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Time : Fri Apr 10 23:27:48 1998
Name : Janice Garr
Address : PO Box 95937, Seattle, WA 98145-2937, USA

A:51f L: English, maybe g E:3 O:11 H:13 14 15 24 26 27 30 42 43 49 53 (especially postally used), 58 68 73 75
Signal is : Great way to make friends from all over the world!
Greetings to others : I would like to correspond with postal penfriends from all over the world of any sex and age. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Time : Fri Apr 10 19:10:18 1998
Name : Ennabih Abdel
Address : Amal 4, Rue 52, N° 20 Sidi Bernoussi, Casablanca, MOROCCO

A:32 L: French, English E: university certificate O: teacher of French H: sport, reading
Signal is : good idea
Greetings to others: good luck and happiness

Time : Fri Apr 10 12:31:51 1998
Name : Armins
Address : Aizkraukles 18-1, LV-1006 Riga, LATVIA
A:30m L:e r E:u H:13 15 20 30 32 48 68 69 72
Signal is : useful
Greetings to others : To be more communicable, sensitive and responsive!

Time : Fri Apr 10 13:40:07 1998

MABD44- Attef Soumia, BP 2052, MA-14000 Kenitra, MOROCCO. A:22f L:f H:4 68 73.

JPBD45- Kaori Kawahara, 5-20-18 Higashiryoke, Kawaguchi-shi, JP-332 Siatama-ken, JAPAN. A:14f L:e H:4 68f FI.

ROBD46+ The International Association of Penpals Protection. The Black List section - BLS, Seniuk Aleea Nouas, Bl.G10 ap.7, RO-6800 Botosani, ROMANIA. If you have evidence about unfair and dishonest collectors, please contact us and write about them. Enclose addresses, facts, proofs, all you have against them. Join us and they’ll know that we know about them..

GHBD56- Michael Gyamah, Assasan D/A PriSch, PO Box 24, Assajumako, Assasan CR; GHANA. A:13m L:e H:27 68, gift exchange.

Time : Fri Apr 10 11:07:38 1998
Name : Daniel Address : INDONESIA
A:25m L: English, Indonesian H: music, movies, reading
Greetings to others : Hi, I would like to have friends around the world, please write to me
Time : Fri Apr 10 10:45:32 1998
Name : Roma
Address : Tambov, RUSSIA
A:21m L: Russian E: technical H: cars, computers, sex, rock-n-roll
Signal is : Waw
Greetings to others : Write me girls, speaking Russian

Time : Thu Apr 9 20:07:52 1998
Name : Saad El Idrissi
Address : appt 4 N°4 Rue Med El Kori, Errachidia, MOROCCO

A:28m L: French, English E: law certificate O: officer of police H: football
Signal is : very good
Time : Thu Apr 9 19:23:40 1998
Name : Thomas Rindfleisch
Address : 2250 Par Lane PH14, Willoughby Hills, Ohio 44094, USA
A:41m L:e j E:BA O: chef H: cooking, cuisines and food
Signal is : Brill
Greetings to others : looking forward to meeting you

Time : Thu Apr 9 18:06:08 1998
Name : Mari Ruotsalo
Address : Ripikatu 5 a 1, FI-21110 Naantali, FINLAND
Homepage oppilaat/mari.ruotsalo
A:17f L: Finnish, Swedish, English, French, German, Spanish E: high school student O: student H: penpalling, books, music, fb`s,... etc.
Signal is : Great!!!
Greetings to others : I´m always looking for new pals around the world. And specially guys from Finland, waiting for your mails!!! I´ll answer all! And NSW!! Write soon, please!!!

Time : Thu Apr 9 14:38:56 1998
Name : Kirsty Niven
Address : 33 Priory Road, Wyberwood, GB-DN37-9QH Grimsby, ENGLAND

A:18f L: English E: student H: The X files, music and lots more
Signal is : BRILL
Greetings to others : I want a penpal (m f 16+)

Time : Thu Apr 9 14:34:47 1998
Name : Mark Robinson
Address : 104 Tunnard Street, GB-DN32-7LY Grimsby, ENGLAND
A:19m L: English O: student H: reading (Discworld), computers, music etc
Signal is : kinda cool
Greetings to others : E-mail me or snail mail me, 100% replies guaranteed

Time : Thu Apr 9 12:44:13 1998
Name : Eugen Georgier
Address : Bankgasse 8, AT-1010 Wien, AUSTRIA
A:34m L: German, English, Russian, Esperanto E: university O: journalist H:literature, languages, cinema, jogging, music (pop, classic), travelling. WANTED: female penfriends
Signal is : good
Time : Thu Apr 9 05:34:56 1998
Name : Toi Marcussen
Address : PSC473, Box 11-88, FPO AP 96349-1500, USA
A:27m L: English E: high school O: navy / signalman H: I like to bodyboard and snorkel. Anything to do with the beach is fine by my standards. I love travelling and meeting people. I've been everywhere in Southeast Asia. I have even went bungy jumping in Thailand. I'd like to have as many email pals as possible. Mainly women !!!
Time : Thu Apr 9 05:00:50 1998
Name : Luis Zapata Montalvo
Address : Paseo del Rio 11, Col. Paseos de Tasquena, MX-04250 Mexico DF, MEXICO
A:29m L: English, Italian, Spanish E:Master degree O: architect H:friendship, exchange banknotes
Signal is : supercool
Time : Thu Apr 9 01:43:45 1998
Name : Vikie Martel
Address : 175 Duberger, CA-G2N-1M9 Charlesbourg, Quebec, CANADA

A:17f L: French, English E: high school O: student H: I love listening music, seeing movies at cinema, learning languages, sports, travelling...and above all...writing VERY LONG letters to my pen pals !!!
Signal is : It's the best Site where found Friends...
Greetings to others : I promise to write back !!!

Time : Thu Apr 9 00:32:22 1998
Name : William Paul Seifert
Address : 2818 Austin Hwy #1204, S.A., TX, USA
A:33m L: English E: high school O:disabled H: I'm into Romantic candle light dinners, cuddling, swimming, rollerskating, camping, and taking long walks. My interest is being on the internet and making friends. Hopefully more than that with the Special Lady I'm seeking.
Signal is : I love it!!!! I already got one penpal from here and I hope to have more!
Greetings to others : Hello everyone! I enjoy making new friends no matter where they are or even where they come from either. Let's be friends.

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Time : Wed Apr 8 17:08:19 1998
Name : Sam
Address : Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
A:32m L: English, Russian E: m.a. O:lawyer H: travel, meet new people, love Signal is : You are great
Greetings to others : wish to meet real lady, hopefulfy from Vienna, Amsterdam.

Time : Wed Apr 8 16:46:42 1998
Name : Novalee Address : FINLAND
A:16f L: English, Finnish, Swedish
Signal is : Very nice!
Greetings to others : HI! I would love to have more friends from all over the world! If you are going to write only one letter, don't bother! I wan't true friends...

Time : Wed Apr 8 16:14:59 1998
Name : Kirill
Address : Tambov, RUSSIA
A:18m L:e H: music, movie, INTERNET
Signal is : coooooool
Greetings to others: write me

Time : Wed Apr 8 13:27:13 1998
Name : Diarra
Address : Hiroshima, JAPAN
A:22 male L: English, Japanese E:Bachelors O: student H: listening to music, travelling, reading, dancing and walks in the park
Signal is : great service
Time : Wed Apr 8 11:24:10 1998
Name : Terry Scully
Address : 26 Jalan 4/47, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA
A:26 male L: English O: film editor H:surfing the internet, reading, music, meeting new friends, partying
Signal is : preaty cool site,giving peaple a chance to meet new peaple from all around the world.
Greetings to others : Glad you have the time to read this short note, that i would like to have you as my pan pall. So pls do write back.

Time : Wed Apr 8 10:43:50 1998
Name : Crintea Dragos
Address : M.Kogalniceanu, RO-5250 Rm. Sarat, ROMANIA
A:19 male O: student H: design, advertising and physics
Signal is : IS COOOL!
Greetings to others: Hope to meet you!

Time : Wed Apr 8 08:46:26 1998
Name : Armantino
Address : Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
L: English E: post graduate O: management H:reading, writing, travelling
Time : Wed Apr 8 00:22:25 1998
Name : John Address : ENGLAND
A:?m L:English E: BA O:education H:lots of interests
Signal is : right on!
Greetings to others : Liverpool male seeks.....?????

Time : Tue Apr 7 23:02:28 1998
Name : Bill Quigley
Address : 4243 N. Winchester, Chicago, IL 60613, USA
A:?m L:English E:some college O:student / admin assistent H: music, sex, sports, politics and reading
Signal is : don't know yet
Greetings to others : Im a 31 year old male from Chicago looking to chatting and emailing open minded people around the world about my interests.

Time : Tue Apr 7 18:25:08 1998

GRBD17+ John Gattinas, PO Box 10785, GR-54110 Thessalonik, GREECE. A:27m, 178/76, brown eyes & hair, good looking L:e H:15 30 32 48 68 (f 19-30).

GHBD18++ Emma Koomson, PO Box 390, Oguaa CR, GHANA. A:27f, single H: visit, music, making love, swimming, future partner, openminded people.

JPBD19- Kaoru Okouchi, 114 Aza Higashi, Tamura-machi; Tochiyamakami, Koriyama-shi, JP-963-12 Fukushima-ken; JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:68f FI.

JPBD21- Yukie Akiyama, 141 Okanogo, Fujioka-shi, JP-375-0011 Gunma, JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:going shopping, penpals worldwide.

PHBD25-+ Gina S Duro, PO Box 5746, PH-9200 Iligan City, PHILIPPINES. A:30f, 4’9"/75 lbs, Roman Catholic, single. E:college graduate. Looking for faithful, loving, caring, loyal, thoughtful, sincere, understanding husband, 30-60. H:27 30 42 48 50 68.

PHBD26-+ Myrna S Duro, PO Box 5746, PH-9200 Iligan City, PHILIPPINES. A:37f, Virgo, 32-29-32, 5’2"/50 kg, Roman Catholic. O:teacher H:cooking, cycling, reading, tv. I look for a partner in life, 36-55, thoughtful, sincere, loyal, loving, trustworthy & kind.

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Time : Tue Apr 7 17:21:50 1998
Name : Johnny Lee
Address : BELGIUM
A:44m L: English, French E: university O: own business H: traveling, computing
Signal is : Wonderful way to make new friends
Greetings to others : Hi, I would like to correspond with people around the world. And would like to exchange views, ideas, thoughts, opinions on any subjects.

Time : Tue Apr 7 15:58:32 1998
Name : Olga
Address : Odessa, RUSSIA
A:14f L: Russian, English
Greetings to others : Greetings!!!!! How do you do, everybody!! I want to have friends from all over ! Write me!!
Time : Tue Apr 7 15:38:27 1998
Name : Steve Address : AUSTRALIA
A:28m L:English
Greetings to others : Looking for penpals any age 0-30, f or m but prefer f.
Time : Tue Apr 7 14:07:55 1998
Name : Sammi Address : COUNTRY?
A:19m L: English
Signal is : very fast
Greetings to others : I love you all, Happy Easter !

Time : Tue Apr 7 13:49:59 1998
Name : Hanna Kunze
Address : Zittauer Str 14, DE-02796 Zittau, DEUTSCHLAND

A:17f L: Deutsch, Englisch
Greetings to others : Hallo hier ist Hanna, ich hoffe es geht Euch gut .( GRINS; GRINS )- Ihr dürft Hanna nicht so ernst nehmen manchmal haut es bei ihr durch aber sonst ist sie echt spitze. Halt die Klappe, Theresa.
Time : Tue Apr 7 13:44:44 1998
Name : Denise
Address : Schillerstrasse 8, DE-02763 Hoernitz, DEUTSCHLAND
A:17f L: German, English E: student H:music, friends, animals, FUN
Signal is : only the best
Time : Tue Apr 7 13:20:46 1998
Name : Rici
Address : Hochwaldstrasse 01, DE-02785 Olbersdorf, Sachsen, GERMANY
A:17 female L: German E: school O:student H: street dance, history
Signal is : It´s a good way to communicate!
Greetings to others: get to know me!

Time : Tue Apr 7 13:18:33 1998
Name : Stefan Luhn
Address : Friedrich-Wagner-Siedlung 6, DE-02785 Olbersdorf, Saxony, GERMANY
A:17 boy L: German/, English E: school O: student H: computer, history
Signal is : It's a good idea!
Greetings to others : I write the best E-Mails!

Time : Tue Apr 7 12:10:21 1998
Name : Susann Zimmermann
Address : Auf der Heide 35, DE-02796 Jonsdorf, DEUTSCHLAND
H: reiten, snowboarden, partys
Time : Tue Apr 7 10:50:01 1998
Name : Piret
Address : Sôpruse pst. 188-185, EE-0034 Tallinn, ESTONIA
A:21f L:e sw fi O: student H: jazz, house, hip hop, soul, Swedish language and culture, basketball, nightlife
Signal is : My fave page!
Greetings to others : Looking for new pals esp. from SWEDEN & DENMARK!

Time : Tue Apr 7 10:21:58 1998
Name : Usva Sinisammal
Address : Meijeritie 3 C 23, FI-21530 Paimio, FINLAND

A:23f L: English, Finnish, Swedish E:student H: art, yoga, writing, literature, meditation etc...
Signal is : Great!
Time : Tue Apr 7 09:12:34 1998
Name : J Scott Address : KY, USA
A:42m L: English, Spanish E: masters O: engineer H: Latin America
Greetings to others : Hi, I'm looking for e-mail from Latin America. Espanol es bein.
Time : Tue Apr 7 08:12:42 1998
Name : Alfarasa Address : COUNTRY? Email
A:28 L: English, Arabic, Hindi, Gujrati E:graduate O: business H: riding and making friends
Signal is : still thinking
Greetings to others : call me I shall you back

Time : Tue Apr 7 06:56:46 1998
Name : Helen Miller Address : USA
A:72f L:e E:3 O: business owner H:13 15 16 26 28 29 30 32 39 42 47 50 51 52 62 63 64 65 68 69 75
Signal is : I love it!
Greetings to others : Hi! I'm a sexy, active 72-year-old white woman who would like to write to some younger guys between the ages of 18 and 50. So how about writing me, guys? You won't be sorry!

Time : Tue Apr 7 01:23:20 1998
Name : Bill Johnson
Address : 794 Libra St, Jacksonville, Florida 32216, USA
Homepage A:55 male L: English O: sales H:Christian, seeking Christian Asian life-partner!
Signal is : fun, fun!!
Greetings to others : God is Awesome!!! Want to talk about God??

Time : Mon Apr 6 19:25:38 1998
Name : Olga
Address : Odessa, RUSSIA
A:14 female L: English, Russian H: I play tennis. I'm interested in mathematics. I live in Odessa, the city by the Black Sea. Greetings to others : Greetings!!! How do you do, everybody!!
Time : Mon Apr 6 18:16:33 1998
Name : Ali
Address : Computer Lab Incharge, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, University Road, Gulhan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, PAKISTAN
A:25m L: English, Urdu E: study in MCS O: computer lab incharge in Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology H: sports (tennis, snooker), out door photographing, I love to go cruising with my ZX-6 motorcycle. Using the net and meeting new people
Signal is : Only just discovered it, will give my opinion later
Greetings to others : I will respond to mail from either sex and am looking for long term penpals. Email me with some of your personal info, to start a great friendship

Time : Mon Apr 6 16:41:41 1998
Name : Katarzyna Ko³odziñska
Address : Ligonia 20, PL-01-496 Warsaw, POLAND

A:21f L:e g O: student H: travels, theatre, cinema, history
Time : Mon Apr 6 14:09:03 1998
Name : M. Khalid Mansoor
Address : Shalimar Town, Lahore, PAKISTAN
A:20 L: Pakistan E: graduate H: internet
Signal is : good
Greetings to others: welcome to all

Time : Mon Apr 6 13:35:05 1998
Name : Jeet Jain
Address : 64 Subarban Park Road, Howrah, IN-711101 West Bengal, INDIA
A:17 L: English E: high school O:student H:movies, music, making new friends and writing to them
Signal is : This is a nice site with lots of e-pals address.
Time : Mon Apr 6 13:02:14 1998

JPBD6- Yoshie Fujihara, 3-9-24-202 Fenbanishi, Mino-shi, JP-562 Osaka-fu, JAPAN. A:16f L:e H:4 68 FI.

JPBD7- Hiroe Harauchi, 213-9 Ogaito Kumatori-cho, Sennangun, JP-590-0432 Osaka, JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:4 68f FI.

JPBD8- Maki Noguchi, 106 Gouhitu Haitupyua, 1927-2 Koyahara-machi, Maebashi-shi, JP-379-2121 Gunmaken; JAPAN. A:18f L:e H:68m FI.

Time : Mon Apr 6 11:14:04 1998
Name : Gina
Address : Athens, GREECE
A:22f L: English, German E: univ. student H: nature, music
Signal is : still lots to discover! kiittos!
Greetings to others: terve Henka!

Time : Mon Apr 6 10:10:14 1998
Name : Petri Honkasalo
Address : Turku, FINLAND
A:35 male L: English E: production engineer H: martial arts, orienteering, other sports
Signal is : bueno
Time : Mon Apr 6 07:59:42 1998
Name : Laurie
Address : 661 Riviera Ln, Port Charlotte, FL 33948, USA
A:15f L: English E: student O: student H:sports, movies
Signal is : uhhhh,ok....
Greetings to others : I am blond, blue eyes, 5'5", thin, from FL

Time : Sun Apr 5 20:55:04 1998
Name : Anne Myllyaho
Address : Hämäläntie 22, FI-90800 Oulu, FINLAND
A:16f L: English, Swedish, German, Finnish E: high school O: student H:aerobics, painting, drawing etc..
Greetings to others : Hi! I´d like to have nice and open minded penpals all around the world (between 16 and 18) ! Maybe we could meet someday!!
Time : Sun Apr 5 17:35:48 1998
Name : Ghulan Jillani
A:30m, 70/180, bachelor, non-smoker, non-drinker, loyal, honest, home loving, sincere O: specialist doctor, financially fairly sound H: travelling, sports, cooking, cinema
Greetings to others : looking for a beautiful, sincvere girl (15-25) from Russia, ex Soviet Union, Eastern Europe for marriage
Time : Sun Apr 5 17:35:48 1998
Name : Jun Maeda
Address : 4-1-11 Yotsugi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
A:40 L:e j E: grad O: consultant H: computers, travel
Signal is : very good
Greetings to others : Want male penpals 10-25 from Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

Time : Sun Apr 5 13:49:42 1998
Name : Emma Address : FINLAND
A:18f L: suomi, Castellano, English E: high school
Greetings to others : I'm looking for openminded and sincere penpals around the world: especialmente todos los latinoamericanos de corazón, en Finlandia ó en otras partes del mundo, escribanme!!
Time : Sun Apr 5 10:14:44 1998
Name : Raheel Address : UAE
A:20 female L: Arabic, English and Hindi E: colleges O: student H: my hobbies are reading, all kinds of music, playing music and movies... etc
Signal is : I think it is a woderful page for linking all parts of the world.
Greetings to others: well done

Time : Sat Apr 4 16:38:20 1998
Name : Larry Williams
Address : PO Box 1305, West Monroe, Louisiana 71294, USA
A:48 male L: English L: Ph.D. O:professor / trainer H: travel, oriental art food, music, golf, roses
Signal is : Wonderful site!
Time : Sat Apr 4 13:50:53 1998
Name : Karoliina Address : FINLAND
A:17f L: English, German E: high school H: hockey, music, friends etc.
Signal is : great
Greetings to others: write me =)

Time : Sat Apr 4 13:47:01 1998
Name : Jari Pietiläinen
Address : Rälssintie 1 A 7, FI-47200 Elimäki, FINLAND
A:34m L:fi e sw g s E:3 O:8 H:13 19 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 42 68 69 70
Signal is : It's great!
Time : Sat Apr 4 13:20:03 1998
Name : Krystina Galtchevskaya
Address : PO Box 84, RU-105318 Moscow, RUSSIA

A:19f L: English E: student of juridical university O: lawyer H: reading, cooking, animals, sport, music
Greetings to others : I like to meet a kind, faithful man till 40 years old for marriage
Time : Sat Apr 4 05:27:08 1998
Name : Rajan
Address : Pkl., ID-28000 Pekanbaru, INDONESIA
A:48 male L: English E: engineering O:manager H: games, movies, music - excellent
Signal is : connecting the people
Greetings to others : Looking forward to listen from a beautiful girl for long relationship form any corner of the world

Time : Sat Apr 4 03:18:45 1998
Name : Serge Gov
Address : 5206/21, IL-88000 Eilat, ISRAEL
A:24 male L: English, Hebrew, Russian E: university O: student & worker H:travelling, sports, cooking, dancing, computers, penfriends, meeting, marriage Signal is : great!!!!!!!!!
Greetings to others : Looking for friends from all over the world. I mail to all the people who will write to me. No age limitation

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