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Time: Tue Mar 30 15:40:09 1999
Name | age | sex: Yoko Kitagawa, 14f
Address: JAPAN
Languages: English, Japanese
Hobbies: listening to music, drawing, writing, playing tennis etc
Signal is: COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings: JUST WRITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time: Tue Mar 30 14:16:51 1999
Name | age | sex: Scott Cottrell, 15 m
Address: 8 Sepik Pl, AU-2558 Kearns NSW, AUSTRALIA
Education: St Gregorys Ag secondary college
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: refereeing junior Rugby League, playing Rugby Union, tennis, steer riding
Signal is: It's great
Greetings: Hi!
Time: Tue Mar 30 13:22:05 1999

MUCC128- Catherine Tigresse, Block L16 cite Roche-Bois, Port Louis, MAURITIUS. A:18f L:e H: culture, swimming, jogging, reading books, dancing, singing.

ZACC129+ Belinda Du Toit A:25f, long dark hair, loves art, poetry, music, design, books, candle light dinners, true life experience stories * Caren Leeb A:27f, welcomes letters from single men or friendly ladies. We are serving a term of imprisonment and share a cell together... Address: Female Prison, Private Bag X01 Westville, ZA-3630 Durban, SOUTH AFRICA.

GMCC130- Saihou Chris Jarjon, c/o Abdou Jammeh, BCC Office, PO Box 90; Banjul, GAMBIA. A:23m L:e
O: hotel waiter H: penpals.

FICC132+ Pertti Karppinen, Tuirantie 13 A 13, FI-90500 Oulu, FINLAND. A:29m L:fi e sw H: 2 10 13 14 15 16 18 32 38 48 50 51 68 69 70 73 75, female friends wanted, age 16-up.

MUCC135- Marina Stella, 10 Douglas les Salines, Port Louis, MAURITIUS. A:18f L:e H: music, tv, video, penpals, marriage.

MUCC136- Colette Deepchund, 2nd Lane, Marie-Jeania, Rose Belle, MAURITIUS. A:40f L:e H: pins, funny postcards, banknotes, gadgets, exchange anything.

MUCC137- Charlene Touche, 256 Stylet Lane; Ollier Ave, Quatre Bornes, MAURITIUS. A:?f, 175, slim, black eyes, long hair, light brown complexion L:e f, Creole H: stamp exchange, penpals.

MUCC138- Paul Marie, Pont Lardier, Bel Air R/S, MAURITIUS. A:36m L:e
H: exchange gifts, viewcards, stamps, tv, cinema, guitar, singing, music, dancing, travelling.

LYCC147- Dominic Andoh, PO Box 7245, Tripoli, LIBYA. A:19m L:e
H: penpals worldwide.

Ladies adult collection layouts.

Many made to request.
$ 15.95 25 photo set.
VIP, 14958 London Lane, Bowie MD 20715, USA.

Time: Tue Mar 30 10:01:50 1999
Name | age | sex: Agerico Llovido, 27m
Address: 161-C Aurora Blvd., PH-1500 San Juan, M.M., PHILIPPINES
Education: B.S. mechanical engineering Occupation: system design engineer
Languages: Filipino, English
Hobbies: travelling, reading, etc.
Signal is: okay
Greetings: Happy Easter
Time: Mon Mar 29 15:44:57 1999
Name | age | sex: Candy, 14f
Address: Riga, LATVIA
Education: school girl
Languages: English, Russian, Latvian
Hobbies: tennis, bowling, horse riding, skiing, reading, chatting, dancing!!!
Signal is: Great!!!
Greetings: Would love to chat with everyone!!!
Time: Tue Mar 30 02:25:32 1999
Name | age | sex: Stephanie, 25, f
Address: USA
Languages: English
Hobbies: music, movies, sports, writing, postcards, etc.
Signal is: Great way to meet people!
Greetings: I am looking for someone who will write more than once, and more than two sentences. NO romance / relationship / cyber responses, just friends, please! Around my age.... please, no 40-somethings or teens. I just don't have much in common with people with that much age difference! Prefer pals in former Soviet states; Moldova, Belarus, Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, as well as Russia and the Ukraine. Also, other countries harder to find pals from, such as Slovak Republic, Liechtenstein, Macedonia....... islands, etc.... Please, NO NEW PALS from Germany, Ghana, Singapore, UK, Finland, France, India, or the USA, (unless Hawaii). I will answer all, except from those places, where unfortunately, I do not need any new pals! Thanks!! Write soon!
Time: Mon Mar 29 15:42:53 1999
Name Oscar Schnabel
A: 23 male L: German, English
E: student H: reading, sports
Signal is the greatest
Greetings to others I am looking for an English speaking penpal. No matter where are you come from or how old you are.

Time: Mon Mar 29 13:28:58 1999
Name | age | sex: Minka Mehoniae, f
Address: Pod Plevno 85, SI-4220 Škofja Loka, SLOVENIA
Education: student of grammar school
Languages: Slovene, English
Hobbies: handball, volleyball
Time: Mon Mar 29 12:08:13 1999
Name | age | sex: Julia Johanen, 16 f
Address: SWEDEN
Languages: Swedish, English, Syrian
Hobbies: shoppping, parties, boys, listen to music
Time: Mon Mar 29 08:55:08 1999
Name | age | sex: Junu Chang, 25 male
Address: Sucho Gu, Sucho Dong 1565-5, Ha Ram Villa B-102, Seoul, S. KOREA
Homepage: island/3122/
Education: graduate school
Occupation: engineer
Languages: Korean, English
Hobbies: travel, music, movies, martial art 'Kumdo'
Greetings: I'll be the best out of your penpals.
Time: Mon Mar 29 05:20:26 1999
Name | age | sex: Robert
Address: HOLLAND
Education: university
Occupation: treasury manager
Languages: French, Dutch, English, Turkish
Hobbies: travelling
Signal is: too good for me
Greetings: Write to me... nowww
Time: Mon Mar 29 03:22:13 1999
Name | age | sex: Eva Kurtis, female
Address: USA
Education: 4 years college
Occupation: small business
Languages: English, Polish, Russian
Hobbies: human origin, history, science
Signal is: new, no opinion
Greetings: Happy Easter
Time: Sun Mar 28 22:00:34 1999
Name | age | sex:
Samuel Obeng-Owusu
Address: PO Box M 211, New Achimota, GHANA
Education: HND
Occupation: computer technician
Languages: English
Hobbies: reading, cycling, soccer
Signal is: GOOD
Greetings: Hi friends out there, write to me...
Time: Sun Mar 28 21:29:37 1999
Name | age | sex: Maureen, 35, female
Address: Northern IRELAND
Education: university
Occupation: poet
Languages: English, French, Italian, a little Spanish, German, Gaelic
Hobbies: Tai Chi, writing poetry, studying Italian, reading detective stories, going to church
Signal is: lots of people to choose from
Greetings: I would like lady penpals and single gentlemen around my age, Happy Easter.
Time: Sun Mar 28 20:27:29 1999
Name | age | sex: Tanja , 25, female
Address: Loimaa, FINLAND
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Finnish
Hobbies: writing, listenig to music, fotograph
Signal is: good idea
Greetings: e-mail wanted from nice people!
Time: Sun Mar 28 17:53:02 1999
Name | age | sex: Domenico, 55 male
Address: Via Lavaggi N 3, IT-96011 Augusta, ITALY
Education: technical school
Occupation: supervisor piping
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Tagalo
Hobbies: swimming, travel, language, photo, postcard, shell
Signal is: very very good
Greetings: yes
Time: Sun Mar 28 15:14:58 1999
Name | age | sex: Joseph
Address: INDIA
Education: graduate
Occupation: office-in-charge
Languages: Telugu, Hindi, English
Hobbies: penpals, erotic correspondence Signal is: good contact mag
Greetings: Hi, Signal friends!
Time: Sun Mar 28 14:36:10 1999
Name | age | sex: Zanna
Address: ESTONIA
Education: university
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Russian and a little German
Hobbies: computer, listening to music, swimming
Signal is: I think it's OK !
Greetings: Would like to meet a lot of friends, write me to everybody
Time: Sun Mar 28 12:41:14 1999
Name | age | sex:
Surendra Deshpande, 27 male
Address: H. No 5-1-28 Brahman Wadi, Adilabad, INDIA
Education: graduate
Occupation: manager
Languages: English, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi
Hobbies: tv, movies, cricket, friendship
Signal is: wonderful place
Greetings: Write, I will give reply all...
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 16:28:13 -0700
Name | age | sex:
Donald Muniz, 43m, single
Address: 3121 Montana Avenue 4, El Paso, Texas 79903-2504, USA
Homepage: clubs/filipinowarriorarts2/ and ~GuroDon/GuroDon.html
Education: associate in applied science: PTA
Occupation: licensed physiotherapist assistant
Languages: English, Spanish, a little Tagalog
Hobbies: travel, penpals, instruct Filipino martial arts
Signal is: I have enjoyed Signal for many years and hope to continue to read it and write to many penpals!
Greetings: I would love to hear from many young ladies all over the world that would like to become my friend & penpal or sweetheart. I'd love to write you and share a little bit about my life here in Texas. Also, anyone male or female interested in martial arts: self-defense, combat and sport martial arts: please write! Goodbye! Adios! & Sige!

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Time: Sun Mar 28 00:11:49 1999
Name | age | sex: George Gage, 18 m
Address: New York City, USA
Education: currently in last year of high school
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: going out, clubbing, partying, listening to music, travelling
Signal is: sounds cool...
Greetings: Hey whats up? I'm George, looking to write with people from lots of different countries, so write me... I'll definitely answer you!
Time: Sat Mar 27 22:01:31 1999
Name | age | sex:
Sadek Redouane, 20 male
Address: 393 Av. Nil c.d, MA-20450 Casablanca, MOROCCO
Education: university student
Occupation: student
Languages: French, English, Italian, Arabe
Hobbies: make friends, esp. girls
Signal is: the most exciting club of correspondence
Greetings: Hi, I wish you enjoy the Singal a lot
Time: Sat Mar 27 21:28:53 1999
Name | age | sex: Bryan, 24 male
Address: 124 Vondale Ct., Dayton, Ohio 45404, USA
Education: high school
Occupation: laborer
Languages: English
Hobbies: fishing, camping, and having fun
Signal is: great publication
Greetings: Hello, I am wanting to meet funloving women from all over the world. I am really turned on by females of Asian heritage.
Time: Sat Mar 27 20:42:51 1999
Name | age | sex:
Bernard Belmain, 40m
Address: 2 rue Docteur Mazet, FR-38000 Grenoble, FRANCE
Education: lycee
Occupation: writer
Languages: French, a little English
Hobbies: music - prefer female voices., reading sci-fi, and much
Signal is: It's nice to have new friends.
Greetings: I wait for your women letters.
Time: Sat Mar 27 18:45:41 1999
Name | age | sex: Helen, 22f
Address: Moscow, RUSSIA
Education: incomplete higher
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Russian
Hobbies: flowers, travel, sport, movies, billiards
Signal is: great, great, great
Greetings: I would like to find new friends in this world
Time: Sat Mar 27 17:23:15 1999
Name | age | sex: Mudassir, 21 male
Address: Karachi, PAKISTAN
Education: commerce graduate & diploma holder in computer science (software)
Occupation: access developer
Languages: Urdu, English
Hobbies: computer & computer
Greetings: Reply me, I will reply you too...

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Time: Sat Mar 27 16:37:12 1999
Name | age | sex: Babylove, 20, female
Address: USA, email me for my snail mail addy
Education: college student
Occupation: college student
Languages: English, some Mandarin
Hobbies: Outdoors, marching band, music, movies, etc. There's just way too many to list. I like to keep myself busy.
Greetings: Hello, I'm looking for pen pals in the US only. I would like peepz 21 and older to write to me. Hope to hear from you all soon. Take care and smile alwayz. Bubye.
Time: Sat Mar 27 15:05:18 1999
Name | age | sex: Linda, 22 f
Occupation: waitress
Languages: english
Hobbies: reading, listening to music, movies
Signal is: wel leuk
Greetings: I'm the new one here - so who is going to be the first one to write to me ?
Time: Sat Mar 27 10:45:36 1999
Name | age | sex: PHiNuS, 15m
Address: 139 Phillip St, Waterloo NSW, AUSTRALIA 2017
Education: yr 10, high school
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: skating, computer games, drawing, shooting
Signal is: Ja, das ist gut!
Greetings: Hi! Please write to me! I will reply to all regardless!
Time: Sat Mar 27 10:19:29 1999
Name | age | sex: Tommy, 22 male
Address: Apt Blk 418, Ang Mo kio, Ave 10, #07-1055, SINGAPORE 560418
Education: undergraduate of Monash university
Occupation: finance controller
Languages: English and Chinese
Hobbies: bowling, listening to techno/trance music, window-shopping, movies, badminton and tennis
Greetings: please email to meee nowwww and I would really like to be your friends
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 13:15:47 +0500
Name | age | sex: Khan, 32 male, single Address: PAKISTAN
Education: higher medical
Hobbies: travelling, sea, parks, theatre
Signal is: If you have not visited this club, you have lost much, this is for sure
Greetings: Hi dear friends, how is life out there? Do not be upset at your problems. There is no problem in the world, for which there is no solution. Just a strong determination is needed. Restart with positive approach and honesty, you will be the winner. God has not given this short life to us for tears and sadness, but to enjoy and make fun. Mind you the life comes only once. Be practical and honest and have trust in God and yourself. Be in little touch with religion (whatever your religion is as all the religions are the same and all have the basic teachings to be honest and help others) OK. What did you say today onward you will start a new life, will not be saddened by yout problems, and face them with determination? That is great, now I love you and today onwards you are my good friend. May God bless you...
Time: Sat Mar 27 07:39:46 1999
Name | age | sex: Claudia, 26 female
Address: PERU
Education: high
Occupation: accountat
Languages: English, Spanish
Hobbies: listen music, read, collect postcards
Signal is: right way to make friends around the world
Greetings: HELLO!!! You're reading my advice, write me !!
Time: Sat Mar 27 07:27:31 1999
Name | age | sex: Srini
Address: INDIA
Education: Master degree
Occupation: engineer
Languages: English, Hindi, Marati, Telugu, Kannada
Hobbies: working on computers
Greetings: Helo, I like very much making a new friends... Let me friend of you.
Time: Sat Mar 27 06:58:54 1999
Name | age | sex: Youngmi Park, 17 f
Address: 111-902 Hyundai apt, Dadae 2 dong, Sahagu, KR-604-052 Pusan, KOREA
Education: high school
Languages: English, Japanese or Korean
Hobbies: listening music, sleeping ^^; and writing letter
Time: Sat Mar 27 06:16:00 1999
Name | age | sex: Denis, 29 male
Occupation: student
Languages: French, English
Hobbies: computer, video game, badminton, cooking, sex... and much more Greetings: I would to have some very open minded and sex minded female friend for penpal relationship or more if compatible.
Time: Sat Mar 27 04:34:40 1999
Name | age | sex: Daren Lester, 29m
Education: high school and 2 yrs. college
Occupation: tech specialist
Languages: English
Hobbies: wrestling, studying, computers
Signal is: it is great!
Greetings: Hello there! I would like to be your penpal! Write and we'll talk!
Time: Sat Mar 27 02:05:59 1999
Name | age | sex: Witt Answers
Address: USA
Education: college
Occupation: erotic writer
Languages: English
Hobbies: song-writing
Signal is: hmm...
Greetings: Let's get together.
Time: Sat Mar 27 01:26:33 1999
Name | age | sex: Jona
Address: JAPAN
Languages: English
Hobbies: net-search
Signal is: just great
Greetings: contact me, U lose nothing
Time: Sat Mar 27 00:06:19 1999
Name | age | sex: Impulse, 19 female
Education: college
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: read, play, swim and eat
Greetings: hi


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