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Time: Thu Oct 29 09:30:56 1998
Name Walid @ William
A:14m L: Malay, English E: high school O: student H: music
Signal is a wonderful place to find friends
Greetings to others Please e-mail me female or male surfers. I`m looking for a girlfriend or penpal....

Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 01:35:24 -0600
Name | age | sex: Benjamin, 29 m
Address: USA
Education: college graduate
Occupation: firefighter
Languages: English
Hobbies: photography, basketball and travelling
Signal is: great forum to meet new people
Greetings: just your ordinary fireman looking for a friend
Time: Thu Oct 29 08:31:02 1998
Name Chizuko Yunoki
Address 231 Kashiwajima Tamashima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 713-8123 JAPAN

A:19 female L: English H: comic, FBs, stickers
Greetings to others I want FBs and slams swappers
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 23:29:06 -0400
Name | age | sex: Lynne, 24 f
Address: CANADA
Education: university
Signal is: Great site!
Time: Wed Oct 28 22:03:45 1998
Name Mukava Makinen
Address POB 3838, Berkeley, California 94703, USA - Hut Artz
A:25 L: English; Brasilian Portuguese; Finnish; Chinese; German; Latvian; Breton; Tibetan; Lithuainian; Romanian; Hungarian; Icelandic; Scottish; Irish; Welsh; Faroese; Estonian; Bulgarian; Ukrainian; Dutch; Norwegian; Swedish; Danish; Japanese; Korean; Tagalog; Tahitian; Hawaiian; et. al. E: college: law/ linguistic (language)/ computer / astronomy major H: various: writer; designer; love all sports except for: American football, basketball, boxing = yuck!!! Love hockey, soccer, La Crosse, rodeos, rugby, cricket, tennis, surfing, fencing, swimming, horsebackriding, skating (rollerblade and rollerskate and iceskate); snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, (ice and roller hockey), et. al.
Signal is Ich liebe "the Signal."
Greetings to others Aloha! Ni hao? Konichi wa? Mita kuuluu? I LOVE Finland! I also love Brasil, Latvia, Iceland, and more! Please write to me in English and in your language! I have many exciting things to send you and tell you!!! Let's be friends!!! I want to travel the world!! I love cultures!! They are so cool!!! The universe is enormous and the earth is merely a small part of the universe. Let's get together and have fun communicating here on earth! Then let's go to Europa (the second moon of Jupiter), and Mars!!! There could be life there!!! (smile). Kiitoksia paljon. Write to me and email me. I can hardly wait to hear from you. And, I have an organization: The International Language Exchange. It is fun! You practice your English and I can practice all the languages I know and study!!! And, (unlike most things in this world today) it is FREE and something that comes from "my heart" to "your heart." Something that I "love" to do, not a "money" thing, like everything is th! ese days. The Communication Factory, that's me too, rides again. Sayonara for now. Happy Trails To You. xxx

Time: Wed Oct 28 20:51:04 1998
Name Eliza Dewi
Address Yujing Dasha, room 227, Xueqing Road, Haidian District, CN-100083 Beijing, P.R. of CHINA
A:25f L: English, Indonesian, Chinese E:diploma O: part time job in real estate H:using internet, collecting postcards, love animals (esp. dogs), listening to music (gospel, jazz, blues and bebop)
Signal is Great
Greetings to others Hi. I would like to find penpals from Asia (esp. Japan & Korea), Afrika and Eropa who are willing to correspond via snail mail, especially via postcards; since I really love postcards. :) Please write to me.

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 13:24:10 +0100
Name | age | sex: Charles, 18 m
Address: FRANCE
Email: lege@club-internet
Occupation: student
Languages: French, English, Spanish, poor knowledge of Italian
Hobbies: hanging out with friends, philosophy, languages
Signal is: none
Greetings: I am looking for people from all over the world
Time: Wed Oct 28 09:30:55 1998
Name Roozbeh
Address Shiraz, IRAN
A:20 L: English O: student H: music, movie, sport
Signal is cool
Greetings to others Hi

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 11:55:27 +0530
Name | age | sex: Sumit Jain, 22 male
Address: Sumit Jain, JNBS Tecnologies, POB 10574, IN-110034 New Delhi, INDIA
Education: commerce graduate
Occupation: businessman (into fashion industry and computer consultancy)
Languages: English
Hobbies: versatile
Signal is: GREAT
Greetings: Love is a risk. Take with someone who will give his 100 % to it. For more email me or write.
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 07:13:41 -0800
Name | age | sex:
Ivan Kimbrough, 40 male
Address: 625 Ashby St # 41, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA
Education: college
Occupation: computer technician
Languages: little Korean
Hobbies: photography, travel
Signal is: cho sum ni da !!!
Greetings: Seek Korean woman, with children for marriage
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 00:27:31 +0800
Name | age | sex: Eddy, 14 m
Education: secondary
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Chinese
Hobbies: music, electronic game
Signal is: simply great
Greetings: Hi, I am Eddy. Please e-mail to me. Anyone would do.
Time: Tue Oct 27 15:43:35 1998
Name Björn Backman
Address Skatuddsvägen 1, FI-10210 Inkoo, FINLAND
A:26m L: Swedish, Finnish, English
E: B.Sc. (Eng.) O: single H: travelling, music, partying, voluntary firefighting
Signal is Hopefully good!!
Greetings to others I'd like to make friends with females in my age from all over the world!

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 12:07:22 +0400

PBK103- Eiko Sakudara, 76 Terasawa Terukoshi, Tsukidate-cho Kurihara-gun, JP-987-2233 Miyagi-ken, JAPAN. A:16f L:e H:4 68f FI.

MABK104-+ El Himdi Abderrahman, 44 El Mers, Meknes, MOROCCO. A:30m, honest, reliable, faithful, nice, kind L:e O:technician H:15 27 33 48 68 FI.

PLBK105- Waldemar Pawlak, ul E Plater 4, PL-62700 Turek, POLAND. A:49m L:g r Polish H:53 54 55.

DZBK106- Bouhachi Abdelaziz, 05 rue Cadix, BEO, DZ-16009 Alger, ALGERIA. A:35m L:e O:baker H:15 27 53 55 56.

GHBK107-+ Phyllis Ampah, PO Box 274, Cape Coast, GHANA. A:27f, single H:15 30 46 68 69 70.

GHBK108-+ Shirley Cobbinah, PO Box K45, Cape Coast, GHANA. A:24f, single L:e H:15 18 48 68 69.

JPBK110+ Mayumi Nitan, 12-7 Nakadori Machiniwasaka, JP-960-2261 Fukushima, JAPAN. A:33f L:e j H:music, movies, travel.

JPKB111- Yoko Hamano, 1-33 Kaerugadani-cho, Nishigamo Kita-ku, JP-603-8807 Kyoto-shi, JAPAN. A:18f L:e H: music, stars, movies, animals, creatures. Want Scandinavian, especially Swedish penpals aged 18-23.

JPKB112- Take Suzuki, 406 Park Side Mansion, 2-136 Issha Meitouku, Nagoyashi; JP-465-0093 Aichiken, JAPAN. A:21f L:e H:68 (f m 20-30) FI.

JPKB113- List of 5 slected penfriends US$ 10, 1000 Yen. Friendly Pens c/o, Naoko Takamura, 746 Yamanaka Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, JP-401-0501 Yamanashi, JAPAN.

JPKB114- Rika Ohmae, 857 Nishi-mura Maze-mura, Mashita-gun, JP-509-2615 Gifu-ken, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:4 68 (f 17-18 FI).

JPKB115- Megumi Nakatsu, 1-106 3 Chome 19 Banchi, Kamiyugi Hachiouzi-shi, JP-192-0373 Tokyo, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:27 31 32 50 68 (f m 16-25).

UDBK116+ James Khoury, PO Box 8833, Virginia Beach VA 23450, USA. A:34m L:e H: travelling, reading, poetry, metaphysics, parapsychology, classical music. Ladies 18-49, write...

JPKB117- Mika Oyama, 122-6-309 Takamatsu Sakaishi, JP-599-8121 Osaka, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:30 32 48 68.

INBK119- Free India Exporters, PO Iringalloor, IN-676304 Vengara, Malappuram Dist; Kerala, INDIA. Export handicrafts, leather bags, leather goods, imitation ornaments, bone & horn items. Mail order publications wanted.

IDBK120-+ Rachel Christina Heppilin, Tenggilis Mejoyo L-11, ID-60000 Surabaya, INDONESIA. A:26f L:e H:4 48 68 73.

GHBK121- Kwame George, PO Box 634, Nkawkaw-Kwaku, GHANA. A:13m L:e H:68 73.

MAKB122- Rachid Dessassi, 53 Db omar et louah, SYBA, MA-40009 Marrakech, MOROCCO. A:25m L:e f H:32 48 68 73.

DZBK123- Filau Farid, City Rhahla 58, El-Amrac, DZ-44135 Ain Defla, ALGERIA. A:18m L:e H:27 32 39 52 53 58 68 73.

GHBK126-+ Felicia Cosmos, PO Box 340 King St, Elmina Central, GHANA. A:25f, single L:e H:15 42 68 69 70 73.

GHBK127-+ Julie K Yeboah, Box 221, Agona Swedru, GHANA. A:23f L:e H:39 68m 69 70.

MABK128- Hassan Idrissi, Poste Restante, MA-31000 Eslaoui, Sefrou; MOROCCO. A:25m L:e f a H:68 69 70, Europe.

GHBK129- Salomey Cornelius, PO Box EL 293, Elmina, GHANA. A:24f, single L:e H:15 42 68 69 70.

BRBK132- Rubenss Teixeira Pereira, Avenida David Vicente da Silva 775, Jardim Paraiso, BR-16300-000 Penapolis, Sao Paulo; BRAZIL. A:29m L:e H:68 69 73.

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 13:48:53 +0400
Name | age | sex: Mark, 30 male
Address: PO Box 25415, ABU DHABI, UAE
Languages: English
Time: Tue Oct 27 03:22:38 1998
Name John Moua
Address 20429 Little Spokane Drive, Colbert, WA 99005, USA
A:17m L: Hmong, English E: high school H: v-ball, drawing
Greetings to others I like making new penpals
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 17:49:27 -0500
Name | age | sex: Yuki, 27 female
Address: USA / JAPAN
Education: BS
Occupation: student / designer
Languages: English, Japanese
Hobbies: travel, cats, penpals, shopping, cooking, movies, music, etc.
Signal is: very good
Greetings: I live in USA with my husband and our two cats. I'm originally from Japan. I'm looking for FEMALE penpals from all over the world.

Over 100 pages of penpals in the Signal ! Look at the contents on the right. Also World currencies, World time, World news, Finland introduced: real videos, web cameras, art, habits; links to Million Penpals, buy printed penpal magazines, money making opportunities, collectors, thousands of classified ads, free software info...

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 05:51:56 -0800
Name | age | sex: Barry, 42 male
Address: Box 5723, Balboa Island, CA 92662, USA
Occupation: writer
Languages: English
Hobbies: people
Signal is: interesting
Greetings: Dear Friends, I am a Hollywood writer. Write me about your random acts of kindness and romance, A message to the universe... Am writing a new book "Message in a Bottle" An Internet Journey. 1st place, the keys to my Heart (women only), 2nd place 25% of the publishing royalties, 3rd place 15% of the publishing royalties. Prefer snail mail: Box 5723, Balboa Island, California 92662, USA. Will exchange photo and thoughts via e-mail. Smiles, Barry
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 20:54:03 +0200
Name | age | sex: Keith Stahl, 22 male
Address: Tornio, FINLAND
Education: BA, studying
Occupation: single
Languages: English, Finnish, Estonian, Russian and poor Swedish :)
Hobbies: coooomputers of course
Signal is: don't know yet, depends
Greetings: free Willy
Time: Mon Oct 26 16:39:07 1998
Name Ari Typpö
Address Jalohaukantie 5 b 13, FI-90250 Oulu, FINLAND
A:25m L: suomi, English O: työtön H:pyöräily, salibandyn pelaaminen, tietokoneharrastus
Time: Mon Oct 26 04:48:21 1998
Name Stephen M.
Also known as the Knifeman.
Address New Mexico, USA.
Other info if you ask.
A:21 male L: English E: some college O:student H: folkloric dance, martial arts, music, reading, and people
Signal is New way to meet people, sounds fun.
Greetings to others Hello people. I am new to this, so please be nice. Talk to me, and I will surely return the favor. But keep in mind that there are some very strange people here.

Time: Mon Oct 26 00:04:21 1998
Name Vasily Vasilenko
Address B 752, BY-246019 Gomel 19, BELARUS
A:34m L: English H: stamps, coins, banknotes, cards and other exchange
Signal is SIGNAL - WITHOUT WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings to others I wait your letters and hope answer all! I prefer receive mail by POST OFFICE

Time: Sun Oct 25 21:15:53 1998
Name Gianni
Address Rome, ITALY
A:30m L:e
Greetings to others I still haven't found who I'm looking for...
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 17:47:30 +0100
Name | age | sex: Wal
Address: SWEDEN
Email: waldo.nagelman@stockholm. Languages: English
Hobbies: exchange
Signal is: very good
Greetings: I give stamps or phonecards in exchange for old real photo nude postcards before 1940. Also wanted old postcards of Josephine Baker, Garbo, artist signed Art Decco, Glamour Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 22:29:52 +0900
Name | age | sex: Choi In Ki, 33 male
Address: Sasang Gu, Busan, SOUTH KOREA
Email: choiinki@joins,
Education: graduate university
Occupation: ship mach. designer
Languages: English, Korea
Hobbies: travel, to know other country
Greetings: Hi friends, I want to introduce our country, job... And want to know your country, job...
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 12:43:58 +0200
Name | age | sex: Tomi, 29 male
Address: FINLAND
Education: business school + sports, PC
Occupation: not yet
Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, German etc
Hobbies: bodybuilding, cycling, badminton, sun, tv, all sports
Signal is: Meet my mate ???
Greetings: Hello girls, just for YOU !
Time: Sun Oct 25 12:21:54 1998
Name Hail Ghannam
Address PO Box 620285, JO-11162 Amman, JORDAN
A:20m L: Arabic, English E: faculty of nursing (UJ) O: student H: basketball, soccer, corresponding, computer, internet
Signal is much better of what I thought
Greetings to others Hi, I'm waiting for real relationship

Time: Sun Oct 25 12:20:04 1998
Name Ahmad Jehad
Address PO Box 13551, JO-11942 Amman, JORDAN
A:19m L: Arabic, English E: faculty of nursing (UJ) O: student H: basketball, soccer, corresponding, computer, internet
Signal is much better of what I thought
Greetings to others Hi, I'm waiting for real relationship

Time: Sun Oct 25 12:14:35 1998
Name Muhammad Darawad
Address PO Box 11573, JO-13118 Zarqa, JORDAN
A:20m L: Arabic, English, Spanish E:faculty of nursing (UJ) O: student H:basketball, soccer, corresponding, computer, internet
Signal is much better of what I thought
Greetings to others Hi, I'm waiting for real relationship.

Time: Sun Oct 25 07:09:12 1998
Name Claudia
Address Jr. Napo 1647, Lima 3, PERU
A:26f L: Spanish, English E: high O:auditor H: travel, music, to know another cultures
Signal is It is right way to make new friends
Greetings to others Please write soon!

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 11:36:53 +0000
Name | age | sex: James Jordan, 30+ m Address: 91A9139 P.O. Box AG-Riverside Drive, Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116, USA
Occupation: incarcerated
Languages: English
Hobbies: SWM in the loney hearts club looking for friendship/long term relationship with nice lady between the ages of 25-40. Race is not a factor. I am 5'8" tall, 164 lbs, brown hair/eyes. Disease free and finally secure. Exchange photos.
Signal is: A great way to meet people from all over the world.
Greetings: Please write soon!
Time: Sat Oct 24 11:52:42 1998
Name Blistha
A:24f L: Dutch, English E: high O:student H: snail, movies, sports
Signal is it's a great site
Greetings to others f, 24-30, Poland, England

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 16:19:41 +0900
Name | age | sex: Kawa Park, 20 female Address: Taejon, KOREA
Education: I'm a freshman at Chungnam University.
Languages: Korea, English
Hobbies: computer, music (rock, pop song, kayo), reading
Signal is: It's so good.
Greetings: My English of ability is not enough. But I hope that I get with you. I'll be waiting for you... Give me an e-mail.
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 13:06:36 +0900
Name | age | sex: Miki, 26 female
Address: Hukushima-pre, JAPAN
Languages: English
Hobbies: troubling, movies, reading
Greetings: I really want to have friends all over the world. I hope we'll be good friends to talk about many things. Please tell me your hobby, your dream or your precious experience of the troubling. Let's enjoy communication together!
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 00:06:27 +0400
Name | age | sex: Walid, 27, male
Education: B.S. computer sience
Occupation: programmer
Languages: English, Arabic
Hobbies: travelling, collecting pics, meeting friends
Signal is: great site for great people
Greetings: to every one worldwide
Time: Fri Oct 23 04:07:40 1998
Name Kwon Eun Jung
Address 9/1 657-27 Sujungdong Donggu, Pusan, KOREA
A:20f L: English, Korean E: university O:student H: Habgido, care of dog, playing movie
Signal is It's fantastic!!!!
Greetings to others Hi! First of all, nice to meet (?) you! And I think I'm charming girl.

Time: Fri Oct 23 03:56:58 1998
Name Pak. Hyojin
Address 116-1802 Joadong Haeundaegu, Pusan, S-KOREA
A:20 L: Korean and English E: university O: student H: playing the violin and golf
Signal is It's so cool!!!
Greetings to others Hi! I'm looking for e-mail friends. I'm so beautiful.Send me, please...

Date: 22 Oct 1998 12:23:16 -0500
Name | age | sex:
Carlos Reyes, 22 male
Address: Plza. Luis Cabrera #16, Col. Roma, MEXICO
Education: professional
Occupation: SI manager
Languages: English, Spanish, Latin
Hobbies: rock climbing, basketball, reading
Signal is: cool
Greetings: I guess I ask too much from people
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 08:31:26 -0700
Name | age | sex:
Lourdes de Letran, 18 female
Address: Z-1 107 Lagtang, Talisay, Cebu 6045, PHILIPPINES
Education: graduating student in high school
Languages: Tagalog, Visaya, English
Hobbies: dancing, singing and shopping
Signal is: This WebPage is a great opportunity for those people who are looking for friends or relationship from different cultures and nations.
Greetings: Hello everyone! My name is Lourdes or you can call me Des. I am looking for the right man in my life. Age doesn't matter to me and men from different countries are welcome and I'll guarantee to write you back as soon as I can. I like men that are kind, honest and intelligent. About myself, I am very sweet, loving and caring person. I like to spend most of my spare time at home, cleaning and taking care of my little sisters. I also like to hang around the mall for window shopping and watching movies. The country that I come from is such a beautiful place for a tour and you will be welcome to tour you around someday. I hope to hear from you soon and take care of yourself and each other.
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 15:38:19 +0200
Name | age | sex: Marlou, 20 f
Address: Dr. Bosstraat 13, NL-4001 CJ Tiel, THE NETHERLANDS
Education: studying microbiology
Languages: English
Hobbies: gymnastics
Signal is: I like it
Greetings: I look foor gymfans from Russia, Belarus (etc), Romania or Hungary
Time: Thu Oct 22 12:03:33 1998
Name Jyunko Ichikawa
Address 4-1-24 Agasaki Tamashima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 713-8121 JAPAN

A:19 female L: English E: student H: MUSIC, costumu play, black tea
Greetings to others : I want penpals from Germany , France, ENGLAND
Time: Thu Oct 22 11:58:56 1998
Name Yuka Tanaka
Address 4-517 Midorigaoka, Kamogata-cho, Asakuchigun, Okayama 719-0242 JAPAN

A:20 female L: English E: student H:music
Greetings to others I like MALICE MIZER!!!!! Please write to me letter! a/a
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