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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 21:41:56 -0700
Name | age | sex: Ed | 33 | male
Address: California, USA
Education: 4 year degree
Occupation: software engineer
Languages: English
Hobbies: hinking, music, long walks, reading
Signal is: excellent
Greetings: Looking for new friends...
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 98 15:12:20 +0400
Name: Alena Sharchun
Address: Bryansk, RUSSIA
A:22f L: English O: conservatoire student, class of violin H: classic & pop music, poerty, singing, sports, travelling
Signal is: very intresting!
Greetings to others: I would like to correspond with people 20-30 years old from UK, USA, Canada, Australia
Time: Wed Jun 24 16:07:24 1998

JPBF118- Shino Ayukawa, 509-7 Nakano, Tsukui-machi; Tsukui-gun, JP-220-0207 Kanagawa, JAPAN. A:13f L:e H:books, music, comic books, penpals 68 FI.

GHBF119- Charles Gyamfi, PO Box 1466, Sunyani BA, GHANA. L:e H:68 73.

DEBF121+ Alexandra Fischer, Vierzoner Str 1 A, DE-06731 Bitterfeld, GERMANY. A:17f L:g e H:music.

GBBF123- Michael Obaji, c/o Modou Jallow, PO Box 2407, Serrekunda, GAMBIA. A:27m O: engineer L:e H:68 69 70f FI.

INBF124- Kalrta Shah, 82/1B/1Z R O Road, IN-700045 Calcutta WB, INDIA. A:25f L:e H:banknote exchange.

FIBF133+ Maarit Nieminen, Tuulimyllyntie 14 A 8, FI-40640 Jyväskylä, FINLAND. A:28f L:fi e H:nature, poems, drawing, music. Boys & girls from Scandinavia, Asia, worldwide, write !

GHBF135- Ebenezer Batsa-Nakotey, c/o E K Batsa-Nakotey, PO Box 10673, Accra North, GHANA. A:19m L:e H:21 27 30 32 56 68 73.

GHBF136- Delali K Kumah, PO Box 197, Kpando VR, GHANA. A:15m L:e H:32 33 53 56 68 73.

GHBF137- Joseph L Nartey, House No J49, Adeagyiri-Nsawam, GHANA. A:20m L:e H:32 56 68 73.

GHBF138- Wendy Osei, PO Box 45, Agona Dgakwa, GHANA. A:23f L:e H:68 69 70 73 75.

GHBF139a- Valery Richards A:20f H:gift exchange, business, marriage * GHBF139b- Mary Hasller A:20f H:gift exchange, travelling, holidays * GHBF139c- Moses Ofotu A:24m H:photos, letters, gifts, currencies, gospel music * GHBF139d- Berlinda Soti A:19f H:photos, marriage * L:e * address: PO Box 97, Tema New Town, GHANA.

Time: Wed Jun 24 13:22:43 1998
Name : Marjukka K
Address : FINLAND
A:22f L:e fi E: artisan H:20 38 43
Signal is : OK
Greetings to others: Write to me!

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 14:02:12 +0900
Name | age | sex:
Seong Mi Ae / 23 / female
Address: Ulsan, KOREA
Education: Ulsan junior college
Languages: Korean or English
Hobbies: climming
Greetings: Hello?
Time : Wed Jun 24 06:46:44 1998
Name : Gloria-Jean
Address : Ontario, CANADA
41 year old female, speaks English and French. I am a correctional worker H:reading and outside activities
Signal is : very good magazine
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 15:51:53 -0400
Name | age | sex: Rick Kroeg, 35 male
Address: Michigan, USA
Education: BS computer science
Occupation: computer systems analyst
Languages: English
Hobbies: shoot guns, survival, making friends
Signal is: like what I see so far
Time: Tue Jun 23 21:44:43 1998
Name : Cyrus Engerer
Address : 37, Triq Merino, Lija BZN14, MALTA
A:16m L: English, Italian, en petit Francaise E: high school O: student H:Collecting stamps and postcards, corresponding, music, movies and readind! I like meeting people from all over the world!!
Signal is : It's the BOMB!!!!!!!
Greetings to others : Hi! Hope you will write to me!! I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you do as long as you write to me!!!!

Time: Tue Jun 23 12:52:21 1998
Name : Sergei Gluhovskih
Address : Poltava, UKRAINE
A:16m L: Ukrainian, Russian, English E:college O: student H: computers, music, girls
Signal is : Hope to find a real friend.
Greetings to others: Don't worry, be happy!

Name Brian Hartman, 16, male
Address USA
Greetings in need of email
Time: Tue Jun 23 06:51:07 1998
Name : Ian Address : ???
A:20 male L: Russian, English E:university O: student H: writing letters, reading, travelling
Signal is : Very good
Greetings to others : Waiting for your letters

Time: Tue Jun 23 03:24:00 1998
Name : Chizuko Yunoki
Address : 231 Kashiwagima Tamashima Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 713-8123, JAPAN

A:19, female L: English E: student H:swap @ FBs @
Greetings to others : I @ want @ penpals @ world @ wide @
Time: Mon Jun 22 17:35:41 1998
Name : Heinz Lehmann
Address : Haartmaninkatu 3 A 9, FI-20320 Turku, FINLAND
A:41m L: English, German, Finnish E:B.Sc. O: medical H: outdoor activities, psychology, religion, dream analysis
Signal is : very good
Greetings to others : Let`s treat one another with honesty and mutual respect

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 15:27:15 +0200
Name | age | sex: Stepan, 48, m
Address: GERMANY
Education: law school
Occupation: lawyer
Languages: English, German
Hobbies: making money
Signal is: Sehr gut!
Greetings: SMILE!!!
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 17:56:51 +0700
Name | age | sex: Yuwa, 21, female
Address: Bangkok, THAILAND
Education: college
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading, listening to music
Greetings: Hi ! If you want to know about my country, write to me !
Time: Mon Jun 22 11:03:53 1998
Name : Musa Address : FINLAND
A:34m L: (fi,e) E:3 O:8 H:69 32, friendship
Signal is : very good
Greetings to others: all women e-mail me

Time: Mon Jun 22 10:34:38 1998
Name : Veronika Address : RUSSIA
A:20f L: Russian, English E: student H:friends, travel
Signal is : very nice
Greetings to others: somebody write me

Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 19:11:20 +0100
Name | age | sex: Chandra I 46 I male
Address: SWEDEN
Education: M.Sc.Engg.
Occupation: computer consultant
Languages: English & Swedish
Hobbies: travel, business, penfriendship and meeting people
Signal is: a great channel for understanding various people
Greetings: Hej ladies interested in a sincere and stable friendship, write to me.
Time: Sun Jun 21 20:11:17 1998
Name : Valentina Mikhailova
Address : Post Box 1383, UA-314023 Poltava 23, UKRAINE
A:38 L: English, Russian, Ukrainian E:college O: journalist H: classical music, reading, cats, various
Signal is : It's wonderful
Greetings to others: yes

Time: Sun Jun 21 13:34:11 1998
Name : K. Yang
Address : Redang Island, USA????
A:? male L: English E: EBS O:self-employed H: travelling, movies, camping, diving & golf
Signal is : wonderful place on earth
Greetings to others : All are welcome to write to me, reply assured.

Date: 20 Jun 1998 17:48:42 -0700
Name | age | sex: Azumi / 17 / f
Address: JAPAN
Occupation: high school student
Languages: Japanese
Hobbies: hanging out with my friends
Time: Sat Jun 20 23:35:16 1998
Name : Rashid
Address : UAE - SHARJAH
A:24m L: Arabic E: engineer O: engineer H: football, travel
Time: Sat Jun 20 22:18:25 1998
Name : Malla Address : FINLAND
A:20f L: Swedish, English O: student H:14 13, music, friends
Greetings to others : I´m looking for penpals especially from the Nordic countries
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 12:42:23 -0500
Name | age | sex:
Asim Manzur | 23 | male
Address: B-75 Gulshan-E-Rafi, Malir, PK-75210 Karachi, PAKISTAN
Education: graduated in Computer Science
Occupation: web developer
Languages: English, Urdu
Hobbies: pelpals, swimming, dancing, IRC
Signal is: Good
Greetings: mail me, I'll write u back, I promise
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 22:37:40 +0100
Name | age | sex: Erik, 47 m
Address: SWEDEN
Education: MD, PhD
Occupation: university researcher
Languages: English, Swedish
Hobbies: hiking, folkmusic & dancing
Signal is: GREAT!
Greetings: I would like to communicate with warmhearted woman for intellectual companionship
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 22:23:55 +0300
Name | age | sex:
Mohamed Talkhan | 17 | male
Address: Cairo, EGYPT
Education: high school
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Arabic
Hobbies: just about anything
Greetings: hello there any nice teen fem out there ?
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 13:50:06 -0400
Name | age | sex: Madan, 19 male
Address: Michigan, USA
Education: student
Occupation: student
Languages: Telugu, English
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 12:06:24 -0700
Name | age | sex: JJ / 26 / m
Address: FINLAND
Occupation: student
Languages: Finnish, English
Signal is: great site for new friends
Greetings: Girls all over the world... Write me!
Time: Fri Jun 19 13:51:46 1998
Name : Butschi
Address : 34 Grand Rue, CH-1204 Geneva, SWITZERLAND
A:38 L:e f g s O: financial advisor H:enjoying life as it is so short
Signal is : Swiss man, single, 182 cm tall, blue eyes, dark hair, nudist, is looking for a very openminded girl / woman of any age for more than friendship.
Greetings to others : If you are originary of Africa, India, Asia or South America, do bot hesitate to contact me.

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Time: Fri Jun 19 12:35:54 1998
Name : QI YUTAO Address : NTU
A:18 L: English and Chinese E: A level H: computer using
Signal is : very good !
Greetings to others : I am a Chinese student, say good to you

Time: Fri Jun 19 12:32:17 1998
Name : Erwin Lee
Address : Blk 2 #13-294 Marine Terrace, SINGAPORE 440002

A: 26 L: English & Chinese E: A levels H:bicycling, surfing the net, music, movies
Signal is : WONDERFUL !
Greetings to others : I'm Chinese, want friends from Europe

Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 13:50:43 +0530
Name | age | sex: Priyanka Jain
Address: INDIA
Education: entering college
Languages: English, Hindi
Hobbies: listening to pop music,making new friends
Signal is: it's cool
Greetings: Hi there!
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 17:40:32 -0400
Name | age | sex: Preston G. Holmes
Address: RR2, Box 238-E Pinetops, NC 27864, USA
Education: high school
Occupation: custodian
Languages: English
Hobbies: ATV riding, fishing , hunting
Signal is: new user no opinion yet
Greetings: Ladies, I love your full time and attention
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 20:33:07 +0300
Name | age | sex:
Gladys Lusweti, 19 yrs female
Address: Box 42648, Mombasa, KENYA Email:
Education: high school
Occupation: student
Languages: English & Kiswahili
Hobbies: basketball, music, relaxing & travelling
Signal is: It is cool
Greetings: I would love to correspond
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 17:30:56 +0600 (ESS)
Name | age | sex: Andrey, 24 male
Address: RUSSIA
Education: college
Languages: Russian, English little
Hobbies: computer
Time: Thu Jun 18 15:20:25 1998
NGBF117- Ismail O Bakare, 21 Sanusi St, Shomolu; Lagos, NIGERIA. A:25m L:e H:reading, football

Time: Thu Jun 18 12:22:34 1998
Name : Shin Joo-young
Address : 107-406 Taewang, Town Sangin-dong, Talso-gu Taegu 704-370, S. KOREA
A:15f L:e E: high school O: student H:music
Greetings to others : Nice to meet you! I hope I can hear from you soon~ ^^

Time: Wed Jun 17 17:57:07 1998
Name : heybee
Address : St Petersburg Florida, USA
A:42f L: English E: regular O: waitress at the moment H: fishin, walks on the beach, motorcycles and boatin, bowling movies
Signal is : interesting... still checkin it out
Greetings to others : luv to chat... and meet new ppl... **smiles***

Time: Wed Jun 17 16:04:36 1998
Name : Veronika Bindrich
Address : Deutschland (GERMANY)
A:17f L: deutsch, English E: student H:lesen (reading)
Greetings to others: Ha(e)llo!

Time: Wed Jun 17 14:42:14 1998
Name : Umar
Address : PO Box 4356, Abu Dhabi , UAE
A:17m L: English O: student H: making girl friends and listening music
Signal is : great...
Greetings to others: hi

Time: Wed Jun 17 21:01:32:20 1998

GHBF52- Eric Afrifa, PO Box 22, Adoagyiri Nsawam, GHANA. A:25m L:e H:4 32 50 68 (f m 20-40).

LTBF53- Vytautas Kraujalis, Zemaiciy 4-4, LT-5307 Panevezys, LITHUANIA. A:15m L:g r (e) H:13 15 32 48.

INBF55- Osama Ahmed, G21 Sanjay Puram, Lucknow UP, INDIA. O: student L:e H: stamp exchange.

GHBF56a- Felicia Asmah, Box 1294, Cape Coast, GHANA. A:24f L:e H:15 32 48 68.

GHBF56b- Rosemary Arthur, Box 117, Cape Coast, GHANA. A:23f L:e H:39 45 68, scrabble.

USBF57+ William Woodworth / Priori, Box 525, Watertown MA 02272-0525, USA. A:36m L:e s H: sports, literature, art.

USBF57+ Priori, Box 525, Watertown MA 02272-0525, USA. Seeking contacts for trade, products, information, mail order. Have excellent item for offer.

PLBF59++ Bozena Malgorzata, skr poczt 1510, PL-40001 Katowice, POLAND. I am 24 y.o., height 5’6" (167 cm), weight 132 lbs (57 kg), blue yes, blonde. I’m single. Secretary. I speak English. I’m rather very shy but tender, warmhearted, faithfuly, conservative and caring. I’m a good homemaker, marriage-minded with a large void in my heart which perhaps you could fill ! I’m free to travel and can relocate. I prefer men over 38.

CUBF62- Maritza Gonzalez Rodriguez, Apartado Postal 778, CU-50100 Santa Clara VC, CUBA. A:35f L:e s H:3 5 16 26 27 30 45 47 48 50 51 53 56 58 60 62 64 67 68 69 70 73 74 75.

JPBF64- Ayako Dohue, 4-48-9 Sano-machi, Yokosuka, JP-238-0052 Kanagawa, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:27 32 34 48 68, basketball, watching ice hockey.

MABF66- Lahnida Karim, Imm 3 No 3 C Haylly Rachid, Casablanca, MOROCCO. A:23m L:a f e H:68 73.

GHBF67- Rebecca Adu, c/o Christopher, PO Box M1836, Suame; Kumasi, GHANA. A:22f, well built up, cultured L:e H:68 69 73. Men write for lasting relationship - you dreams will become true.

KEBF72-+ Haron Nuoroge, PO Box 73373, Nairobi; KENYA. A:28m L:e H:27 30 46 48 64 68 69 70 (f 18-35 FI).


JPBF77- Tomomi Iiboshi, 1469-1201 Tsuno-cho koyu-gun, JP-889-1201 Miyazaki-ken, JAPAN. A:14f L:e H:30 48 68 FI.

AUBF76-+ Amanda, PO Box 6003, AU-3199 Karingal Vic, AUSTRALIA. A:25f, 174/55, brown eyes & hair, sexy, feminine, affactionate, sweet natured, loving H: travel, horses, beauty, fashion, beaches, music, new cultures, movies. I’m seeking successful, generous, sincere man who will take care of me well, spoil me, love me and share a great life. I will be totally devoted to the right man and will relocate to be with him. Include return postage 4 IRCs.

JPBF82- Mikiko Omoso, 32-4 Gungeshin-machi, Takatsuki-shi, JP-569-1136 Osaka, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:68 73.

CUBF85- Niovis Teresa Sabo Boleri, San Fermin 111 e/SAN, Ricardo y San Antonio, CUBA. Soy alta delgada, morena, tengo 38 años, un hijo, soltera, trabajo de secretaría. Está buscando para matrimonio óuna estrecha amistad.

CUBF86- Xcomora Martinez Magora, Calle 14 Edificio 18792, Apto 18 Flaal Leadero, Alteera de Altababa, CU-10800 Bageos; CUBA. A:48f, 160 cm, 130 lbs, soltera, tengo, delgada, piel negra H:68 69 70 L:s.

ESBF87- Luis Rey Villa, B/ Calleja 20, ES-39195 Isla; Cantabria, SPAIN. A:24m L:e H:68.

AUBF88-+ Nicki, PO Box 203, AU-3165 East Bentleigh, Victoria, AUSTRALIA. A:25f, 170/50, brown hair, green eyes. I’m a loving, affectionate and sexy girl, love beaches, aerobics, travel, movies, sports, beauty care. I want to find a spevial man. Send 3 IRCs for my reply.

RUBF89a- Nikoskaya Tatiana Kirillovna A:36f L:e H:reading, postcards, history, ancient Finland’s peoples * RUBF89b- Nikolskaya Aleksandra A:13f L:e H:reading, music, history, geography * address: PO Box 287, RU-194354 Sankt Peterburg, RUSSIA.

Time: Wed Jun 17 03:22:50 1998
Name : Janne
Address : irk 48, FI-20810 Turku, FINLAND
A:24,m L: English E: business graduate O: student H: computer, travelling
Signal is : female penpals for everywhere!
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 23:15:56 +0300
Name | age | sex:
Gladys Lusweti, 19 female
Address: KENYA
Education: high school
Occupation: student
Languages: English & Kiswahili
Hobbies: basketball, relaxing, travelling & music
Signal is: COOL!!!!
Greetings: I would love to correspond
Time: Tue Jun 16 13:39:22 1998
Name : Bing Reyes
Address : Ground Flr. Jollibee Centre Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, PHILIPPINES
A:36 L: English E: college O: government employee H : any
Signal is : good
Greetings to others : Mabuhay!! Nice to have new friends.

Time: Tue Jun 16 12:49:25 1998
Name : Douglas A.Gray Address : USA Email
A:33m L: American E: some college O:maint. prod. asst. H: computers, work, camping, tennis, off road
Signal is : ask me later
Greetings to others : 33 m needs tlc, hard worker, looking for Asian or South American, for maybe more than penpal, 6' tall, brown hair, eyes change colors

Time: Tue Jun 16 07:54:03 1998
Name : Maheswaran
Address : 587/22 New Green Park, MY-48000 Rawang Selangor, MALAYSIA
A:21 L: English, Tamil E: degree (information technology) H: listening songs, reading
Time: Tue Jun 16 06:50:42 1998
Name : Cherie R.
Address : PO Box 4372, South Colby, WA 98384-0372, USA
A:18f L: English, and a little French E:graduate from high school, will be attending college in the fall H: singing, fashion designing, and penpals, sailing, etc...
Signal is : It is REALLY AWESOME!!!
Greetings to others : Please write to me!!! I will write everyone back and I am a reliable penpal and friend

Time: Tue Jun 16 00:21:38 1998
Name : Kijimbi L. Jefa
Address : PO Box 82322, Mombasa, KENYA
A:25m L: English E: college O: journalist H: travelling, making friends, jokes, letters
Signal is : nice like ice-cool here.....
Greetings to others : Keep in touch with others... nice time there..

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