nurse) worldwide. L:f e a. Tel. 009713 510743. I am sincere, romantic, calm, white red skin, brown eyes and hair, 170/81.

JPBC151- Ai Sator, 474 Nisitokami, Yasugi-shi, JP-692-0023 Simane-ken, JAPAN. A:14f L:e H:4 68m FI.

JPBC153- Kaori Tsuruya, 1-9 kita 3 Higashi 1, Nishihoro, Shiranuka-cho Shiaranuka-gun, JP-088-0573 Hokkaido; JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:4 68f FI.

SABC155- B M Khan, PSW Control, PO Box 57231, SA-11574 Riyadh, SAUDI-ARABIA. A:30m, 5’7" L:e u H:15 27 39 68 73.

JPBC156- Sumie Fuku c/o Mr Hayashi, 11-42-107 2 cho-me, Kema-cho Miyakogima-ku, Osaka-shi, JP-534-0001 Osaka-fu; JAPAN. A:18f L:e H:4 68 FI.

JPBC158- Mariko Yamashita, 2-9-16 Dojo, Niiza-shi, JP-352-0024 Saitama, JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:48 68 FI 73, shopping.

JPBC159- Yoshie Sugi, c/o Yoshiko Watanabe, 204-9 Kitasaya-cho, Matsuyama-shi, JP-791-8031 Ehime; JAPAN. A:19f L:e H:68 FI.

JPBC160- Mayu Tanabe, 2-17-23-307 Kitazakae, Urayasu-shi, JP-279-0002 Chiba-ken, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:68 FI.

JPBC161- Toshie Sasaki, 11-362 Suminoe, Akkeshi-cho Akkeshi-gun, JP-088-1127 Hokkaido, JAPAN. A:18f L:e H:68m FI.

JPBC162- Tomoko Yoshikawa, Kawachi; Yoshida-Ureshino-cho, Fujitu-gun, JP-843-0303 Saga-ken, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:68f FI.

JPBC163- Sakiko Segawa, 166 Iizukahama, Iitasgawa-machi, Minami Akita-gun, JP-018-1504 Akita-ken; JAPAN. A:20f L:e H:68 (f 20-21) FI.

JPBC164- Hitomi Kosaka, 76 Shimodera-machi, Hijemi-shi, JP-670-0932 Hyogo, JAPAN. A:16f L:e H:21 30 32 68 FI.

JPBC165- Masayo Yatagai, 3022 Kou, Fujioka-machi, JP-323-1105 Tochigi, JAPAN. A:19f L:e H:27 48 68, shopping.

GHBC168-+ Francis K Asamoah, PO Box 806, Agona Swedru, GHANA. A:28m L:e H:15 16 21 26 32 68 69 70, widows welcomed, romance...

MUBC171- Mme O Duval, Flat 46 A Ramdour, rte Royale, Rose-Hill, MAURITIUS. Je suis Mauricienne âgèe de 72 ans, vivant seule, dans l’extrême solitude. H:68 (m 70-73) L:f.

PKBC172-+ Muhammad Arfeen Khatri, HBYB Shop 64, New Cloth Market, PK-71000 Hyderabad, PAKISTAN. A:22m L:e u H:53 56 68 73 75.

MABC173-+ Mestari Driss, Centre Bir Tam Tam, R Sefrou, MOROCCO. A:25m, 170/69 L:f O:9 H:15 33 39 68 69 70f (18-35 DE FI NO).

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Time : Sat Mar 28 04:21:04 1998
Name : Paul
Address : California, USA
A:24m L: English, Spanish, French, Finnish E: master's degree O: student H:skiing, travelling, camping, driving, playing music, fun.
Signal is : what does signal think of me? Greetings to others : @ Hi !@ I am interested in having pen pals from Europe and Eurasia. I am specifically interested in your lifestyle, what you do, and who you are. I am travelling there this summer and if things work out - visit and party with you and friends.
Time : Sat Mar 28 04:14:51 1998
Name : Victor
Address : California, USA
A:31m L: English, Russian E: master's degree O: student H: travelling and meeting people while doing business
Signal is : yipee
Greetings to others : I don't believe that a nice looking woman is searching for a man on the net - but if I am wrong, correct me. Write me - Europeans are encouraged as I am planning a summer vacation with a friend paul - he will put up his add soon.

Time : Sat Mar 28 01:24:37 1998
Name : Juan Address : RUSSIA
A:23m L: English

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