FREE Penpal Listing! FREE Homepage! FREE Email Address! Time: Sat May 1 19:52:19 1999 Name | age | sex: Mourad Moudrik, 22m Address: 89 Bloc f, Hraouine Street, Casablanca, MOROCCO Email: Education: English literature Occupation: university student Languages: English, French, Arabic Hobbies: football, music, correspondence Signal is: wonderful Greetings: Hi, dear friends... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sat May 1 19:28:00 1999 Name | age | sex: Mustapha Agourram, 22 m Address: S.D. Othman 20450, Bloc 2 N:18 Casablanca, MOROCCO Email: Homepage: friendship & marriage Education: post graduate Occupation: university student Languages: English, French, Italian, Arabic Hobbies: travelling, nature Signal is: thanks alot! Greetings: who is ready to build a real friendship -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sat May 1 19:21:54 1999 Name | age | sex: M'barek Bougrine, 28 m Address: S.D. Othman 20450, Bloc 1 N 27 Casablanca, MOROCCO Email: Homepage: marriage & correspondance Education: student Occupation: football player Languages: English, French, Arabic Hobbies: travelling Greetings: hi welcome to know me -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 07:08:14 Mr. Hikmet Varlik (Euroasia Penpal Magazine Editor), P.K. 1092, TR-80007 Karakoy-Istanbul, TURKEY Hobbies: collecting banknotes, coins, stamps, FDC, phonecard, travel, correspondance and sending photo. Sell Ottoman Empire coin, banknote and stamp. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sat May 1 12:53:10 1999 Name | age | sex: Andrej, 35 m Address: Moscow, RUSSIA Email: Education: high Languages: Russian, English, little bit Danish Hobbies: animals, travelling, music, reading Signal is: nice place Greetings: Please, write me from all over the world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sat May 1 08:58:54 1999 Name Daniel Parsons Address 134 Hayes Rd, Ashland AL 36251, USA Email A:20 male L: English E: college O: tudent H: fishing, hunting, singing, music Signal is great Greetings to others Hello to all the wonderful people in here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sat May 1 07:54:11 1999 Name | age | sex: Ashley Walkington, 15 female Address: UNITED STATES Email: Education: student k-9 Occupation: student Languages: English, some Spanish Hobbies: reading, writing, singing, playing sports, hangin out with friends, playing various instruments Signal is: great Greetings: Hey! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Fri Apr 30 12:31:14 1999 Name | age | sex: Christine, 38, female Address: Korenbloemstraat 25, BE-8020 Oostkamp, BELGIUM Email: chrdierickx@??????? Occupation: secretary Languages: English, Dutch Hobbies: letterwriting, travelling, postcards, nature, days out, photography and lots more Signal is: great Greetings: Hi! I'm looking for sincere FEMALE penpals who enjoy handwritten letters the most! I'm specially looking for friends in Spain, Greece, Turkey and other Arabic or Azian countrys! Anyone out there who wants a good friend?? I'm also looking for female friends my age in Slovenia as we plan to tour the country this summer and it would be nice to meet.. I'm not looking for a place to stay, just a friend!! Hope to hear from you!! Bye for now! Christine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Fri Apr 30 09:53:37 1999 Name | age | sex: Svetlana, 54 female Address: Carelia, Petrozavodsk, Rogachina 16-71, RUSSIA Email: Education: high Occupation: housewife Languages: English Hobbies: I like a homework, cooking, gardenwork. Greetings: I'd like to meet with active man under 65 y.o. from Europe for longterm relationship. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Thu Apr 29 17:57:29 1999 Name | age | sex: Steinar Mala Address: Hardangervegen 594, NO-5700 Voss, NORWAY Email: Education: university Occupation: homemaker Languages: Norwegian, English Hobbies: weightlifting, writing, Internet Signal is: good pen pal magazine Greetings: I want to meet marry-minded women age 20-30. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thu Apr 29 22:33:16 1999 Name | age | sex: Caro, 28 f Address: EL SALVADOR Email: Occupation: civil engineer Languages: Spanish, English, French, learning German Hobbies: walk next to the beach and forests, music Signal is: good place to know one true friendship, if you are looking for that Greetings: I like to know new gals and guys, to share things about our cultures, in the same range of age. I am looking for penpals, not more. I would like to receive answers from north of Europe and Canada. Gracias! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Thu Apr 29 16:47:32 1999 Name | age | sex: Won Jung, 25 male Address: Seoul, SOUTH KOREA Email: Education: univ. Occupation: student Languages: English Hobbies: video (computer) game, movie Greetings: Hi. I am looking for good friends, and if possibly, I want to use English... Enjoy your life!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Thu Apr 29 16:29:08 1999 Name | age | sex: Hang-sun Choi, 21m Address: NY, USA Email: Languages: English Greetings: Hi! I want to make many friends. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Thu Apr 29 15:33:22 1999 Name | age | sex: Galina, 45 female Address: RUSSIA Email: Languages: English Hobbies: travels, cooking, work at the dachas kitchen-garden Greetings: I'd like to meet a kind, honest man. His age must be not more that 60 years old I would like to create a family with him. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Thu Apr 29 10:35:31 1999 Name | age | sex: Azad Rahman (Shown), 25 male Address: c/o Hazi Shafiur Rahman Bari, Near K.B. Dovash Girls High School, Goshaildanga, Bandar, BD-4100 Chittagong, BANGLADESH Email: Education: (Economic) Master's Occupation: businessman working in Chittagong port Languages: Bengali, English Hobbies: playing cricket, batminton and friendship Signal is: excellent Greetings: Hi, I want a great friendship from other country for female. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Wed Apr 28 19:09:27 1999 Name | age | sex: Suvi, 20, female Address: FINLAND Email: Education: student Languages: English, Swedish Hobbies: volleyball, gym Greetings: 100% reply to all !! ;=) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Wed Apr 28 15:34:20 1999 Name | age | sex: Biswajit, 19 male Address: Dept. of Political Science, North Eastern Hill University, IN-793014 Shillong, INDIA Email:, Education: graduate Occupation: student Languages: English Hobbies: adventure, travelling, penpals Signal is: Signal brings friends together Greetings: Hi, let's love each other, I'm looking for female pals. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Wed Apr 28 10:50:01 1999 Name | age | sex: Nick, 19, male Address: NETHERLANDS Email: Homepage: Education: high school Occupation: college student Languages: English and Dutch Hobbies: Well, I like to go out, movies or just pick a nice terrace to have a nice drink, whatever it will be, I'll enjoy myself! I love to be in nature. Signal is: very good! Greetings: I am easy going! I'm nice and friendly! I'm very interested and curious. I'm funny and crazy! And I wanna write with You! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Wed Apr 28 06:41:22 1999 Name | age | sex: Grace Herbach, 17 f Address: UNITED KINGDOM Email: Education: primary, secondary, finishing Languages: English, French Hobbies: tennis, theatre, music -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Tue Apr 27 15:30:17 1999 Name | age | sex: Saif, 22 m Address: PAKISTAN Email: Homepage: Education: university student Occupation: student Languages: English Hobbies: friendship, internet, adults items Signal is: good -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Tue Apr 27 12:01:53 1999 Name | age | sex: Kim Kang il, 16 male Address: 616-120 Pusan, puk-gu Hwamyong-dong, Korong apt.103-806, KOREA Education: high school Occupation: student Languages: English or Korean Hobbies: listen to Japanese music Signal is: very good! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Tue Apr 27 11:58:05 1999 Name | age | sex: Kim Dong hun, 16 m Address: 616-113 Pusan, Puk-gu Manduck, 3-Dong Dongwon APT 103-202, KOREA Education: high school Occupation: student Languages: English or Korean Hobbies: listen to music Signal is: good? Greetings: Hi! Wanna Asian penpal friends (female). I'm kind, and I must write again soon. Write now! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 150 pages of penpals in the Signal Penpal Magazine ! Look at the contents on the right. World currencies 88, World time 90, World news 91. Finland introduced: Signal's home city Lahti 82, real video Finland from a balloon !!!, web cameras, art, habits, press etc. Want Million Penpals ? Read the links or buy printed penpal magazines 72, 73, 74, 75, 76 ! Collectors 55, Money Making Opportunities 79, 1000's of classified ads. Now lots of live contents: iNet-TVs in 50 countries, 2000 iNet-Radios, hundreds of Chats !!! See the links... Visiting old Porvoo in Finland... April 04 1999 WATCH TWO SHORT ANIMATION VIDEOS NOW ! Grandmother's hens , i.e. Mummon kanat, and Fishing bear , i.e. Karhun kalanpyynti animations by Raili Kaskela and the 5-6 yrs old children of Kankolan Pšivškoti-Kindergarten in Lahti, Finland ..Y-O-U-R....C-O-U-N-T-R-Y.. - facts collected by the CIA I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T....R-A-D-I-O listen to over 100 countries .....I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T.....T-V..... - watch tv in 50 countries Check Your Signal Mailbox -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Tue Apr 27 02:54:04 1999 Name | age | sex: Frank, 56 male Address: USA Email: Education: college Occupation: self employed Languages: English only Hobbies: dancing, loving, cooking, baking, long walks on the beach Signal is: greatest Greetings: looking for an English speaking women for my wife, now -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Tue Apr 27 01:31:01 1999 Name | age | sex: Terri, 21 female Address: NY, USA Email: Education: some college, more later Languages: English, Spanish Hobbies: vegan lifestyle, reading, grassroots organizing & demonstrarting, travelling Greetings: Looking to find out info on what's going on in the world in other places, networking with young people around the world, perfecting my Spanish, learn other languages. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Mon Apr 26 15:55:51 1999 MACD115+ Arij M'barek, BP 80521 Casa-Bourse, Casablanca, MOROCCO. A:48m L:e f E: Master O: teacher H:3 9 13 15 16 18 20 21 26 68 69 71 72 73 75, reading, writing letters, friendship, meeting, travelling. JPCD116- Yukari Tanaka, 3-15-20 Minami seki-machi, Nerima-ku, JP-177-0053 Tokyo, JAPAN. A:18f L:e H: penpals wanted, Finnish boys 19-20 write... GMCD119- Raymond A Da Silva, PO Box 1051, Banjul, GAMBIA. A:?m L:e O: airline pilot. Would like to marry a lady from Scandinavia or Europe. LTCD120- Ruta Povilaityte, Algirdo 21-5, LT-5303 Panevezys, LITHUANIA. A:15f L: French, Russian H: penpals, swimming, music. Time: Mon Apr 26 12:08:22 1999 JPCD87- Mari Oie, 6 Itonishikimachi-kopo, 14-2904 Nishiki-machi Asahikwawa, JP-070-0824 Hokkaido, JAPAN. A:11f L: English H: foreign cultures, cooking, painting, penpals (f 10-12). JPCD88- Atsuko Saito, 2213 Ohaza-horigane, Kawanishi-machi, Higashi Okitama-gun, JP-999-0142 Yamagata; JAPAN. A:22f L: English H: foreign cultures, reading, books, sports, dramas, penpals worldwide (f 20-25). RUCD89- Nikolai Alexeyevich Slobodtchikov, Krasnykh Geroew St 9, Central Post Box 129, RU-624070 Beriozovsky; Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk; RUSSIA. A:?m L:e E: university student H: penpals, exchange 5-10 viewcards, 100 % reply. TNCD90- Azaza Ali, Salon de Coiffure Venus, Cite Ouvrier, TN-2110 Noulares, TUNISIA. A:30m L:e O: engineer H: commercial affairs. JPCD91- Emi Matsuda, 3-22-1-205 Kojima-cho, Chofu-shi, JP-180-0026 Tokyo, JAPAN. A:21f L:e H: penpals (f 22 FI). JPCD94- Kazumi Nitia, 1324-3 Tarumi-cho, Marugame-shi, JP-763-0095 Kagawa, JAPAN. A:23f L:e H: movies, music, writing letters (f FI). GHCD95- Benjamin Alta Maison, PO Box 53, Ketan WR; Sekondi, GHANA. A:23m L:e H: music, kove, going out, swimming, travel, penpals. PKCD96- Kalleem-u-llah Khan, Agfa Rapeed Express Color Lab., 2 Regal Plaza; Circular Rd, Quetta; Balochistan, PAKISTAN. A:19m L:e H: stamps, viewcards, postcards, badges, penpals, exchanges. PKCD97-+ Altaf Malik, PO Narali Vill. Mohar (Kiyala), Teh & Distt Kotli (AK), Kashmir; PAKISTAN. A:19m L: e u E: B.A. H: penpals. IRCD99- Majid Bahre Seresht, 97 Bababk Lane, Bahar Ave, IR-51856 Tabriz, IRAN. A:28m L:e H: penpals AU NO CY. GHCD103- Midinga Musah, c/o James Kpajal, PO Box 1042, Madina Accra, GHANA. A:28m L:e H:magazines, travel, movies, music. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Mon Apr 26 08:04:47 1999 Name | age | sex: Lijo 25, male Address: UAE Email: Education: graduate Occupation: engineer Languages: English Hobbies: reading, movies, music Signal is: coool Greetings: write me - 100% reply -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Mon Apr 26 06:00:33 1999 Name | age | sex: Doug Address: CANADA Email: Education: 3 Languages: e Hobbies: paleontology Signal is: Very good! Greetings: Is anyone interested in amateur paleontology? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sun Apr 25 19:57:28 1999 Name | age | sex: Sanna Varis, 23 f Address: Temppelikatu 5 A 14, FI-48700 Kyminlinna, FINLAND Hobbies: computers, music, tv, videos, movies... Signal is: friends of my age -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sun Apr 25 19:08:32 1999 Name Marc Rudolf Address 24 Bd de Reuilly, FR-75012 Paris, FRANCE Email A:30m L: English, French E: computers O:dev. H: travel Signal is cool Greetings to others Hi all :))) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sun Apr 25 16:34:41 1999 Name | age | sex: Kim Bo-Min, 19f Address: 104-1403 Daerim @ Kayang-2 dong, Kangso-gu, Seoul 157-202, KOREA Education: university Occupation: student Languages: English and Korean Hobbies: 25 30 48 Signal is: Cool! Greetings: World wide and 100% reply! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sun Apr 25 13:56:11 1999 Name | age | sex: M'barek Bougrine, 28 male Address: s.d. Othman 20450, Bloc 1 N:27, Casablanca, MOROCCO Email: Homepage: marriage, correspondance Education: student Occupation: football player Languages: English, French, Arabic Hobbies: travelling, music, going out Signal is: thanks Greetings: just try to know me -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sun Apr 25 13:46:50 1999 Name | age | sex: Agourram Mustapha, 22 male Address: S.D. Othman 20450, bloc 2 N 18, Casablanca, MOROCCO Email: Homepage: correspondance & marriage Education: post gruaduate Occupation: university student Languages: English, French, Italian, Arabic Hobbies: travelling, nature, meeting people Signal is: thanks a lot Greetings: Hi; I miss to know you... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sun Apr 25 12:45:53 1999 Name | age | sex: Ken Ward, 52 male Address: ENGLAND Email: kenwardy' Occupation: sales manager Languages: English, little Spanish Hobbies: travel, sports, music, football Signal is: great Greetings: looking for penpals from Europe, male or female, any age -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sun Apr 25 10:06:51 1999 280.329 Name | age | sex: Go, 23m Address: Gainesville, Florida, USA Email: Education: college Occupation: student Languages: English, Laotion, Thai, and Arabic Hobbies: sports, drawing, clubing, and writing Signal is: kicks ass! Greetings: I need penpals from all over the world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sat Apr 24 18:26:56 1999 Name | age | sex: Sadek Khalid, 21m Address: 393 Av. Nil c.d, MA-20450 Casablanca, MOROCCO Occupation: student Languages: English, French, Arabic Hobbies: correspondance, swimming, all kind of sport, meeting beautiful girls Signal is: no one should miss connecting in a club like Signal Greetings: I'm so happy to see all this number of friends. Only write to me and you will see everything magically. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sat Apr 24 16:37:53 1999 Name | age | sex: Adam, 21m Address: PO Box 1847, HYD-500020, INDIA Email: Education: 10+2 Occupation: hot writer {Hindi} Languages: English, Hindi Hobbies: reading, writing, BMC, sex, nudism, watching XXX movies, seek hospitality friendship Greetings: Hello Signal friends, I am 22 years BM + sexyminded unmarried boy. I seek friendship from sexyminded ladies, please send e-mail to me or write. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: Sat Apr 24 15:26:26 1999 Name | age | sex: Domenico, 55 male Address: Via Lavaggi 3, IT-96011 Augusta, ITALY Email: Education: technical school Occupation: pipe fitter supervisor Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, svenska, a little Arabic and Tagalo Hobbies: swimming, travel, languages, photo, long walking along the beach, postcards, stamps etc Signal is: very good Greetings: yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE PENPALS, OVER 100 PAGES 1999 | 1998 | 1997 Signal info in English - en FranÁais - auf Deutsch - in Italiano - em PortuguÍs - en EspaŮol